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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I always love to bring in the New Year by doing a major cleaning/organizing in my house.  It took 4 days to organize and clean up Austin's room.  He is a packrat, but I'm proud of what he let go.  His room looks amazing.  I used a Wendell August Forge large aluminum tray to organize his Pokemon cards on top of a small dresser in his room.  It worked perfectly.  I did the same thing in Ethan's room and boy what a difference a tray makes.  Dusting is alot easier now. 

I did buy a white bookcase for $15.00 from the Sparrows Nest in Woodstock before Christmas to hold Austin's growing collection of nutcrackers.  He was getting 20 nutcrackers at Christmas and he needed the room.  Not all of the large ones fit on the bookcase, but we made room on another case and put the larger ones on that and on the windowsill.  I put the plant stand, that we were using for his nutcrackers, in his closet to hold his video game guides and Lego magazines.  The smaller stand that was being used in his closet moved to my bedroom to hold books.  Nothing goes to waste and there is a place for everything.  Ethan's room only took 1 hour to clean up and to organize.  At least he can get to the books now in his bookcase. 

We cleaned up the basement and priced a box full for our annual garage sale.  We even put the duplicate Nintendo 64 games up for auction on Ebay.  I have spent alot of time putting up auctions on Ebay the last few weeks.  I have sold alot of stuff.  That's good incentive to keep cleaning up my house!

I have just started making the thrift store rounds.  People seem to be making alot of donations at them recently.  I found some items and already put them up for auction on Ebay.  It's been fun. 

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