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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Congregational Rummage Sale

I went to the First Congregational Church rummage sale on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake today.  I only had to stand in the rain for about 20 minutes.  Not so bad.  I had people to talk to.  There were no items outside today.  No gardening items like usual.  At least it was better inside.  There were a lot of people though.  I found some nice fabric for $1.50 each bag, 5 doilies for $1, a heart pin for $1.50, all kinds of greeting cards/2 packs for 75 cents, a tin of Pokemon cards for $2, Tech Deck skateboard toys for $3, a Spongebob DVD 3 pack for $2, a Captain American huge comic book for 50 cents, a bag with a Bionicle and Bakugan toys for $1, a ceramic turtle 25 cents and a Japanese fan for 25 cents.  It was a lot of fun today.  This is another good sale to go to.

I then stopped at Savers in Crystal Lake because they were having a buy 1 get 1 free sale.  Limit 1 and you had to spend at least $10.  I bought some patriotic flag pins 4 for $3.98, an artist made bead bracelet for $1.99 and a cool white stone/gold tone ring for $2.99. The pin is marked Vogue and my jewerly book said that Vogue changed its name in 1963.  Pretty good buy.  I will definitely wear this ring.

Friday morning is the church rummage sale in Ringwood.  This is a hit or miss sale, but I'll be going anyway.  Happy hunting!

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