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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rummage Sale Heaven!

3 rummage sales in one day.  What more could I ask for?  Some garage sales were also thrown in along the way.

I garage saled in the morning and stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake that I had gone to before.  They are moving to Florida so they had even more to get rid of.  I followed the one lady from her truck where she was carrying a garden orb for the sale.  She wanted $2 for it.  (It's mine now).  I also found a lot of costume jewelry for 50 cents to $1 each.  I got the boys playstation video games for 50 cents each.  After I paid and was walking out, I saw a garden copper bug ($1) and an orb fish (50 cents) that I grabbed and went back to pay for.  Some really good finds at this garage sale. 

Then, off to the church rummage sale in Huntley.  We had so much fun talking and laughing while waiting on line.  I met a lady from Marengo whose daughter is named Austin.  She was so nice and I enjoyed her company.  She came up to me during the sale to show me the pyrex covered dish she found.  That is her new collection and she was thrilled to find her first lidded piece.  It's so nice to meet someone so excited by her finds.  I found some bags of Pokemon stuff for 50 cents to $1, a bag of Bionicles for $1, doilies for 50 cents each, fabric for $1.50 and some paperback books for 50 cents each.  There was not as much at the sale which seems to be the trend so far at the Church rummage sales.

I garage saled some more after the rummage sale, but didn't find anything to buy.  I went to a 40 home subdivision sale in Cary and didn't find a thing.  After picking the kids up from school, we headed over to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Woodstock.  It had started at 3pm and we didn't get there until 3:50 so things were pretty picked over.  I did find a tin bucket with wood lid and handle with a cow painted on it.  I'm going to use it to hold toys in the basement.  We did make it to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake at about 7pm.  The sale had started at 5pm.  We did find some DVD's for $1 each and some books for 25-50 cents each.  I also found a retro white bracelet for $1. 

Any day that has that many rummage sales in it is a good day for me.  I had so much fun!  Wednesday April 25th at 9am is the First Congregational Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake.  Tomorrow is the McHenry Library book sale.

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