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Monday, April 9, 2012

Yard Work

I love when Springs arrives, but that also means it's time to cut the grass.  The kids and I worked on that this morning.  It always looks so nice when it is freshly cut, and I usually feel good after working outside for awhile.  I found the perfect spot for the small concrete bird bath that I bought last week.  It is in my shade garden behind my 2 vintage blue chairs.  I repainted those chairs with a spa blue last year, and I love how they turned out.  I use a metal white flower stand with an aluminum lazy susan as the top for a small table between the 2 chairs.  On the concrete bird bath I put a small concrete fairy that I found for $2 at the Elkhorn Flea Market last year.  That was one of my favorite finds from last season.  Also in the shade garden is a concrete dragon that I got years ago at a garage sale for $2, and a concrete gnome that I paid $3 for.  There are 2 angel statues that were $1 each, and a metal bird bath.  The hostas are starting to come up and will fill in beautifully.  The white bleeding hearts have bloomed and look wonderful.  They are my favorite color bleeding heart.  I am still looking for a spot for the free concrete square planter that I got last week.  I just have to walk around the yard a few more times to find the perfect spot.

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