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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back to the Estate Sale

I just had to go back to the one estate sale that I was at yesterday.  There were 2 lady planters that I wanted.  I didn't get back until after 1pm and there were a lot of people still there.  The house was still pretty full of things.  The 2 planters were still there, so I bought them.  Almost everything today was half price.  Everything I bought was half price.  I also bought a milk glass piece on a pedestal and a green handled dish.  All of that for $15.  I got an even better price than half off.  I was glad that I went back.  I put the lady planters with my other ones.  It seems that I have started a collection without meaning to.  I found 2 at a rummage sale and fell in love with them.  Now whenever I find them at the right price, I have to buy them.  I have 7 of them now.  Most of my collections begin that way.  I find one piece and then need to know more about it and it goes from there. 

On our way to Pokemon today, we stopped at a sale at a daycare in Crystal Lake.  I found a garden statue for $1 of a child pushing a wheelbarrow with a dog in it.  I have it on a flower stand in front of my garage.  It looks nice there.

I washed some spots on the chair that I bought yesterday.  I used Goop hand cleaner (the one in the tub) and it took out the stains.  I also washed the arm guards and vaccumed the chair.  It looks great!

I'm looking forward to next Sunday, May 20th.  It is the opening day of the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  My favorite flea market.  It opens at 7am and we will be there before 7am ready to go.  I can't wait! 

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