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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Treasures!

Another fun, fun day.  I stopped at the Christian Fellowship church rummage sale on Walkup in Crystal Lake today.  They had a lot of stuff inside and out.  I found 2 books for $1, 3 Halloween costumes for a total of $3.50 even with the ball and chain, a Nerflike gun for $1, a silver cuff bracelet for $3, a Christmas doily for 50 cents, 2 purses for $1 each so I can use the handles for my felted purses, and quite a few action figures for $1.50.  See, no matter what time I go to a rummage sale, I always find something.  I was a half hour late after opening at this one.  After that, I went to the Caring Transitions estate sale in Lakewood and found 2 old Nintendo video games for the kids.  They were $5 each which is a good price for vintage games.  I didn't find anything at the Caring Transitions estate sale in McHenry.  I stopped at a garage sale in McHenry and found a neat pair of red leather gloves with fur trim for $2.  There was also a neighborhood sale in Martin Woods in McHenry where I found Xbox and Xbox 360 games for $1 each so I bought the ones that I hope my kids don't have.  How can you go wrong for $1 each.   If they already have the games, we will trade them in for credit at Gamestop or sell them at our next garage sale.

One thing that I love about going around to garage/rummage sales, is the people that you meet.  I saw some friends at the rummage sale today.  One is a new friend that I met when she was having her garage sale 2 weeks ago.  I didn't know her before her sale, but since her sale, I have been running into her at so many other sales.  We may start garage saleing together.  It was neat to find out that she was originally from Philadelphia.  She said that she was spending time at the Jersey shore this summer.  How cool is that.  Since I was born and raised in New Jersey, I thought that was so wonderful.

I put the seashell collection that I bought yesterday on my fireplace mantle.  It looks so nice and summery there.

The St Mary's/Montini church rummage sale in McHenry will start on June 21.  This is one that I look forward to all year.  There is always so much stuff well priced.  Last year, we made 3 trips to the car to unload.  Hope this year is as much fun.

Remember, tomorrow is the Cary Library book sale and on Sunday is the Elkhorn Wisconsin flea market in Elkhorn at the fair grounds.  Enjoy the weather and find some treasures!

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