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Friday, May 4, 2012

Only a Few Sales

I went to the church rummage sale in Ridgefield today.  As usual,  I saw all of my rummage sale friends and a few others.  There was a lot for sale, but the vintage items were priced very high.  They had a good selection of furniture that I thought were priced well.  Tomorrow is half price.  I did find a few things:  a metal stand for $2 that I am using in the garden to hold the 25 cent metal face that I bought yesterday, a frog pottery mug for 50 cents, and a book and dvd.  I spent a total of $4.50.  I did stop at a few sales in a neighborhood in McHenry.  I found for 10 cents each (yes 10 cents each) a 50's vintage tablecloth with 4 napkins and a needlepoint runner.  He just wanted to get rid of them.  Last year I bought a vintage tub from him for 50 cents and use it as a planter.  He even already had the holes drilled in it.  I was excited about these linens.  Twice this season I have found needlepoint/vintage pieces for unbelievable deals. 

The kids had a half day of school today, so I took them to the garage sale that I stopped at yesterday in Crystal Lake.  They bought a lot of video games for between $8-$10.  We also bought 2 new Monopoly games, one was a Chocolate monopoly game for $2 and one was a create you own Monopoly game for $3.  Austin got another nutcracker for $2.  This time it was a cowboy.  I had to find room in his bedroom for it. 

I spent a good part of today weeding again.  I think I finally have a handle on the weeds.  (right!)  I put the metal face and stand in the garden and I found a spot for the frog that I bought yesterday.  I hope you can see both in the pictures I posted.  I love my garden! 

Tomorrow is free comic book day.  We will be going to Al and Ann's in McHenry to get free comic books.  The kids love it.  He usually has a big selection and you can take 1 of each if you want them.  It's amazing to see that noone gets gready and only takes the ones that they will really read.  It's a nice thing to see.

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