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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elkhorn Flea Market

It was another beautiful day at the Elkhorn Flea Market.  Last year it rained for every one.  So far this year it has been sunny and warm for both.  It is fun to just walk around eating a donut and looking at all of the treasures for sale.  We did buy our share of food, as usual.  Ethan always gets a pickle on the stick for $1 for his breakfast at 7:30am.  The cheaper donuts are at the booth under the grand stand.  The donuts are only $1. 

I only spent $1 on a nice pink vase with gold trim and leaves on the sides.  Austin bought a dragon piece for $3 and a Digimon action figure for $3.  We didn't buy anything else today.  I did price some items that I have at home.  I always like to see what my things are worth.  Austin bought a Wolverine telephone at the last flea market for $5.  Today he saw the same thing for $18.  As we were walking away, the guy went down to $10.  Sometimes you don't even need to bargain.  The dealers will bargain for you.  Austin was excited that he got a good deal.

I'm so glad that the boys are learning the value of the dollar and how much they are willing to spend for an item.  The best part is that they are getting to be really good negotiators. 

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