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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabric Heaven

I went to the St. Joseph's Church rummage sale in Richmond today.  I had never been to that one!  Imagine.  A rummage sale that was new to me.  How exciting.  I found a few things.  A rooster fabric swatch for 25 cents, lots of doilies for 25 cents to $1 and a Chuck Norris t'shirt for the boys for $1. 

I stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake and found lots of fabric.  She is a quilter and she was selling fabric pieces from 25 cents to $1.  I bought a lot of nice colors and patterns.  I now need to figure out how to fit all of that into my recently reworked fabric closet.  I cleaned it up in the summer and I don't think I have any room left again.  (Oh well). 

On the way to pick up Austin from school, I stopped at a farm sale.  I found a metal shoe rack for $3 to put ALL of Caldwell's shoes on that are lying on the floor in the basement.  Maybe now I won't trip going down the steps.  It also looks neater.

There are 2 Caring Transitions estate sales this weekend.  1 on Fri/Sat and 1 on Sat/Sun.  Both are in Crystal Lake.  Also, there is the Mount Hope Church Rummage sale in Johnsburg tomorrow.

Next Sunday is the last Elkhorn Flea Market for the season.  Don't miss it!

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