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Friday, September 28, 2012

Great Boots!

Today was a fun day treasure hunting.  I went to the Ringwood Church rummage sale and found a small bag of Lego pieces for 10 cents and a Christmas apron for 25 cents.  The most fun though was talking to friends.  It is always nice to see them and to catch up with their lives.

I went to a lot of sales in McHenry.  At one estate sale, I found Ethan tons of old Xbox magazines and some video game manuals.  I didn't spend a lot, maybe $4 for his whole lot.  I found a nice Christmas apron for 50 cents.  Today was the day for aprons.  One reason why I like to go to estate sales is to peak into the lives of the people who are having the sale.  Except for today.  The person having the sale today lost her 21 year old son to drugs.  It broke my heart to look through his stuff.  I didn't know what to say.  I kept thinking of my own kids.  It was probably the saddest sale I have been to. 

The Caring Transitions estate sale on Illinois Street in Crystal Lake was fun.  I found some brand new boots for $10 each.  I had to buy both, black and tan.  I also found new Naturalizer white sandals for $8.  It was my day to get new shoes for my wardrobe.  I also found a crystal stand (for free) that I will use in my garden.  I bought about 7 vintage hankies for $1 each.  They were of kids, flowers, hearts, Mickey Mouse, Florida and Texas.  Some really nice ones.  They had a basket full.  Another woman and I were talking and going through the basket.  We liked different ones so we weren't fighting each other.  It was fun!

I stopped at the Carriage House in Crystal Lake for their Anniversary sale.  It is always fun to shop there.  This weekend they even have more refreshments than usual.  It is a definite stop while in Crystal Lake.  It is next to the Health food store in the downtown area.  A new antiques shop opened across the street from them, but I didn't have a chance to stop in.  I'll save that for the next time that I am in the area.

Sunday is the last Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin for the season.   Also the Resurrection Center in Woodstock is having their event.  It is nice to see the place, eat some good food and buy some produce grown in their garden.  You have to RSVP to this event.  I don't know if it is still open to register.  I went last year and had a nice time. 

The Historical Museum in Union is having their fall festival on Oct 7.  We love going to this event.  They have a rummage sale in the barn a block away and I always find some great things.  It is worth the trip.  The kids like to do the cake walk.  I don't think we have won (maybe 1 time), but that doesn't stop them from trying it.  Maybe you can win a cake to enjoy with your dinner!

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