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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Estate Sales Treasures

I went to 2 estate sales today.  One in McHenry and one in Crystal Lake.  I had the best time at the one in McHenry.  Not to mention that I found some treasures there.  The garage was opened first and I found 2 wonderful turtle cookie jars.  One had a chip inside so I got them for $10 each.  I thought that Ethan might want them for his turtle collection and I was right!  If he didn't want them, I was going to give them to my mother for her cookie jar collection.  See how collectors can cross over into other categories.

Inside the house were other treasures waiting for me to purchase.  I found 3 hankies for $2 each (1of The 3 Little Pigs, 1 of a child and ducks and 1 of hearts), more turtles from $1-$5, a wastebasket that is hand painted for $3, a vintage orange pin for $4, 2 Christmas vintage ornaments for 50 cents each and an aluminum cup that collapses for $2.  I don't see them anymore and this one had a note inside that it belonged to someone in the army.  Kind of fun to find that note.

This was a fun sale and a large house so all of us on line got to go in right away.  No waiting this morning. 

At the estate sale in Crystal Lake, I found a children's book on the 3 Musketeers for $2.  Nothing else.

Tomorrow are a few more sales.  I'm happy that sales are still going on because there may not be that many soon.  At least I have had more time to go through my own collections and to rearrange and purge.  It's been fun.

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