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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Work Space

I spent a few hours today posting auctions on Ebay of vintage Christmas tablecloths from my collection.  It is definitely time to give them to another home.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to show a picture of where I spent most of my time.  My desk is really a vintage dressing table.  I took off the mirror and stored it.  The desk is the perfect size for the space plus it looks vintage.

I have a wonderful seashell "topiary" on my desk next to a picture of a seagull from Atlantic City New Jersey.  I love the ocean and it makes my day to look at these day in and day out.  I use a vintage flower frog to hold my pen.  On the other side is a head lamp that I bought years ago at the Volo Antique Mall.  I also use an aluminum box to hold notes.  On top of the bookcase, which is filled with gardening/knitting/craft/quilting/antique books, I have a vintage floral painting that blends well with the vase next to it.  I also made a wreath out of vintage hankies years ago and I love how it looks.  There is also a pink milk glass bowl and white milk glass pitcher on top. 

I love being surrounded by things that I love.  I like for things to be neat and organized and I'm also a homebody that likes routines, so this area is my comfort zone.  Recently I added some vintage cow farm toys to the shelves.  They were a true find. 

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