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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Sales are Here!

What a load of fun I had yesterday treasure hunting!  I went to the church rummage sale in Ringwood first.  I find something at this sale every other year.  Well, this was the year.  I found lots of sewing items, picture frames, fabric, crochet hooks and buttons.  Everything was from 50 cents to $1.50.  I spent some time this morning sorting the buttons.  Lots of cool vintage ones.  There were also lots of hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles.  I will never run out of needles, but always good to have handy.

I then stopped at an estate sale in McHenry.  The house was jammed packed, but organized and clean.  Not like the one I went to a few weeks back.  Anyway, I found a vintage 8x10 double picture frame to use with Austin's 8th grade pictures next year.  I had used one for Ethan's and wanted to have a matching one for Austin. Now I do.  I also found a black coal carved Lincoln statue (Austin loves all things from Lincoln), a hand painted metal tray for $3.50, a milk glass miniature vase for $1.50, a bag of vintage Christmas floral items for 75 cents, childrens records for 50 cents each, a large brass bell for $5, some really bright vintage fabric for $2 each, a vintage Christmas elf for $2, another seashell box, but really vintage for $1.50, a vintage Easter rabbit bobblehead for $1.50, a bag of vintage Easter toys for 75 cents and a vintage Christmas apron for $3.  I had a box full when I finally left.  It was a fun sale to be at.

I did garage sale for most of the day and stopped at a sale that I just happened to drive by.  It wasn't listed in the paper.  Sometimes those are the best.  This was one of those good sales.  I found a vintage blue cake stand for $4 and a purple pedestal bowl for $1.  Great great items.  I was very pleased.

I am so glad that spring is finally here.  I spent all day today weeding my gardens and moving garden ornaments around.  The yard is looking really nice.  I hope the sunny days continue.  I even had a few minutes to just sit on my porch and read Midwest Living Magazine.  I don't always make the time to just sit and read while sipping some iced tea.  I'm so glad that I did today.

St. Pauls Church in Crystal Lake is having their rummage sale on May 3 starting at 9am.  Remember, the church in Ridgefield is having their sale at 8am on the same day.  Since they are in close location to each other, you can go to both.  I know that I will be.

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