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Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Busy Sale Days

Wow!  The past two days have been lots of fun.  On Thursday, I started out at the First Congregational Church Rummage sale on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake.  We were waiting in the rain for awhile and then we were let inside to wait.  Time went by quickly talking to my rummage sale friends.  They had rearranged the sale in different rooms to make it easier to get around.  Jewelry and boutique items were in a room of their own and antiques and better items were in the large room but off to the side.  I found a Wesmoreland milk glass pedestal bowl for $8, some jewelry for 50 cents to $1 and fabric with sailboats/lighthouses on it for $2.  They had lots of fabric which was fun to go through.  Since I just sold lots of my fabric at the garage sale, I was a lot choosier.  A doily and pottery flower were 50 cents.  One of my rummage sale friends gave me a shopping bag full of fabric since she knows that I like to sew.  That's one of the nice things that has happened in getting to know my rummage sale friends.  If one of us knows what the other likes or is looking for and we find that item, we give it to them.  It has become so much fun to walk around the sales and have someone come up to me with an item that they know I could use or vice versa.

On my way to the church rummage sale in Huntley, I had some time to waste.  I stopped in at Sweet Repeats thrift store on Route 47 in Huntley and at the Goodwill.  I didn't find anything.  The stores were very low on household merchandise.  Once again, we stood outside in the rain and waited to get in.  This time, we weren't allowed inside to wait.  I'm glad that I keep an umbrella in my car.   I didn't find that much at the Huntley sale.  I did find some linens for $2 each and a rose pattern china tea kettle for $4.  It matches the set that my mother gave to me.   (I did manage to find the kids some vintage video games and Pokemon cards.)

Today, I went to the estate sale on Pleasant Street in Woodstock held by Windfall Antiques.  They usually have good sales and their prices are reasonable.  There were a lot of Woodstock memorabilia items.  I found some really neat vintage rings for $1 each.  Yes, $1 each.  How could I pass them up?  I also found another vintage Christmas angel ornament for $1, an Abraham Lincoln pin for $2 to give to Austin and gold aluminum coasters for $1.50.  I will probably use the coasters for a project in the future.  They have a starburst pattern and are thin enough to drill through.  My thoughts are going crazy for a project.

Ok, seems like I should be done with the sales, but before I met my friends Mary and Pat for lunch, I had a few minutes to stop in Interiors Anew in Woodstock.  I found the most beautiful silver cuff bracelet with raised flowers on the top.  It was absolutely beautiful and I paid the $25 for it.  But, it is so worth it by the weight alone.  I can't wait to wear it.  I always manage to find something in that store.  They had quite a bit of summer furniture/wicker items and they were selling very quickly.  Ann, a fellow master gardener, walked out with most of it.  If you see something in the store, you have to buy it then or it sells quickly.  I learned my lesson the hard way.

Tomorrow is the Crystal Lake Library book sale starting at 9am.  I saw the sign at the Methodist Church on South Street in Woodstock for their rummage sale starting on Thursday, April 18. I don't know the time yet.   Happy treasure hunting!

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