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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elkhorn Flea Market

Opening day!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  The flea market was packed and there were sooooo many vendors.  We stayed longer than we ever had.  We got there at 7:15am and there was already a line to get in.  All day it was busy. 

We had so much fun.  We didn't buy a lot, but we had fun looking.  I bought a few items for $1 each:  a planter, a Christmas tin tray, a glass turtle and a milk glass shell.  I also found a Texas hankie for $3 and finally, a New Jersey hankie for $10.  I splurged on the New Jersey hankie because that is the first one I have found.  They are hard to come by.  I was so excited when I found it.  Austin wanted a vintage black telephone for $8.  It was pretty neat so we bought it.  I also bought two white metal stands for $5 each.  We spent most of our money on food.  This was the first time that there was a deep fried cheese curd stand.  Our favorite food!  Another exciting find of the day.

I searched all over for an album by Kool and the Gang for the song "Get Down On It".  We heard it playing on the way and I was obsessed with finding it.  No luck today, but I will be looking for it on my treasure hunts.

Next Sunday, May 26th is the opening day of the Cedarburg Flea Market in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  I hope the weather is as perfect for that one as it was today.

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