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Friday, May 3, 2013

Projects and Treasures

I love sales!  I have been having fun these past two days even though the summer weather has disappeared.  It was a glorious 80 degrees for two days and now it is like winter again.  It is a good thing that rummage sales are here to keep me happy.

Yesterday I stopped at the Defenders Use it Again sale and found a great shabby plant stand for $1.  I couldn't pass up a deal like that.  I knew right away that a little spray paint would do wonders for it.  I have to check my stock of spray paint and then wait for the good weather to tackle this project.  I also went to the Barn Nursery in Cary again to buy a new plant, Raspberry Shortcake.  It is a thornless raspberry plant that can be grown in a container.  It was pricey ($29.95) but since I had a $10 off coupon, I thought I would try it.  My kids love raspberries and this will be fun for them also.

Today I stopped at the St. Pauls Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake and found a vintage tablecloth for $1.  They didn't have anything else that I wanted.  Then, I was off to the Ridgefield church rummage sale.  I found a Wes Moreland milk glass plate stand for $7 (a little pricey), a humidor box for $2, another seashell box for 50 cents, 2 frog photos for 50 cents each, a vintage flour sifter for $1, double picture frames for 50 cents each and some things for the boys.  It was a nice, clean, organized sale.  Some things were pricey, but deals could still be found.  I then stopped at a garage sale in McHenry and found an aluminum pitcher for $3 by Everlast.  I added it to my collection.  Aluminum pitchers are great and so pleasing to the eye.  They look great with flowers in them.

Thursday, May 9th is the Service League rummage sale at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake.  I like going the next day for their bag sale and half price sale.  Also, I saw signs for streets off of Crystal Springs Road in Crystal Lake for neighborhood sales starting on May 16th.  I'm looking forward to them.  I like parking my car and walking from house to house.  I hope the weather is beautiful on that day. 

Plant sales are starting soon.  You can get good plants for very reasonable prices.  Even garage sales sell plants for a good price and are worth buying.  This is a good way to add to your garden at a minimal cost.

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