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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Few Things

I have been going crazy these past couple of days because our internet service, Clear, hasn't been working.  I haven't been able to connect to the internet.  Boy, is it hard without internet service.  I couldn't even check my Ebay auctions.  Hopefully, all will be fixed within the week.

There were a few sales this week.  Ethan went with me on Friday to a rummage sale since he was out of school.  Yay for the summer!  He had so much fun finding video games.  I found a few nice things this week:  more fabric (I just cleaned out my fabric closet once again and purged to make room for these new pieces) for about 50 cents each, jewelry for 25 cents to $1, a sewing pincushion for 50 cents, gardening books 50 cents to $1.50,  Japanese plates for $1.50,  and Christmas items for 25 cents each.

So, with time on my hands, I walked around my garden and found some beautiful irises that had bloomed.  My potted plant, whose name has long since been forgotten (I got it from a friend about 20 years ago who received it from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It loves rainwater and blooms like crazy when it is outside.)  It looks great paired with the irises.  The flower pot my sister-in-law Tina painted while following something that she learned from Martha Stewart. 

I love summer and am looking forward to some lazy days and treasure hunting.  Hope to see you!

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