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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flea Market Weekend

2 Flea Markets in one weekend.  We had so much fun.  The weather finally co-operated and it was sunny and beautiful.  (Except for the Belvidere flea market on Saturday.  It was overcast, but still warm.)

On Saturday, we all went to the Belvidere flea market in Belvidere IL at the fair grounds.  It was from 4pm-midnight.  We went at 4pm.  I know that I wouldn't have been able to keep awake at those later times.  There weren't many vendors, but the prices were very reasonable.   We even ate deep fried chocolate covered bacon.  It was OK.  I found a vintage white bracelet and necklace for $2.  We had been looking for a golf cart and found one for $4.  The boys found a box full of Pokemon toys for $8.  I was happy with all of the prices.

Sunday was the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn WI.  It started out cool, but turned really warm and sunny.  There were sooooo many people.  At times it was hard to get around.  Of course we had deep fried cheese curds.  We actually ate more today then usual.  I found a bracelet and earring set for $20.  It was really nice.  I also found some hammered aluminum by Wendell August Forge and Arthur Armour for $5 each.  Great prices!  and nice scenes on them.  They are definitely  for my collection.  Austin found a great big box of Bionicle toys.  Poor Ethan went home empty handed today, but at least his stomach was full.

Now we have to wait until August for the next Elkhorn Flea market.

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