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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Elkhorn Flea Market

You would think that I would be exhausted after having my garage sale on Friday.  Instead, I have tried to visit lots of sales to replenish my treasures. 

We went to the Elkhorn Flea Market today.  It was very busy and had lots of good deals even though we were rained on for about 20 minutes.  We hid under the bleachers and the rain passed quickly.  So, we just started up again.   Lots of $1 tables where I found a needlepoint runner and a Japanese Poem book.  Caldwell found many treasures for $1 from duck decoys to metal popcorn poppers for over a fire.  Austin found a very large stuffed Spyro for $2 and Ethan found a huge bag of Yugioh cards for $10.  I visited Christina who sells under the stadium and found 4 pieces of costume jewelry for $4 each.  Lots of fun finds today.  It got me thinking that maybe next year I should try to sell some of my collections at least one time at the flea market.  The kids were all for helping out.  I will think about it over the winter and decide for maybe one date in the 2014 season.  I would have enough time to plan and gather my treasures and even add to the collections.  It would probably do me good to purge a little more.  I'm all for starting new collections that are different from my usual treasures. 

We then made our way to Lake Geneva where there was an art fair, HGTV book signing,  library book sale and Jelly Belly truck giving out samples.  Caldwell and Ethan tried tobasco jelly beans and they were hot!  Ethan got to try stinky socks jelly beans and thought they were good.  Yuck!  It was a fun time.  Kilwins for ice cream was part of the day, as usual. 

We returned home completely exhausted from having had a wonderful day. 

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