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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garage Sale Preparation

I spent most of the day preparing the garage and outside for my 4 friends garage sale.  But, not before the kids and I went to the Calvary Church Rummage sale in Crystal Lake.  The boys were disappointed that they didn't find anything.  That's what happens sometimes.  I found some doilies that they lumped together for 50 cents, a glass turtle for Ethan for $1, vintage Christmas ornaments for $2 for the box, 3 Stooges ornaments for $1 and an angel thrown in.  Not bad for someone having a garage sale tomorrow to get rid of too much stuff.  We stopped at a garage sale on the way home and both the young boy selling lemonade and myself got stung by a bee.  All I could think about was will I be okay for my sale tomorrow?  (I'm fine.  The sale goes on.)

Mary and Donna brought over some treasures today.  I managed to find a great shabby garden frame from Mary.  We'll figure out the price tomorrow.   I have set up a garden area, toy area, etc. so that tomorrow I don't have to keep moving things around.  I put a yellow sign on a wooden ladder in my driveway to let everyone passing know that there will be a sale tomorrow.  There's a sign at the end of my block already too.

It's going to be fun!  It's always a lot of hard work, but the feeling is great when my house is organized and cleaned out.  Then, I can start looking for treasures again.


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