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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Treasure Hunting with Austin

Austin and I spent the past 2 days treasure hunting at garage sales and rummage sales.  It was a lot of fun.  We will be doing this a lot in the summer.

He negotiated really well at a garage sale when he saw 2 video games that he wanted.  He didn't want to pay the price and really knew how to negotiate to get the price that he wanted.  I was really impressed.  I found lots of doilies and vintage handkerchief at really good prices.  I found a really different tray that had butterflies on it at a garage sale in Crystal Lake.  It's really great.  We stopped at an unadvertised garage sale in Woodstock and found a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry.  I love when I find costume jewelry.  It really made my day.

There is a rummage sale in Lake Villa on June 5 at the intersection of Routes 83 and 132 at 8am at the Prince of Peace school.  The church in Ridgefield will have their rummage sale starting at 8am on June 13.  The Mukwonago flea market in Wisconsin is on June 7-8.   The antique fair at Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington Wisconsin is on June 13th and 14th.  The Belvidere Night flea market in Belvidere Illinois starts at 4pm on June 21st.  The Garden Walk in Woodstock is also on June 21st starting at 11am.  Tickets can be bought the day of on the Square. 

With all of these events, you are sure to find some treasures.  Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Beautiful Weather for Treasure Hunting

The past 2 days we have had the most wonderful weather.  It was a perfect day for my garage sale on Saturday.  It was slow at times, but I was reading the newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in between waiting for customers to show up.  It was so nice to just sit outside and read.  I sold a lot and was happy with the money that I made.  Quite a few of my friends stopped by to shop and chat.  Afterwards, we went to the Goodwill in Crystal Lake and dropped off everything that didn't sell.    It is such a nice feeling when the house is cleaned out and everything is back to being organized.

Sunday was another wonderful day.  The temperature was perfect for the Cedarburg flea market.  It was so crowded, which was to be expected for the opening one.  Parking was hard to come by, but we parked in the field and walked a long way.  It was worth it.  We stopped in first to see Mary.  She and her husband sell vintage toys in the barn near the entrance.  As always, we found quite a few treasures.  We have a few other favorites that we visited and everyone in between.  It was hard at times to get around, but we managed.  It was such a fun day!  We spent time in the downtown area afterwards walking some more and eating ice cream.  Cedarburg is such a nice place to visit.  I always look forward to spending time there.

Bethany Church on Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake is having a rummage sale on Friday May 30 at 9am.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend Sales

There aren't a lot of advertised sales for this weekend, but the ones that I went to were really good.  I stopped at a few when I saw the signs along the road and they turned out to be the better ones.  Sometimes the unadvertised ones are the best.

I found some vintage kitchen tablecloths, pottery pieces, an old bicycle basket, and the best treasure of all, an aluminum flower by Bruce Fox.  It is a true treasure.  What a find!  I don't come across them much anymore.  I was so excited when I turned it over and saw the signature.  It looks like Bruce Cox, but it is Bruce Fox.  It is sooooo beautiful.  Most of the items I found these last past few days were so inexpensive.  I had a great time.  I also stopped at the Countryside Garden Club plant sale in Crystal Lake.  Plants were mostly $3 each.  That was a good deal and they had a great selection.  I already planted them.  I didn't want to have to worry about them tomorrow when I'm having the garage sale.

The signs are up and the streamer is hanging across the driveway welcoming all treasure hunters.  The day is supposed to be wonderful and I'm hopeful that I'll be extremely busy.  There were lots of treasure hunters out today.  I'll be out bright and early setting the treasures in the driveway.  Remember to always be ready at least 1 hour ahead of your advertised time for the early birds that stop by.  You don't want to miss any sale.  I'll be ready.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time to Clean Out

It's that time again.  Time for a garage sale.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic so I spent the day organizing the treasures in my garage.  I never remember all that I have packed away in the boxes so it's always a thrill to unwrap each one.  I have sooooo much more to sell than I remember.  I will bring out all of the clothes on Saturday.  I have bags of them.  It always feels so good to clean out the house so that there is room to bring in new treasures. 

Speaking of new treasures, the Cedarburg Wisconsin flea market is on Sunday.  I can't wait!  I love this flea market.  There is also one this weekend called 7 Mile Fair in Caledonia Wisconsin.  I have never been to it so I don't know what to expect.  There is free admission on Monday so you never know.  A road trip may be happening.  There is also a Hosta Fest at Al's Autobody shop and Arboretum in Walworth Wisconsin.  I have never been to this either, so maybe stopping at both could happen.  So many wonderful possibilities this weekend.

The past 2 days we have spent time getting the garden ready for planting tomatoes and peppers.  It is now all planted.  I can't wait to taste that first tomato off of the vine.  It's unbelievable!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elkhorn Flea Market

What a change is the weather from Friday!  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day for the Elkhorn Flea Market.  The boys and I got there at 6:45 this morning and the place was already packed.  The line was long at the gate.  When the gates were opened, the swarm of people was amazing.  We had sooooo much fun.  We visited our favorite vendors and found a few new ones. 

I found 2 concrete additions for my garden:  a frog and a gnome.  I haven't placed them in the garden yet, so I don't have pictures of them.  Austin found a few Godzilla video tapes.  Since he just saw the new movie, he bought these.  It was a fun find.  I found an aluminum tray by Wendell August Forge.  I don't have a tray with fish on it, so I had to buy it.  The dealer bought aluminum from me at a past garage sale so it was funny to buy a piece from her today.  She had brought some of the pieces that she bought from me to the flea market.  I also found a great vintage kitchen tablecloth.  The colors were so vivid that I couldn't pass it up.  We made our first stop to the $1 table vendor.  We always find something from him.  I got 2 really nice pottery pieces: a seashell designed piece and a vase.  A great find was a huge bag full of fabric yo-yo's.  They are small, but I have some projects planned for them and the rest I will sell. 

Of course, we sampled the food.  Ethan didn't find any treasures today, but he ate instead.  He didn't mind.  He always starts out with a pickle on a stick at 7:00 in the morning.  The people working the booth always get a kick out of him eating a pickle that early. 

It was a great day to be outside enjoying the crowds.  We headed to Lake Geneva afterwards and stopped at Kilwins for ice cream.  Our favorite place!  It was a little cooler at the lake, but so nice as usual. 

I can't wait for the Cedarburg flea market on Sunday.  That is always a good one.  It is a full day trip for us. 

So far the weather looks good for Saturday so I am planning for a garage sale.  I'll wait until Wednesday to make sure that the weather will be sunny.  We have started getting things together incase the sale is definite.

Enjoy the warm up to spring!  We deserve it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting in the Snow

How crazy it was this morning to wake up to it snowing.  Austin thought he was going to get a snow day!  With only a few weeks left of school until summer break, I don't think so.  It was kind of hard to treasure hunt in it, but I managed.  So did so many others.  The sales were pretty crowded.

I stopped at an estate sale in Crystal Lake and found some really nice treasures.  I only spent $2.35.  They were very inexpensive.  I got there a little late and sooooo many good things were already taken.  Oh well.  I'm happy with what I got.  I especially like the green Fenton pedestal bowl (50 cents) with the label still on it and a sewing box ($1) that was made in Crystal Lake.  That was a nice find.

Yesterday I stopped at the McHenry County Defenders garage sale at the Algonquin Township Office and found a dress form for $10.  She is a tabletop one.  She needed to be cleaned up, which I just finished, and I love it.  I was upset last week at an estate sale where I saw one for $35, but it was already sold.  Funny how things work out.  Here I find one for $10.  I always tell the boys that if they want something to just be patient and I will find it before the sale season ends.  It worked for me.

At least the weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday for the opening of the Elkhorn Flea Market.  I'm so looking forward to it. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful day it was to celebrate a beautiful day for Mother's everywhere.  To my wonderful mom who gives everything that she is to me everyday.  I am truly blessed that God gave me a person as special as she is. 

It was a beautiful day to spend it at Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  We started out at Northwind Perennial in Burlington Wisconsin (minutes from Lake Geneva).  I love this nursery where Roy Diblik does his magic.  I bought some plants/herbs and we just walked the gardens.  I took some pictures of the flea market garden ideas that are placed around the nursery.  I'm going to use some of them for my flea market garden talk that I'm doing at Gardenfest next year.  How wonderful it was to be outside with great weather. 

Afterwards, we walked around Lake Geneva, got ice cream at Kilwin's (sampled the fudge), walked around some more and had dinner at Champs.  It was a really nice way to spend the day. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunny Days Treasure Hunting

It's been a fun filled few days of treasure hunting.  In between going on an 8th grade field trip to Chicago and trying to car pool kids to school, I managed to treasure hunt at a rummage sale, estate sales and garage sales.  Ridgefield, home of antiques, had a garden event this weekend also so I stopped in there.  I found a few really nice treasures these past few days, but the best was a milk glass punch bowl with its stand and 12 cups for $5.  Even though I have one like it, I couldn't pass it up.  It is much too beautiful and I'm sure I'll find a place for it. 

I made an outdoor pillow using the pink floral fabric that I bought at an estate sale recently.  It's like a burlap and was really hard to work with.  But, since I was making it plain without any trim, it came out nicely.  The pillow is waterproof so it's perfect for outdoor use. 

Grace Lutheran Church in Woodstock will be having their rummage sale on Thursday May 15 starting at 3pm and on May 16-17.  The Lutheran Church in McHenry is also on that day starting at 9am.  Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn WI is on Sunday May 18 and Cedarburg WI on Sunday May 25.  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Housecleaning and Gardening

Today was the day to do some major cleaning inside my house.  It was time to put away the spring treasures to make room for the summer treasures.  I always change the doilies so this time I brought out blue and aqua ones.  Some are hand embroidered and my favorite one on the coffee table is a crochet piece.  I brought out my seashell treasures and some other fun vintage ones.  I put a replica of the Sandy Hook New Jersey lighthouse under my lighthouse cloche on my fireplace mantel.  Love it!  It works so well together.

Then, it was onward to the garden.  I had bought some plants on Monday from the Home Depot in McHenry and at Walmart.  I wanted to move the Russian sage that was in my back yard to the front where I thought it would do better.  It will look much better in the rock garden area.  That area needed a little work so I planted 4 creeping phlox in a blue tone in that area.  I want it to fill it in.  It looks nice now, but I can't wait to see it when it is settled in.  Home Depot in McHenry had the creeping phlox at around $3.50 each. 

I am seriously considering having my first garage sale of the season before the end of May.  I may just have it on a Saturday so that everyone will be home to help me.  There is sooooo much to get rid of. So many good things and some not so much.

Lots of good sales this weekend.  Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Handcrafted Jewelry

I handcrafted a few jewelry pieces the other day.  I have been finding more unique pieces to create the jewelry and decided to sit down and make a few pieces.

I made 2 really unique necklaces and 1 bracelet.  The underlying theme in 2 of them is using vintage clip earrings.  They turned out really nicely.  The other necklace has a rose in the pendant and a rose on the clasp of the chain.  Love it!

Can't wait to find more unique pieces to handcraft some more jewelry....

May 15th is the Lutheran Church rummage sale in McHenry on Route 120 starting at 8am.  On the same day is the McHenry County Defenders garage sale at the Algonquin Township office on Route 14.

Friday, May 2, 2014

It Was a"Me" Day

Even though it is my son's birthday, it was definitely a "me" day.  I stopped at a few sales, rummage and estate, and found treasures that I love.  Come to think of it, yesterday was also a "me" day.

There was a really fun estate sale in Crystal Lake that was loaded with treasures.  I found 4 vintage Paris metal serving trays, 2 vintage tablecloths (1 has some holes, but I'll make pillows with it.  At the price it was, I couldn't resist), a vintage blue purse that was like new, 4 vintage handkerchiefs, vintage French sunglasses, a vintage Christmas apron and for Austin, a bag of vintage Transformers for $2.  The jewelry I found at the rummage sale for $1.50.  The blue flower pin will be on one of my felted purses.  I have been making jewelry again recently and the chain I bought today will come in handy.

Next Thursday is a rummage sale by the Service League of Crystal Lake held at the Dole Mansion/Lakeside Legacy building on Thursday May 8-9.  That is usually a good one.  The second day is good also since they have a bag day and the clothes are usually really nice. 

I'm still considering having a garage sale at the end of May.  I want to rid my basement of the bags of clothes before the summer begins.  I also have some nice vintage items.  I haven't completely decided yet if I'll have the sale or not. 

Only 2 more weeks before the Elkhorn flea market (May 18) in Elkhorn Wisconsin and only 1 more week until the Vintage Market (May 10) in Rockford at the Midway Village Museum.  So many fun sales!

At least this cool weather that we have been having has been good for my lettuce and spinach.  I'm going to pick some of it this weekend for a salad.  Nothing like the taste of home grown vegetables.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vintage Pottery Planters

Today was the rummage sale at the Tree of Life church in McHenry on Bull Valley Road.  This was the first one at that location so I was hoping that there would be lots of treasures.  I wasn't disappointed.  They let us in 1/2 hour early which is rare at rummage sales. 

Since I had never been inside before, I started moving with the flow and found a table full of vintage pottery planters.  I love vintage planters.  I do have a collection started, mostly of female figures, but I have animal ones in the laundry room.  I found quite a few of both and even a pocket hanging one.  They were priced from 50 cents to $2.  My friend Sue found 2 new handbag handles for me that were 20 cents each.  I must have bought all of the note cards there since full boxes were 10-20 cents each.  I'll be giving some of them to my mom to use.  She won't need to go to a card store for a long time.

I also found a wire basket for 20 cents and some comic books for the boys.  I went back to look for a second time after I made a trip to my car.  I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.  They really had lots of treasures.  It was one of the most fun rummage sales I have been to in a while. 

Tomorrow is the church rummage sale on Walkup in Crystal Lake.  It starts at 8am.  There are a few estate sales listed in the paper and the McHenry Shores neighborhood garage sale is this Saturday.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful so get out and treasure hunt!  It is also free comic book Saturday.  The first Saturday in May is designated for that every year.  Al and Anns in McHenry participates and even gives out free snacks and drinks.  It's lots of fun.