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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elkhorn Flea Market

What a change is the weather from Friday!  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day for the Elkhorn Flea Market.  The boys and I got there at 6:45 this morning and the place was already packed.  The line was long at the gate.  When the gates were opened, the swarm of people was amazing.  We had sooooo much fun.  We visited our favorite vendors and found a few new ones. 

I found 2 concrete additions for my garden:  a frog and a gnome.  I haven't placed them in the garden yet, so I don't have pictures of them.  Austin found a few Godzilla video tapes.  Since he just saw the new movie, he bought these.  It was a fun find.  I found an aluminum tray by Wendell August Forge.  I don't have a tray with fish on it, so I had to buy it.  The dealer bought aluminum from me at a past garage sale so it was funny to buy a piece from her today.  She had brought some of the pieces that she bought from me to the flea market.  I also found a great vintage kitchen tablecloth.  The colors were so vivid that I couldn't pass it up.  We made our first stop to the $1 table vendor.  We always find something from him.  I got 2 really nice pottery pieces: a seashell designed piece and a vase.  A great find was a huge bag full of fabric yo-yo's.  They are small, but I have some projects planned for them and the rest I will sell. 

Of course, we sampled the food.  Ethan didn't find any treasures today, but he ate instead.  He didn't mind.  He always starts out with a pickle on a stick at 7:00 in the morning.  The people working the booth always get a kick out of him eating a pickle that early. 

It was a great day to be outside enjoying the crowds.  We headed to Lake Geneva afterwards and stopped at Kilwins for ice cream.  Our favorite place!  It was a little cooler at the lake, but so nice as usual. 

I can't wait for the Cedarburg flea market on Sunday.  That is always a good one.  It is a full day trip for us. 

So far the weather looks good for Saturday so I am planning for a garage sale.  I'll wait until Wednesday to make sure that the weather will be sunny.  We have started getting things together incase the sale is definite.

Enjoy the warm up to spring!  We deserve it.

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