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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pink Floral Pillow

The house is way too quiet with the boys at camp.  The bright side is that I have been able to finish many projects that have been started but never finished.  I even cleaned the whole house today and hopefully it will stay clean until they get home.

I have been meaning to finish this lovely faded pink floral pillow for a while now.  The fabric is an old vintage tablecloth that was torn and stained, but too wonderful to throw away.  I sewed on a hand embroidered piece for a pocket and attached the small fabric yo-yo's that I bought recently at the Elkhorn flea market.  I sewed vintage buttons onto the yo-yo's for some detail.  I'm going to include some items into the pocket as I figure out what would look the best.  I started out by using a vintage rose floral handkerchief.  I really like how it came out.

Today I will be finishing up another pillow using a vintage unfinished quilt top piece.  The back will be another piece from the rose floral vintage tablecloth. 

It looks like many treasure hunting garage sales starting tomorrow.  The next Elkhorn flea market is on June 29th. 

Happy treasure hunting!

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