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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Surprises are Fun!

We just got back from dropping off the boys at camp for the next 2 weeks.  The house is already too quiet.  So, I figured that I would try to load some pictures since no one else is on the internet or video gaming and it worked!  I'm going to try to catch up.

The boys and I had bought some really great garden items at a garage sale last week.  I finally found a home for them in the garden.  The turtle especially looks so fun.

This past weekend had so many surprise sales that I couldn't take advantage of.  I had so much to do and wash to get the boys ready for camp that I had to pass up many.  I did go to a sale on Saturday in Cary and I'm so glad that I did.  They had a table of vintage tablecloths and I got them for $5 each.  I bought 5 of them.  The other ones just didn't grab my attention like these did.  These have the most beautiful and bright flower patterns on them.  I'm soaking them now in my Oxyclean way and they look wonderful.

I'm looking forward to checking out lots of thrift stores this week to keep me busy.  I do have some projects to finish so I hope that I get them done.

Happy treasure hunting!

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