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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elkhorn Flea Market

It was a perfect day for the Elkhorn Flea Market.  Others must have thought so too, because it was crowded.  We got there early, as usual and had a great time.  I bought some costume jewelry, a Statue of Liberty statue and another seashell box.  Ever since we visited the Statue of Liberty this summer, I'm on the lookout for the older statues.  They sell really cheap ones now at the store on the island.  Out of about 500 vendors today, I only found 1.  I really thought I would find more. I was also on the lookout for an Eiffel Tower and didn't find any. 

This past week I found some really cute turtle items and more seashell pottery.  I've updated the display in my sunroom and it looks really nice.

Ethan didn't get to go with us today since he had some high school training to attend.  He's going to be a mentor for some freshman students.  It was his first time driving alone.  I was probably more nervous than he was.  He did fine and I'm sure that he will never be the same again.  Confidence is a good thing and I'm really proud of him.

At 8am, Joyful Harvest Church in Johnsburg is having a rummage sale on Friday and then in Richmond at 9am is a rummage sale at Community Church.  My friend Joyce is having a garage sale in Crystal Lake so I'll be going there also.  She always has vintage linens for me to buy.  Mukwonago Wisconsin flea market is Aug 16-17 and Cedarburg flea market in WI is Aug 31st. 

I've cleaned out my vintage linens and am selling some of them on Ebay right now.  You can find them under my seller name:  milena2000

Happy treasure hunting!

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