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Monday, August 25, 2014

Finished Nutcracker Cabinet

I spent Friday night organizing Austin's nutcracker collection.  Actually, dusting it was more like it.  It's amazing how things get so dusty when left out.  I'm so glad that this cabinet has doors.  It's what I was looking for.  He offered to help, but when I'm in a cleaning mood, I like to do it alone.  The only thing left to find was a knob.  (I decided not to paint it white since I liked how it looked by just staining it.)

So, on Sunday we went treasure hunting to the Wilmot Flea Market in Wilmot WI at the ski resort.  It is held on Sunday in the warmer months.  We hadn't been there in a while.  It was a steamy day but the boys didn't seem to mind since they found lots of video games.  Caldwell even came away with tools.  My only find was a KNOB.  I thought it would look fine until I found one I liked more.  The man was so nice and told me to just take it.  He even found a screw to use with it.  How nice was that!  Well, it IS perfect and I love how it looks.  Austin and I found a hanging nutcracker in his collection and hung it on the outside of the cabinet on the knob.  It looks great!  He is happy with it and I'm happy that his room looks more organized.  (We even spent a few hours cleaning out his closet.  What a garage sale of toys I will be having this fall).

I can't wait for Cedarburg on Sunday.  The boys are super excited too.  With so many soccer games coming up, we won't be having lots of time for treasure hunting so we need to squeeze it in when we can.

Happy treasure hunting!

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