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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Few Things.....

Sunday was a beautiful day for the last Elkhorn Flea Market.  It didn't start out that way though.  Caldwell was following us, since he had to leave to be on his way to a business meeting, when his car died 2 miles from the fair grounds.  He did eventually make his way to the fair grounds for his car to be towed, but what a morning!  We did find treasures, as we always do.  (Except I forgot to take pictures).

I added new items to my space at Carriage House Antiques yesterday.  I changed around a lot and also took away some items that didn't fit right now.  I was so excited when my vintage barn sold.  The man who bought it was going to use it as a manger.  How wonderful is that!  It is a beautiful vintage barn.  But guess what?  I forgot to take pictures again.  I will be back in there on Thursday so I'll try to remember to take pictures then.

Here are some dates:  Sunday, Oct 5th is the last Cedarburg flea market in Cedarburg WI.  It is also the Fall Fest in Union IL at the Historical Society.  Thursday Oct 2 is a rummage sale in McHenry at the First United Methodist Church.  On Friday there are 2 church rummage sales:  Barrington United Methodist Church in Barrington Hills and in Harvard at the First United Methodist Church on Division St.  Enjoy these as well as the garage and estate sales.  The season is slowing coming to an end.

Happy treasure hunting!


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