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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sh....The Garden is Sleeping

This past weekend I put the garden to sleep.  It was a little chilly, but perfect to work outside.  It was time to clean up the garden.  I usually refresh the soil in the fall, but this year I'm waiting for the spring instead.  The yield wasn't that great this year and I felt that refreshing it in the spring would be better.  Since the garden is a series of raised beds, I can start early in the spring getting everything ready.   Next year I'm thinking of planting only kohlrabi, swiss chard and maybe squash in it.  Time to change it around.

I had my garage sale on Friday and it was sooooo cold.  I had on multiple layers along with my gloves.  I didn't have a great turnout, but at least I sold some of the bigger items like a jewelry armoire.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of people shopping.  I love to haggle on price, but most people were looking for free items or very inexpensive.  If I had a price of $1 on an item, they wanted it for 50 cents.  It was definitely the most challenging sale I have had.  I donated whatever was left to Savers in Crystal Lake so at least my house is clutter free.  For now.

I added new items to my space at Carriage House Antiques.  There is a lot of jewelry there now!  I'm getting ready with my Christmas items.  An open house is scheduled for in November.  Details will follow soon.

Thursday, October 25th is the First Congregational Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake on Pierson Street.

Happy treasure hunting!

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