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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  Mine was hectic but enjoyable.  I got a huge beautiful basket of flowers that I put in front of my house on a vintage white ice cream parlor chair.  (It sits on the concrete square that covers up the well.)

We stopped by the Pepper Road and Friends Spring Market on Saturday in Lake Barrington.  It was nice to be at an outside market with so many fun items from an assortment of vendors.  I found a cute black iron miniature plant stand that I'm using in my room to hold my flower frogs and assorted office supplies that I use.  It looks great!  I new that I would have a use for it.  I also found a wonderful necklace with a heart that has Vintage Girl on it at Tattered Tiques.  It is by a jewelry designer Beth Quinn.  (She has a website, Beth Quinn Designs, and a Facebook page).   The boys tried to convince me that I didn't really want it because they wanted me to walk away from it so that they could buy it for me for Mother's Day.  How sweet they are!  They just ended up buying it for me right away so that I could wear it.  I love it!

On Mother's Day, we visited the Wilmot Flea Market in Wilmot, WI.  Since the weather was misty and cold, there were only a handful of vendors.  We didn't find anything, but they are open every Sunday.  It costs $1 a person to get in.

Speaking of flea markets, Elkhorn WI flea market starts the season this Sunday at 7am.  I love this market!  There is also a flea market in Pecotanica IL.  I have never been to this one but I hear it is a great one too.  I'm hoping to get to both on Sunday.  (I think the Pecotanica one is Saturday and Sunday).  I will probably be having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday so I have to fit in both flea markets on Sunday.  I know it can be done.  I'm hoping for nice weather for the garage sale.  There is a subdivision down the street from my house that is having one at the same time and I was hoping to get some of their traffic.  I will start setting up tomorrow after checking the weather reports again.

Since we were having some nice weather the past few days, I started planting kohlrabi and swiss chard.  It must be a bad year for ticks because I found 3 on me this past week.  I always panic and threaten to never go outside again.  At least I found them before they attached.  Be careful this time of year and be sure to look yourself over well after coming in from outside.

On Thursday is the McHenry County Defenders sale at the Algonquin Township Office and in the afternoon is the Grace Lutheran Church Rummage sale in Woodstock across from Woodstock Water Works pool.

Happy treasure hunting!

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