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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Past Few Days.....

Whew!  The past few days were extremely hectic but fun.  I did have my garage sale on Friday and Saturday, so the days prior I was busy setting it up.  The turnout on Friday was a little slow but after the rain ended on Saturday, it got really busy.  Anything that was left over, went right to Savers in Crystal Lake.  I don't like to hold onto anything that didn't sell.  I also don't like to wait to donate it somewhere.  As soon as the sale is over, we pack up and off it goes to be donated.

I had never been to the Pecatonica Flea Market in IL.  It is twice a year and on a Saturday and Sunday.  We were planning on going to both the Pecatonica and Elkhorn flea markets in the same day.  I know that it could be done but once we got to the Pecatonica flea market on Sunday, we never left.  It was fabulous!  We made 3 trips to the car and left with a full trunk.  My favorite buy was a vintage blue stool with the coolest pattern paper on top.  I put it into my living room in a corner by the china cabinet and just put one blue/white vase on top.  It looks so nice.  I'm keeping this stool.  It was a gift to me.  I picked up a few pottery planters, jewelry, garden items, wooden boxes, comics for the boys and I can't even remember what else.  The rain stayed away and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  I had so much fun.  The buys were great and so were the prices.  The next one is Sept. 19-20.

May 29th is the Bethany Church sale on Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake, Immanuel Lutheran Sale in Crystal Lake is June 11th and the Calvary Church Rummage sale on Rte 31 in Crystal Lake is July 30th.

Stay tuned for the open house dates at Carriage House Antiques.  It's coming up next week......

Happy treasure hunting! 

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