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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Awesome in White

There are a few things that I have been looking for.  For a long time I have wanted a white chippy lawn set with chairs and animal figure milk glass pieces by Westmoreland.

Well, Friday was my lucky day!  I can't even count how many sales, estate/rummage and garage sales that I went to on Friday.  My second stop was an estate sale where I was 5th in line.  Always good for me when I'm pretty early in the line.  Anyway, I spotted a wonderful patio set in white iron like I have always wanted.  The best part, the part that sold me, was that it was $40.  I had to have it!  It took me 4 trips to my car to load it, but it was worth it.  It is now in my sunroom and it looks great with the green/white/seashell theme I have in there.  The corner where it is looks so open now.

My last stop of the day was a garage sale.  I instantly saw the table full of milk glass.  Milk glass isn't popular at this time, so there was a lot of it.  I found a few Westmoreland pieces that I have been hunting for.  One is a duck on a nest and the other is a lion on a nest.  They are so wonderful!  I rearranged the collection in my dining room so that they are in the center.  I bought a few other pieces, but these are staying in my collection.

The Wisconsin State Fair was sooooo much fun!  I had never been there.  We ate way too much.  Especially deep fried......way too much.  I was expecting more agricultural themed exhibits, but the food was plentiful.  We spent some time in the Horticultural building.  I love looking at the knitted and quilted entries.

I had to keep the excitement going, so today we went to the Mukwonago flea market in Mukwonago WI.  Wow was it hot!  Even at 8:30 in the morning it was steamy.  There is only 1 more on September 12-13.

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Milena,
    Your table set is great. Wonderful find. I have never gone to the Mukwonago flea before.
    I might have to check that out. Have a wonderful week end.

    1. Hi Kris, Mukwonago flea market is a smaller market with new items mixed in with vintage, antique, repurposed and rusty. I like it because it is a 2 day market and I always find something at really good prices. Thanks for the visit! Have a great week.

  2. Hi Milena
    I've been looking for a patio setting just like that for quite some time - sigh - c'est la vie!
    The milk glass is gorgeous too - you know a good thing when you see it!!!
    Happy weekend - whatever you're up to!

    1. Hi Shane, I too was looking for that table and chairs for a long time. Funny how I was wishing hard for it for some reason before that sale and poof! it was there. Maybe I should start wishing hard for other things before a sale, lol. Milena