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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trophy Finds

While treasure hunting in New Jersey, I came across this champagne bucket at a thrift store, Unique.  There are many locations in New Jersey that I always make sure to stop at while I'm there.  (I believe that there are some in Chicago, but I haven't been to those).  It had the perfect patina on it.  I thought I was going to sell it, but have since decided not to.  I just love its look.  Right now I put some dried fall flowers in it.

Last week while garage saleing, I came across this pitcher that is also a trophy.  It is engraved from a Windy City Challenge participation.  I love the patina on this one also and once again, can't part with it.  For now, I grouped them together and love how the patina plays off of each other.

Here are upcoming events that are on my calendar right now:
Sept 6 Cedarburg WI flea market also Oct 4th which is the last one of the season
Sept 12-13 Mukwonago WI flea market (last of the season)
     Sept 12 is the Taste of Lake Geneva and St. Gabriel Flea market in WI that I haven't been to.)
Sept 17 Church rummage sale in Prairie Grove IL
    Sept 17 is also Indoor Plant Week and McHenry County College in Crystal Lake is giving away a       free houseplant on that day from 6:30-8:30pm.
Sept 19-20 Pecatonica IL flea market (last of the season)
Sept 27 Elkhorn WI (last of the season)
Oct 9-10 Nellies Sale at 10985 Main St Roscoe IL (check it out on Facebook.  I haven't been to this           before but it sounds like fun)
Oct 16-18 Autumn Drive in Woodstock IL on Garden Prairie/Franklinville Roads
Oct 24-25 Rummage A Rama in WI (I haven't been to this either but it sounds like fun!)

So many fun ways to treasure hunt that are coming up.  Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Love your found treasure Milena. I have been to Nellies Barn Sale and it is a good one.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Hi - I got so excited when you mentioned NJ!!! I live in Bergen Country and there really aren't any great thrift stores in my area. Would you mind sharing some names and towns of thrift shops in NJ? Thank you!

  3. Hi, glad to connect with another Jersey Girl! I like to visit the Unique Thrift stores (just Google it for their different locations. There are a lot of them) Also, I find this one when we went to visit Sandy Hook, Bo's Attic at 455 Hwy 36 N in Port Monmouth. I really liked this one! Happy treasure hunting.....