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Monday, March 6, 2017


Succulents are the hottest thing right least in my area.  Everywhere I go, succulents are potted in some of the cutest items.  Even TJMaxx has succulents even if they aren't real.

So, I decided to pot up some succulents that I bought at Home Depot.  My first idea was to use an aluminum ferris wheel that has three containers on it.  I am going to take it to the Elgin High School Flea Market on Sunday.  (I'm in booth 195)

I also had a few other containers that would be perfect to hold the succulents.  One was a silver plated cup and the other was a silver type trophy.  The finishing touches were some pebbles from the dollar store.  Simple containers that really make a statement.

One thing that I have been wanting to decorate with is a galvanized chicken feeder.  The one I have has "feet" on it.  I wanted to do something that Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper would love. Something that she might have thought of.

The chicken feeder is resting on a table in my space in front of a fabulous metal container holding a rose bush and gardening tools.  The chicken feeder has two small pots of succulents and three votive candles.  It would look so nice on a farm table.  I have another one right now in my sunroom decorated the same way.  I just love chicken feeders.  They scream farmhouse decor!

I still have more succulents to pot up so now I'm on the hunt in my house for that perfect container. Maybe I'll use the rusty tool box that I drilled holes in to copy the planter in the newest issue of Flea Market Style magazine.

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Both ideas are really creative, Milena! Joanna Gaines would definitely approve :)


    1. Thanks Rue. Sometimes I like the bling and sometimes I like it simple. This was one of those simple times. Milena