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Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Memories

Since this is such a special time of year, I wanted to share some Christmas memories and a few new ones.....

My love for vintage Christmas was because of this aluminum tree.

We had it for soooo many years while I was growing up.

No one else had one like it.  All of my friends had a green one.

It can be seen in this photo too with my grandparents and younger brother.

I certainly wasn't shy when it came to being in pictures.

My brothers and I always wanted a green tree instead. We couldn't understand why my mother only had that aluminum tree.

Much to our surprise many years later, she got us a green tree and left the aluminum tree in front of the house for someone else to love. It wasn't until later in my life did I realize that that aluminum tree was so special. I now have three small aluminum trees in my house and I decorate them with a theme each year. That tree was the start of my love for vintage Christmas items.

I had a pleasant surprise the other day. A good friend of mine gifted me with her vintage pink ceramic tree. She is downsizing and thought that I would like it. Like it! I love it! Her generous giving spirit will always be in my thoughts when I look at it.

It's beautiful lit up!

I am blessed with some amazing friends who know me all too well. My friend Mary made me this wonderful ornament that is a second to a set....

For many years I have passed Windhill Pancake Parlor in McHenry IL and have never stopped.

Isn't that the way it happens so often? You live in an area and notice places and always plan on stopping but never do. Well, I recently started following vintagevspot on Instagram and she mentioned this place with some pictures of their wonderful Christmas decor.

So, today was the day to go for lunch with my two sons. I like to eat somewhere special on Christmas Eve for lunch. The decorations didn't disappoint and everyone was exceptionally nice. Next time I'm having the pancakes!

This is so cute....

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed and healthy New Year!

Happy treasure hunting!

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