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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Spring Busyness

So much has been going on in the past month. My youngest son Austin graduated from high school. So the planning has begun for his start of college in the fall. Lots of emotions with this going on also. All will be fine I know but it's bittersweet.

We spent the weekend in Madison Wisconsin recently for the regional Pokemon tournament and I got to walk around the farmer's market. It's fabulous! I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area.

It's on Saturday mornings around the capital. I ate my way around with some delicious scones.

I've been enjoying myself hunting for treasures. Here are some things that I found while shopping a friend's sale:

I decided to keep a few things for myself and redo my dining room. I kept an angel piece from that buy and found a vintage bird cage at a garage sale and put the two together.

I couldn't part with the bird cage. I set it on a vintage silverplated serving tray on top of my buffet.

....along with the angel planters. Here's a side view....

I also kept the bust. I can always use her as a display piece for jewelry or hats. There are so many possibilities.

I have been selectively keeping angel statues from my treasure hunting. Here's one in front of my garage.

Another recent find while treasure hunting is this fabulous crystal chandelier....

No, I didn't keep this one! It's for sale at the Carriage House. It needs to be wired but even as just a display piece it's awesome!

Keep looking for those garage sales and rummage sales. They are in full swing right now. Friday and Saturday is Nellies Barn Sale in Roscoe IL.  June 24th is the flea market in Elkhorn WI. Remember that on Sundays' is the flea market in Wilmot WI.

Janet from Lucky Junk opened a new store in Barrington IL and will be having an open house on June 27 along with two other stores, Wabi and Pink Geranium. It sounds like a fun night!

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


It's been a long time since I had time to post. Sorry. So many things happening with only so many hours in the day!

Let's start with the Pepper Road and Friends Vintage Spring Market that I was a part of in Lake Barrington on May 5. I had a great time, met some wonderful people and the weather was perfect for my first time setting up a tent.

The booth behind me was Rusty Anchor Design Co and she put up this wall as part of her display. It enhanced my space so much! Plus it blocked some of the wind that came later in the day.

This was my space before the wall, all set up by 7am!

I finally finished decorating wall space in my room. I had hung two vintage sheep prints and an empty frame that I fell in love with. I was waiting to find the perfect insert for the frame. I found another sheep print (darling but not old, but that's ok) at Simone-Michele Antiques in Ridgefield. The chippy white frame was perfect for the look I was after. I also hung a vintage sheep postcard and a darling felted sheep heart on the frame.

While at The Shops of Ridgefield, I came across this vintage enamel pitcher at Country Church. It was larger then the ones in my collection so I had to have it. Paired with my magazine obsession on the coffee table, it looks so nice.

Even fake flowers when displayed like this, look great!

I have been searching for a vintage yo-yo quilt for so long. I let one go a few years back and it has haunted me ever since. So, when I found this one, I was over the top excited!

I have some free time now until next Friday when my son graduates from high school. My last child to graduate. It's bittersweet. His life is beginning. A whole world to explore. In a way, my life is beginning anew also. I'm trying to grasp that excitement and let life lead me where I need to go. It's definitely a journey, with tears along the way.

It's another fun filled weekend! On Saturday is Main Street Market in Rockord put on by Urban Farmgirl. On Saturday and Sunday is the Pecatonica Flea Market and on Sunday is the opening of the season at the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn WI. Not to mention the large amount of garage sales listed for this weekend.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

That Chair

As promised, I'm sharing my chair redo. 

Here it was before:

I liked the fabric pattern but it was getting worn in a few areas. Not bad for a $5 thrift store find many years ago.

Here it is now with another thrift store find. Fabric for less than $6.

I love the floral pattern and that it has a tea stained look. 

I'm lovin it in my hallway. I'm not so sure I'm going to let anyone sit on it!

Saturday is my first outdoor Spring Market. 

I figured out the tent yesterday. That's my biggest stress concern. Everything else will be fun!

There are many garage sales this weekend. It's finally here! On Thursday the Environmental Defenders have their sale in Cary on Route 14 at the Algonquin Township office at 9am and the Tree of Life Church in McHenry has their rummage sale at 9am. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Perfect Spring Day

This was the perfect Spring Weekend! 2 friends joined me in having a three day garage sale. It was fun, tiring and awesome. My best one yet!  I'm glad it's done. Two thrift stores (Savers and Sparrows Nest) got the rest. I feel freer now that I cleaned out my house.

Now my focus is on the May 5 Spring Vendor Market in Lake Barrington at the Pepper Road and Friends Market. 

I'm bringing some cool unique treasures to it. It's going to be so much fun! My friends Becky from Burlap and Boots and Alice from Upsy-doozy will be there too.

Happy Earth Day!

Using vintage items is the best way to recycle. Photos were from past displays at the Carriage House.

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring Tea

Yesterday I attended a Spring Tea with the Ladies group from my church. It was cold, rainy and windy, but the company and estate where it was held was amazing!

We had a tour of the 14,000 square foot house before we sat down to eat. Our hostess Debbie had lovingly restored this home to its grandeur. Beautiful chandeliers, swing saloon doors into the bar area and period furniture where appropriate. 

The kitchen had beautiful built in cabinets when you entered and massive refrigerator space. 

The tables were set up in two rooms...

With floral arrangements and different tea cup settings at each place. 

I was one of the lucky door prize winners of 3 scented hand creams. So fun!

We each wore fancy hats, good thing there were extras there so I had a bunch to choose from. 

It was a nice day and then overnight this happens...

I'm hoping that by Friday the weather is more spring like since I'm having a two day garage sale with 2 of my friends. I think this is where lol comes in!

On a warmer note: May 5 I'm selling at the
Pepper Road and Friends Spring Vendor Market in Lake Barrington from 9-4. I have shopped it before but this is the first time I'm selling at it. I am so excited to be selling there! 

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, April 5, 2018


I'm in the mood to redo some things in my house. 

For 2 years I have been looking for a cabinet to hold some of the small pieces in my hammered aluminum collection. I never liked the one I was using but it served its purpose until I could find one that I liked. 

So yesterday while I was out delivering a chair to get reupholstered (more on that in a minute) I stumbled upon this cabinet. It was perfect and easy enough for me to move. 

It fits perfectly in the spot. Thank goodness because I left my measurements at home and had to eyeball it for size.

So now to the chair. I found some great fabric that I stashed away until the right project came along.  This chair... 

The fabric was awesome but it was worn on the arms and a few other areas. But for $5 years ago and through 2 kids who loved to sit in it, it was time for a new look. 

Stay tuned in about a month for the change. 

I also have been working on my sunroom and purging my seashell collection. 

I've kept the really large ones but only one container of small ones. And you know what has happened? The past few sales I've been to have had lots of shells and I have closed my eyes and walked away from them. It wasn't easy!

Love this vintage green wicker table that I found over 20 years ago. It looks nicer with some of my green pottery collection.

Even my patio table and chairs looks fresher. 

I just wanted to show you my cute finds today.

I'm definitely keeping the cow creamer. He's already in the barn with the others. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Feeling Spring

I love the change in seasons because then I can change my decor. Inside and out. I keep this chippy door on my front porch so that I can change the wreath. 

It's at this time of year that I get the urge to plant something. Aldi has tulips and hyacinths right now for $3.99. Recently I bought a vintage tureen with soft pink flowers on it for $2. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it so I headed out to Aldi this morning and bought some pink hyacinths. 

It looks really nice on my Easter table. I can't wait for the hyacinths to open so that beautiful smell can fill my house.

Speaking of flowers, I came across this cute cow planter and think I may have inadvertently started a new collection. 

I also just found a large wire flower frog that I added to my collection. It was a super exciting find for 50 cents!

There were a few estate sales these last few weeks where I found some great garden items.

The Zion Lutheran Church rummage sale is 8am on April 5. The rummage sale in Huntley is at noon on April 12 and the Presbyterian church on Route 47 in Woodstock is the same day but starts at 8am. In Cary, the church rummage sale is at 9am on April 19.

If the weather cooperates on April 20-21, my 2 friends are joining me to have a huge garage sale at my house. I have been purging daily! I even purged my sea shell collection that I have collected for over 20 years. It feels right now to let them go. Someone else can enjoy them as much as I have. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Happy Easter!

May you have a glorious and blessed Easter! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


The Elgin High School Flea Market was such a success and so much fun! My friend Cecilia and I had booths side by side so it was easier to help each other out. Last year we were back to back and it was too difficult to help each other. We are getting into a routine now for selling at this flea market.

Here's the work in progress....

Here's the completed booth space....with Cecilia in the booth next to me.

some more pictures of my booth...

and more.....

and one more....

I have gotten so good at cramming in the treasures. Christmas was the first to go. Each year is so different for what people are looking for. Now that the flea market is over, I'm planning my garage sale for sometime in April. I'm energized to clean out. I just purged more from my collections of Hull pottery and seashell boxes. So much lighter and brighter in my home. (and heart)

One collection I didn't pair down (yet) is my flower frog collection. At the Elgin flea market I found this vintage yellow metal flower frog. I had never seen one like it and just couldn't walk away from it. I fits in well with the yellow pig planter.

While pairing down some of my collections, I rearranged my milk glass collection in the pantry.

On April 5 starting at 8am is the Zion Lutheran Church rummage sale on Route 120 in McHenry.

Happy treasure hunting!