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Thursday, March 15, 2018


The Elgin High School Flea Market was such a success and so much fun! My friend Cecilia and I had booths side by side so it was easier to help each other out. Last year we were back to back and it was too difficult to help each other. We are getting into a routine now for selling at this flea market.

Here's the work in progress....

Here's the completed booth space....with Cecilia in the booth next to me.

some more pictures of my booth...

and more.....

and one more....

I have gotten so good at cramming in the treasures. Christmas was the first to go. Each year is so different for what people are looking for. Now that the flea market is over, I'm planning my garage sale for sometime in April. I'm energized to clean out. I just purged more from my collections of Hull pottery and seashell boxes. So much lighter and brighter in my home. (and heart)

One collection I didn't pair down (yet) is my flower frog collection. At the Elgin flea market I found this vintage yellow metal flower frog. I had never seen one like it and just couldn't walk away from it. I fits in well with the yellow pig planter.

While pairing down some of my collections, I rearranged my milk glass collection in the pantry.

On April 5 starting at 8am is the Zion Lutheran Church rummage sale on Route 120 in McHenry.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


It's been busy around here. First the Vintage Shop Hop was a blast. Busy, but fun! I spent a few hours yesterday restocking my space.

The weather was perfect both days. And now its snowing. That's Chicago weather for you.

I'm just about finished getting ready for the Elgin High School Flea Market on Sunday. Remember to set your clocks ahead. I'm in booth 180 in the gym. Doors open at 8am for the early bird shoppers and then at 9am for everyone else.

Karen and Di recently gifted me with this awesome chandelier that I have wanted for a while. How truly generous and kind they are to me! I love it!!!!! I hung it in my room. The chandelier isn't electric but has holders for candles. I just love the crystals on it. So me!

Here's another view of it....

and an even better of view it....

Lovin' it!

Large snowflakes are coming down right now. I'm skipping ahead to Thursday for the first rummage sale of the season at Faith Community Church on Route 176 in Prairie Grove. It opens at 9am. The season has begun!

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has arrived in my house! I couldn't wait any longer to lighten it up.

I just love adding whimsical vintage Easter decorations around the house. They are so hard to find anymore.

How cute are they?

Someone handmade those awesome eggs. I usually use doilies with an Easter/spring color theme now. Something with pastel purple and pinks like this crochet doily.

I also like to bring out the pale pottery vases to blend in with the pastel colors of the vintage decorations.

A pastel spring vignette in my living room. Even the tray has a spring theme with butterflies. I found that at a garage sale a few years ago.  Loved it too much and had to keep it!

Here's a close up of that darling vintage Easter piece.

Some nostalgia is in order. That rabbit candle was from when I was a kid. The basket holds an egg collection with some from when I was a kid to ones that I found recently. They fit in a vintage egg basket. Except I don't think anymore will!

The rabbit cabbage pottery piece always gets center attention.

I even redid the gumball machine to reflect an Easter scene. It's fun changing it around for the holidays.

In the summer, I found this really cute bunny pillow at a garage sale. It was never opened! Too cute to pass up.

 I saw this last week peaking out of my garden,

It's rainy and gray today, but at least the snow has been washed away.

I am busy preparing for the Vintage Shop Hop on March 2-3 and added spring to my space at the Carriage House.

Here's another side...

Here's a reminder of the Elgin High School Flea Market coming up on March 11. I'm in booth 180 in the gym. There are 170 vendors, new items and vintage treasures, set up throughout the school.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, February 12, 2018

In the Garden

Today I did a presentation for the McHenry County Home and Community Education group where 40 attendees, the public was also invited, heard me speak on Flea Market Gardening. It was so much fun. Attendees also shared flea market gardening tips.  This group presents different topics throughout the year through the Extension office in Woodstock.

I had presented this topic a few years ago at Gardenfest but there is such a demand now for this topic that I added even more pictures to my presentation. (Gardenfest will be on April 7 this year at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake IL. Our keynote speaker is Mark Dwyer from the Rotary Gardens in Janesville WI).

This was such a snowy weekend! Probably 12" inches of snow or close to that. I pulled out the patchwork quilt top that I bought recently to begin finishing it. 

I originally planned on selling it but just couldn't. I am using a blue/gray fabric on the back that has a Victorian charm to it. I know it will take me a while to finish it. 

I put on my snowshoes yesterday and trudged down to the garage to get the quilt rack so I could start quilting the layers together. I still consider myself a beginner quilter but I really do enjoy the whole process of making a quilt. 

Here is my newest addition to my cows in the barn. 

It was a birthday gift.

I didn't start out to have a cow collection but that's how it's starting to look. 

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

On This Snowy Day....

On this snowy day I was feeling creative.  Thinking of Easter and the warmer weather.

My cousin gave me the stained glass holder and I filled it with vintage Easter items and flowers. So cute! The other little "baskets" came out really cute also.  I love finding uses for all of the cute little items I come across.  It's so much fun!

I have been to a few really good estate sales the last two weeks. Full of vintage finds.  I have been lucky to find vintage linens and quilts.

Some of these quilts are cutter quilts but beautiful nonetheless. I couldn't resist!

Really nice fabric pieces and a quilt block.

A large roll of vintage trim.

I'm keeping that fabulous crochet throw. Right now its on a chair in my living room but I have thoughts of it draped over a table in the summer.

Look at it up close.  Fabulous!

The Carriage House will be participating again in the Vintage Shop Hop March 2-3. There are about 400 shops rights now participating in Wisconsin and Illinois. I will be gearing up for that sale soon. Planning for the start of warm weather wishful thinking.

Then, the week later I'll be here:

I got my booth #180 in the gym. I love this flea market. It's nice and early in the season and it brings out the shoppers. It's daylight savings time to I'll be a little tired but it's so worth it.  It's so much fun. My friend and I will have connecting booths so we can help each other.

I have been busy purging my house still and planning on having a garage sale hopefully in April. I really need to. The house is getting full of boxes for all of the different sales I'm working on.  But, I'm still looking out for those estate sales.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rearranging for the Tenth Time

I really do love to organize. It brings me peace and contentment. 

Austin and I are working on his bookshelf. One shelf a day. That's all he can take. I could keep working for hours. It's starting to look great. I forgot to take a before picture with books piled on top of each other and in front of each other. He's even purging some knick knacks. Here's where we're at right now.

As for me, I rearranged my milk glass collection for the tenth time at least. I purged more to bring it to a more manageable level. I foresee another rearrangement in the future. 

I wanted to add some more hammered aluminum to start showing off my collection. I had some room to do that. I'm really lovin the cow pitchers. (How many times have I told you that?)

Here's my favorite milk glass vignette. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just Some Thoughts...

Just some thoughts....

I love how the vintage motel chairs look in the snow.  There are 9 right now in my backyard. The lonely blue one can't hold a person anymore but it sure looks great as garden art! I have to trudge through the snow to get a picture of it later.

Here's my chippy green ones.

Last night's snow with another set of chairs.

Last week's snow with my favorite chairs. These are the ones that I use for my main blog picture.
Both were side of the road/garbage finds.  Can you imagine anyone throwing these away?

I went to an estate sale on Friday.  Finally. It was so exciting and such a great sale. Here are a few of my finds. I especially love the vintage cloth mannequin heads.

It's always a good sale when I find a scale.

I am keeping my Valentine's decorating to a minimum. This is perfect.

The roses are a nice dusty pink. (from Aldi) Now they are on my kitchen table where we can enjoy them with every meal.

I do want to show you a picture of my space at the Carriage House. I rearranged it completely for the new year and thought that this sequin jacket with a t'shirt look terrific together. I used to wear the jacket and loved it but I decided to let it go.

The Carriage House will be participating again this year with the Vintage Shop Hop along with about 400 shops in Illinois and Wisconsin. It's always so much fun with so many treasures.

Happy treasure hunting!