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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

So Much To Do!

These past few weeks have been filled with Holiday Markets. It is amazing to see the work that goes into hosting and preparing for these.

My friend Sue and I were at Nellie's Barn Sale Christmas at the Farm in Belvidere. It's always a fun event.

Then it was off to the Urban Farmgirl in Rockford. She had an amazing hot cocoa bar and sugar cookies! The location housed in an older home is so charming.

Just loved this truck!

We hosted our Holiday Open House at the Carriage House last weekend. It was fabulous! There were about 25 plus people waiting for us to open. They headed straight for the vintage Christmas! Who could blame them?

This Santa picture drew so many people in to shop. It's one of my favorite pictures. Here's a few more from my space....

There's still lots of Christmas.

Most of my little trucks that I put together with vintage Christmas items sold. It was exciting for me that so many people liked my creations!

Here's a wider view of my space all decorated with vintage Christmas items.

Here I am in the midst of all that goodness. I love wearing my vintage Christmas pins.

Here's my space this week with vintage Christmas items moved around. I have so many vintage plastic candy holders still available.  I was so lucky to have found so many.

This weekend is the Washington Street Market in Naperville. I'm hoping to keep the holiday excitement going and visit them. If you like going on home tours, check out this beautiful restored mansion for a Christmas house walk Dec 1 in Libertyville.

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Chenille Bedspread Pillows

My friend gifted me a torn chenille bedspread that was her mothers'. It truly was a gift to me. First of all, I can't have vintage torn fabric go to waste and I love to make pillows with these remnants.

So, I made six chenille pillows.

I didn't realize how hard chenille was to work with and how much of a mess it made when it was cut up. But, I was on a mission and didn't want to stop. I cut around the most intricate parts of the bedspread....

and I used a torn vintage tablecloth that I had been saving for just this reason for a pillow. I used the torn tablecloth on the back on a few of the pillows and the rest I used vintage inspired fabric. I always put a zipper into the pillows that I make.

I am very pleased with how they came out.  I can't wait to bring them to the Holiday Open House at the Carriage House!

This is why treasure hunting is so fulfilling and exciting.....

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fall Highlights

What crazy weather we had today! Windy, sleet and snow showers.  It's all par for the course in Illinois. It's also the weekend for Autumn Drive  in Woodstock and surrounding areas. I went yesterday in the rain and did find some treasures. The weather didn't seem to be slowing down the crowds. Two Sisters With Junk in the Trunk will continue their barn sale in Marengo tomorrow if you have time to stop by.  You'll love it!

I finally put my garden to rest this week. I was waiting for the mosquitoes to go away.  So, I picked the coldest day to close it down. The funny part is that while I was garage sailing this week, I found quite a bit of garden items that I have to store for the spring.

I'm going to use the red rusty train as part of my holiday display at the Carriage House. Since I'm talking about the holiday open house, I'll share the information with you now.

It's November 8-11. It's always lots of fun. Once again I have lots of vintage Christmas items.

Now, back to the fall. I couldn't resist this glass and metal angel base cake stand. I just sat the angel planter on top of it. It's perfect!

For a while now I have been looking for a silverplate cake stand. At the same sale, I found one! It's great to use for creating a small vignette.

My friend Mary and I went to the 3 French Hens flea market in Morris last week.

Here I am next to the canal and bridge holding my finds. It was a beautiful fall day. I'm going to make a point of going more next year. We ate at Letty Mae's Tea Room and shopped at Whimsy. I bought an adorable black vest with fur surrounding the zipper. It's a super store. 

The next market for the 3 French Hens will be held at the Grundy County Fair Grounds for their holiday market November 9-10. I went last year and there were vendors outside and in the barns. Dress warm!

So now that I'm in the holiday spirit, I created these displays. This one was a velvet jewelry box that had lost its velvet bottom.

This one has a base that was from a lamp. Mr and Mrs Claus surround it as well as a sleigh and deer on the back.

Both will be for sale at the Carriage House Holiday Open House as well as the truck creations that I make every year. 

Here are some events in November so that you can mark your calendar: November 2-3 is Nellies Christmas at the Farm in Belvidere. Also on November 2-3 is the Urban Farmgirl store in Rockford holiday open house. November 3 is Trove in Rockford and Rubies and Rust in Rockton holiday open houses. You can make a day visiting all of these. November 7 is the holiday open house for the Shops on and off of Pepper Road in Barrington. November 8-11 is the holiday open House at Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake. Nov 9-10 is the 3 French Hens holiday market in Morris. The stores in Lake Geneva Wisconsin have their holiday open houses November 10-11.  November 16-17 is the Harvest Lane holiday market in Elburn.  November 17-18 is the Washington Street holiday market in Naperville.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Catching Up

With the change of seasons, I find myself being busy all the time. It's a good thing. I like to keep busy.

Here's a few of my finds recently:

I have been looking for an ironstone tureen for a while now. Even though the handles were reattached, it's beautiful! It's a keeper.  Another keeper is this wonderful Easter bunny decoration:

It's never too early to think ahead for the holidays. You have to buy it when you find it right? Speaking of the holidays....I found a large amount of vintage Christmas recently.  I couldn't stop my heart from beating out of my chest. It was so exciting!!!!

There were a lot of candy containers and light up figures.

For a huge vintage Christmas lover that I am, this was amazing!

Out of it all, I only kept 2 things. The rest I'll be selling at the Vintage Christmas Open House at Carriage House Antiques November 8-11. (More info to follow)

Another great find, or 2 for that matter was a trophy and ironstone pitcher.

Both are fabulous. Both will be for sale at the Carriage House in the near future. I'm learning not to keep everything I find, but it's hard.

I did a presentation on Flea Market Gardening for the McHenry Garden Club in September. It's a fun presentation that always seems to amaze those attending at how you can upcycle something.

Here I am with a simple display that anyone can do. 

There are still church rummage sales going on. There's one in Huntley tomorrow starting at 12 noon. 3 French Hens is on Saturday in Morris. There's also a fabulous vintage market on Sunday in McHenry at Smiths Garage called A Vintage Market. A fun event in rural Woodstock is Autumn Drive Oct 19-21.

Whatever you choose to do....

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

My Awesome Finds

What a fun filled week I had! The weather was perfect (except for the astronomical amount of mosquitoes) to spend the whole day treasure hunting. A favorite rummage sale turned up a vintage Coach purse. Another sale today turned up another vintage Coach purse: a black bucket bag. Love finding those vintage leather Coach bags!

I spent yesterday garage saleing all day. My favorite find.....yesterday.....

was this vintage wire dress form. I'm running out of room in "my" room. But it's a good thing!

Today was even better. I stopped at Washington Street Market  in South Barrington IL.  

As I was buying the cutest pumpkin,

Kris from Junk Chic Cottage  was buying some fun things too! It is always so nice to see her and her husband. Such a small world. As I was making my way around, there was Jeanine from Chippy Shabby.  

I always love her stuff. Just the right amount of chippy awesomeness.

Then, in the corner.....

I spotted this fabulous vintage dress form from New York. I have been looking for a vintage dress form like this forever. I was beyond super excited. It came home with me!!!!!

It is now resting in "my" room.

I am beyond excited! Did I already tell you that? Jeanine put those cute finishing touches on it. How darling!

Tomorrow is the last day of the season for the Pec Thing in Pecatonica.  The weather is going to be perfect. I'm sure it will be crowded but sooooo much fun!

The last day of the season for the Elkhorn Flea Market is Sept 30.

Edward's Apple Orchard has been open for awhile now.

I used to take the boys all the time. It is one of my favorite places to visit in the fall. I went by myself this week. Very nostalgic and bittersweet for me. And a little sad. I'm glad I went though. It's all good and I'm learning to welcome these experiences without the boys. I have so many happy memories of Edward's I'll always cherish.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy September!

Happy September!

I have become an empty nester.  It's been a learning process for me and at times lonely without the boys. But, I have been keeping so busy that time is really moving fast.

A few weeks ago, I moved into a larger space at the Carriage House. I am so excited!  We redid the whole store with my move partly to get ready for the Vintage Finds Off Route 14 shop hop this weekend. I can't believe how open my space is now.  There's so much more room to merchandise my items.

I found this great chippy pie safe and it's such a focal point in my space.

Look how great it is!

I also love the Wonder Bread tray. It's the perfect shade of green to blend in with the farm table.

I have a huge wall to display pottery and other small treasures.

All of the flea market magazines are showcasing globes right now. I decided to group mine for a big impact. It worked!

After the move was complete, I decided to have a Christmas craft day. It was hot and steamy outside but I felt like creating and no one was home.  I put on my Greg Allman cd (it was his last one) and just created. It was relaxing and fun!

Last Sunday, Labor Day weekend, I went to the flea market in Cedarburg Wisconsin. The fields were soooo muddy and some of the vendors weren't there, but it was still fun with lots of bargains to be had.  The last one is October 7.

With more rain on Labor Day Monday, I spent it decorating my home for fall. (I went to the Carriage House for a few hours in the early afternoon to straighten up when the tornado sirens started to blast. I ran out of there so fast! Thank goodness none ever came around). This is just a small area of my living room. I have decided to decorate with more fall looking items this time, not really Halloween things. Except for this picture that my friend Cecilia gave me.

So, while I was fall decorating, I decided to move around my sheep pictures and get rid of a few. This one is my favorite sheep picture so it's a keeper.

I moved around the floral needlepoint from my Grandmother and brought those two floral paintings home from the Carriage House. I couldn't stop thinking about them so I thought I better bring them home to live with them for awhile. I'm glad I did!

Here's that mannequin head that I bought a few months ago. Yesterday, I found this hand (made in Trenton New Jersey). I have wanted a hand like this for awhile so I was glad when I found it at Steeplechase Antiques in Barrington.

On Sept 20, I'm giving my Flea Market Gardening presentation to the McHenry Garden Club. It's a lot of fun sharing my love of flea market gardening. 

Upcoming sales:  Sept 7-9 Vintage Finds Off Route 14 Shop Hop (see link above). Sept 13-14 Faith Community Church rummage sale on Route 176 in Prairie Grove starting at 9am. Main Street Market in Rockford Sept 8. Mukwonago Wisconsin flea market Sept 8-9. Antiques and Treasures in the Field in Lake Forest Sept 9. Pecatonica flea market Sept 15-16. Washington Street Market in Barrington on Sept 15. Johnny Appleseed festival in Crystal Lake Sept 29. Elkhorn Wisconsin flea market Sept 30. Master Gardener Farm Stroll Sept 30.  With all of these activities in September you are sure to find a treasure!

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcome August

It's hard to believe that August is already here! I will be moving my boys into college dorms this Saturday and will officially be an empty nester. That's hard to believe too! I'm trying to prepare myself for my life to change but that's something I probably can't prepare for. Lots of crying on Saturday (for me).

I just updated my Flea Market page with more dates for my favorite flea markets so take a look and mark your calendars.

At the Carriage House, we are planning on participating in Vintage Finds Off of Route 14 again this year with so many other wonderful shops.  Plan on visiting us! It's the start of our 15th year in business and my 4th year with them. It's so exciting to be doing something that I love so much.

Here's some great finds since my last post! (The green motel chair is my own) but the others were my recent finds. Love that metal pie safe. It is so chippy!

Look at this great detail and colors in this crochet afghan. I couldn't pass it up.

I fell in love with this little pitcher that was a garage sale find. It's part of my collection now.

Here I am with my "find" during a beautiful day. This mannequin head is now resting in "my" room at home.

This little black table was found at the same market and it replaced a blue farm stool that was in this corner. I like this cohesive color look a lot better.

These gorgeous flowers were from the Woodstock Farmer's Market. You can make your own bouquet with some of the most fabulous flowers that I have ever seen. I have since dried them and can't wait to use them in my fall decorating.

Here's a recent picture of my space at the Carriage House with a great green and white farm table that I found recently. It has such a great farmhouse look. My look and space will be changing very soon so stay tuned for all of the details.

The University of Illinois Extension McHenry County Master Gardeners are putting on a Farm Stroll 
with 12 local farms. It's a self guided tour so you can stay and visit as many farms as you want to. It makes a lovely day in the country. Many of the farms sell items so be prepared to buy some local goods.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Get in as many sales as you can.

Happy treasure hunting!