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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Spring!

Happy spring!

Time to catch up on what's been happening......

The Elgin High School Flea Market was a lot of work but also very rewarding.  I sold quite a bit so I was happy.  I really admire those of you who sell at flea markets on a regular basis.  I'm gearing up for my twice yearly garage sale which hopefully will be in April.

I thought I would share some pictures of some finds I bought recently.

A whole roll of beautiful (new) toile fabric. I love the figures depicted on it.

A simple topiary that accents my Wendell August Forge hammered aluminum.

An estate sale filled my car with garden related treasures.  A white wicker table, a rusted ball sculpture and a small white chippy table.

Black iron pieces.  The funny thing is that this person must have shopped my space at Carriage House Antiques because so many of the garden items were bought from me.  I didn't buy back any of my items though.  I wanted someone else to enjoy them.

I hope you can see this large birdcage surrounded by other things in my garage.  I found the birdcage at another estate sale later in the afternoon.  What a great find!  I was super excited!

Another thing I'm super excited about is that sale season has begun!  Slowly garage sales are popping up.  Estate sales are becoming more regular too.

So, in between spring cleaning (I broke my son's floor lamp while moving his mattress.  Good thing he was back in college so I had time to find another one), I had a few minutes to craft.

I saw something similar at TJMaxx and knew that I could make the same thing.  I found these really neat glass tealight holders at Kirklands and attached a vintage earring to each and topped them with a silk rose.  I didn't attach the rose since there is a tealight inside.  You can display it two ways.  Really simple but so darling.  I found the roses at Savers thrift store.  I like to stock pile flowers just for this reason.  You never know when a creative idea will strike.

My friend Cecilia found this adorable needlework pillow while at the Hunt and Gather market in Woodstock during the Vintage Shop Hop.  She couldn't part with its partner, so she gifted me with the other one.  I love it!  It has a nice spring theme with the birds and flowers. (It blends in nicely with my other pillow).

Well, I'm all caught up for now.  Yard work begins soon since the flowers are popping up all over.  I decided this year to hire someone to remove the leaves from the flower beds so that I can focus on other areas in the yard.  (or maybe I'm just getting older and can't do all of that work anymore). Which gives me time for going to more sales!

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, March 6, 2017


Succulents are the hottest thing right least in my area.  Everywhere I go, succulents are potted in some of the cutest items.  Even TJMaxx has succulents even if they aren't real.

So, I decided to pot up some succulents that I bought at Home Depot.  My first idea was to use an aluminum ferris wheel that has three containers on it.  I am going to take it to the Elgin High School Flea Market on Sunday.  (I'm in booth 195)

I also had a few other containers that would be perfect to hold the succulents.  One was a silver plated cup and the other was a silver type trophy.  The finishing touches were some pebbles from the dollar store.  Simple containers that really make a statement.

One thing that I have been wanting to decorate with is a galvanized chicken feeder.  The one I have has "feet" on it.  I wanted to do something that Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper would love. Something that she might have thought of.

The chicken feeder is resting on a table in my space in front of a fabulous metal container holding a rose bush and gardening tools.  The chicken feeder has two small pots of succulents and three votive candles.  It would look so nice on a farm table.  I have another one right now in my sunroom decorated the same way.  I just love chicken feeders.  They scream farmhouse decor!

I still have more succulents to pot up so now I'm on the hunt in my house for that perfect container. Maybe I'll use the rusty tool box that I drilled holes in to copy the planter in the newest issue of Flea Market Style magazine.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Feeling Crafty

Last night I was inspired!  I had a great idea and had to get started right away.  I remembered that I had some really nice shiny votives that would make great spring/Easter baskets.  Last year I made something similar with terra cotta pots.  This year I wanted more bling.

I attached vintage pins/earrings and used wood letter pieces from the game Boggle.  A few of the rabbits were vintage but a few were just cute.  I collect these fillers all year long waiting for when that inspiration hits.

In my space at the Carriage House, I have a yellow end table for sale.  (Yellow seems to be the "in"color right now as it was shown in Country Living magazine.)  The votives look so cute on top of the yellow table.  Three of them are sitting on top of a small vintage glass tray.  They really are cute!

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Milk Glass

Milk glass is still one of my favorite collectibles.  I'm more selective now since I have a huge collection, but I can't pass it by when I see it at a sale.

I spent some time recently rearranging and condensing my collection.

In one of my china cabinets, I group milk glass with some crystal pieces, colored glass, hammered aluminum and a few pink/blue milk glass pieces.  I like to use lace doilies in the china cabinets.  To me it looks more complete and decorated.

I have a "small" obsession with white enamel pitchers which you can see mixed in on the top with milk glass pieces.

After cleaning out my books, I used some of that space for my milk glass collection so that my rooms didn't look too cluttered.  I didn't use doilies on the book shelves.  I like the look here without them.

I love how it looks with ironstone and cream colored pottery vases and hammered aluminum. There's always a place for hammered aluminum.  (This piece I found last year at the Wendell August Forge showroom in Grove City PA).

Since there was a small open space next to my china cabinet, I decided not to waste it.  I love how the bone china flowers look inside the milk glass piece.  They are sitting on a small wooden chair that is a perfect fit for the space.

Hope you find some treasures this weekend. Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Can It Be March Already?

I can't believe that it is March 1st today.  Time is really getting away from me.

It felt like spring last week, but today I'm watching the snow flakes on and off in my yard.  At least the weather will get warmer in the next few days so that everyone enjoying the Vintage Shop Hop won't have to deal with the cold.

I have been so busy preparing my space at the Carriage House for this Friday and Saturday and in preparing for the Elgin High School Flea Market on March 12th that things have been a little crazed around here.  But fun!

I couldn't resist two estate sales last weekend.  I brought home two pieces of small furniture.

The bookshelf is really tall and had wobbly feet on it which I took off.  It looks better without them but if I find small feet I just may put those on.  It has such a nice look to it.

I also found time to switch out the Valentine decorations for spring/Easter items.  I love bringing out my vintage Easter treasures and mixing them with newer ones.  At least its spring inside my home.

and out.....

Make sure to check my 2017 list of my favorite flea markets.  I have been adding dates as I find them.  March 12 is the Elgin High School flea market starting at 9am with early bird entry for an additional fee at 8am.  I'm at booth 195 in the gym to the left as you enter the school.  I'm bringing a mix of items, including vintage Christmas!

The first rummage sale on my calendar is on March 9 at the Church in Prairie Grove on Route 176 starting at 9am.  The season is starting!

In addition to the Vintage Shop Hop on March 3-4, the Woodstock Farmers Market is open on Saturday (March 4) at the Fairgrounds.  You will find the best soap vendor there from Whitewater WI.  My favorite is the lavender soap which I use in every closet and drawer in my house.

On April 8 will be Gardenfest at McHenry County College run by the college and by the University of Illinois Extension McHenry County Master Gardeners.  It's a fun filled day of gardening classes and a few hands on classes.  The keynote is Melinda Myers.  Registration is open until the end of March but the hands on classes are filling up fast.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vintage Finds

Mark your calendars for the Vintage Shop Hop March 3-4.

Carriage House Antiques is participating again this year.  It is so much fun.....there will be raffles, goodies and sales.  I love working during the sale!  It's also a fun time for us since we bring in great treasures to make it extra special.

Speaking of sales......I went to a fabulous estate sale today by Salvaged by Sonya.  This house was jammed packed.  I was so excited to find 8 vintage tablecloths!  I started soaking one today.  Each one needs to be soaked because of some stains, but they are fabulous.  It's a labor of love for me to clean them up.

I have never been to her store in Rockford so it's now on my list of places to visit.  With the sun finally out today and an estate sale to go to, I was so full of energy and spirit.  It was a perfect day!

For the month of February, all vintage linens are 20% off at the Carriage House.  I have lots of tablecloths plus an assortment of other vintage linens in my space.  The ones I bought today won't be in for a while but there are so many others to choose from.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Adding a Little Something

My craze to purge and organize my home is slowing down.  I have finished most of my to do areas. There is still a little more to go in the basement thanks to having to replace the sump pump.  I caught the pump overheating so I caught the problem before anything bad happened.  The good part is that I was "forced" to organize and clear up the basement.  Austin went through his stuff and has already made some money selling what he doesn't want.  (Ethan is in for it when he gets home on spring break.  He has his things to go through).

I had cleared out the front hallway when I got rid of books that were in a small bookcase.  I'm saving the bookcase for when Austin goes to college.  It is the perfect size for a dorm room.  Anyway, it was so bare and I hated it!  So, I stopped in at Anew Interiors Anew on the Woodstock Square because they were having 20% off everything in the store.  I found the perfect two tiered small table.  It was the perfect size for that space.  I wanted something tall also and it fit that requirement.  The best part is that it was $35.

This kind of table is kind of hard to display on but the cream colored pottery vases look really cute on it.  I added a small doily on top and some flowers to complete the look.  It's even cuter up close!

Sales are stopping to pop up.  Remember to add March 12 to your calendar for the Elgin High School flea market.  I'm pricing and boxing up treasures to sell there.  Also, for the month of February, all linens are 20% off at the Carriage House.  I took quite a few there yesterday.

Vintage tablecloths are piled up! My space is really full....

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Quilting Notes

My friend Cecilia and I went to hear Mary Fons speak at the Woodstock Opera House yesterday.  Mary is the daughter of Marianne Fons of Fons and Porter quilting fame.  She was an amazing speaker.

The audience was a mix of quilters and non quilters.  She did a fantastic job of keeping everyone interested and she even convinced a few to become a quilter.  I was very interested in hearing about her fabric line since I love vintage fabric.  She brought along quite a few of her quilts so we could OOH and AHH over them.  They were fantastic.  I haven't quilted in a while but ideas are now forming for future projects.

A few days ago I stopped at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a great yard of fabric and a really stained vintage tablecloth.  The tablecloth had the most brilliant pink flowers on it that I couldn't pass it up.  I rarely shy away from a stained tablecloth.  This one also had a fray beginning on one edge but I knew that I could still use a part of it to make a pillow so I bought it.  I soaked it over night in hot water with OxyClean and the stains came out!  It is a beautiful tablecloth that I can't part with.  (It will look even better when it's ironed).

I seem to be moving towards pink colored items lately.  Pink just seems to brighten up a room.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January is for....organizing

Happy New Year!

January for me is usually when I go overboard organizing.  This year is no exception.  I feel so much better after I have purged, rearranged and organized my house.  I can then get ready for what the new season of sales has to offer.

I had always planned on selling the vintage young adults/adults books that I had been collecting for years.  I finally did!  Many of the books are up now on Ebay for sale and some are at the Carriage House.  The bulk of them I will bring to a flea market that I plan on selling at on March 12 at the Elgin High School in Elgin Illlinois.  It is a great flea market with everything from vintage to new and crafts.

The bookcase now holds some of my milk glass collection that I condensed from other areas of the house.

I added a Hull vase collection that I hadn't planned on starting but couldn't pass up as I found them. The prices were too good.  We also have a large collection of paperweights that was paired down.  A recent obsession of mine has been silverplated pitchers so I added a few to the bookcase as well as a few ironstone pitchers.  I know I will keep tweaking it but for now I love how it is open and clean.

I took some advice from my friend Cecilia and didn't sell my favorite barn.  I sold a few at the Carriage House but she advised me not to sell my favorite one.  I am so glad that I listened to her because it looks so great on top of the bookcase holding two cow figures.

I am pleased that one new years resolution has been completed.  The bookshelf has been reorganized which allowed me to reorganize other parts of my living room/dining room.  Of course there's still more organizing to be done, but I'm on my way!

Mark your calendars for March 12 for the flea market at the Elgin High School at 1200 Maroon Dr in Elgin Illinois from 9-4 with 8am being early admission.  There is a fee to enter.

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a blessed day....

When my grandmother (baba) passed away 12 years ago, I got the wedding picture of her and my grandfather (deda).  I didn't like the frame so I'm ashamed to say, I put it in the back of the closet for another time.

Well, about one month ago, I pulled it out and was going to mount it on a wooden door.  I kept procrastinating, which isn't like me, and it didn't get done.  The other day, a customer came into the Carriage House and bought a wooden pew end from me and right next to the pew end were two doors from an old cabinet that I kind of forgot about.  I thought one would make a perfect frame for the picture.  So yesterday I went to the shop and measured the door but still wasn't sure it would work. Last night I couldn't sleep and decided that I would go to the shop before it opened and take another look at the door.  This time I took the picture with me and it was then that I knew it would work perfectly.

Sometime in the past, the picture was mounted to heavy cardboard so I needed to use a utility knife to resize it.  It looks beautiful!  The door is the perfect frame for the picture.

I called my mom to tell her that I reframed the picture.  I felt so desperate the past two days to get it done.  Kind of an uneasy feeling.  That was when she told me that today is the 25th anniversary of my grandfather's (deda's) passing.  To me it is a Christmas Eve blessing from him to be remembered.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Decorating for Christmas

I wanted to share some pictures of my friend Joy's house from savvycityfarmer  Her house was beautifully decorated for the holidays.

What a great idea for using a high chair to hold books.

I especially love her mantle.

Here is a cute display.

Simple greenery really created a wonderful farmhouse look.  I love seeing how Joy puts things together.  It's never the same.

Since I have been feeling the holiday spirit along with some creativity, I created some tree decor with bottle brush trees and thread spools.  I loved using the darker spools that still had thread on them with vintage jewelry as an embellishment.

I only had 2 larger thread spools and thought that they would make great looking trees.  I also used a miniature oil can for one of the tree bases.

I created three of the trees with vintage trim and vintage jewelry as an embellishment.  I found a few metal paper holder stands to use as the base for the trees.  

Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.  Wishing you peace and endless creativity!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Creatively Inspired

Ever since I went to that open house last week, I have been coming up with creative ideas.  I have been inspired.  I'm going to try to "create" more in the new year.

I decided to chalkboard paint some white doors that I have for sale at the Carriage House.  This time though, I kept one for my front porch. I stock up on wreaths that I find at garage sales.  I always find a use for them. The iron candle holder was a find years ago at Autumn Drive in Woodstock for $15.  I love its rusty patina.

It's simple, but the look that I was after.  I painted a smaller one too and have two of them at the store now for sale.

It was such an easy project.  I still have some white doors and windows that I haven't painted yet. Just in case I come up with different ideas.

My friend Cecilia has been having creative moments too.  She did such a nice display of vintage Christmas ideas in her dining area.

With a lot of snow forecast for this weekend, I may just be creating all weekend.

Happy treasure hunting!  There are still sales around.....