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Friday, December 18, 2015

Organizing and Cleaning Out

At this time of year after I'm finished shopping for gifts, I like to get my house organized.  I started cleaning out the file cabinet in my basement and organizing past paperwork.  I am usually very organized but things started to slip away from me a little.  It felt really good to get back to being organized.

I usually start going through my closets for items to donate (and sell to Clothes Mentor in Algonquin/Lake in the Hills) and then I work on the rest of the house. It feels really good when the clutter is gone.  (I will start working with the boys on their rooms over the holiday break from school).

During the summer, I found a wonderful cherub lamp that needed to be rewired.  I put it away for a future project.  (I have one more lamp that I need to work on soon).  I had been saving a shade that I had from another lamp that I thought would work well with it.  And it does!  I finally rewired it and I'm so happy with how it looks in my bedroom.  I needed something more.  I was tired of the lamp that I had been using since my childhood.  This cherub lamp works well with what I had in mind.

The basement will be on my list next to reorganize.  I will bring in the new year organized and happier with less clutter.  With more time to craft and hunt for junkentreasure!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vintage Christmas Decorating

The snow is falling today in Woodstock.  We are not supposed to get much accumulation.  I love the snow (when I'm watching it from home).

I didn't put out as much vintage Christmas decorations this year as I had in the past.  I chose the treasures that I hadn't set out for a while as well as ones that I found this year.

A few of the bottle brush trees were found this year.  The pink one was a gift from my friend Cecilia. It is on an oil can with rhinestones around the base.  She had it wrapped with the most beautiful ribbons.

My three small aluminum trees come out every year.  Each has a different theme.  All Santa:

Round/shiny ornaments:

Vintage figure ornaments:

This wind up musical Santa is a favorite flea market find from last year.

We put up our Christmas tree (a real one that we usually get at Menards) early this year.  We had time on Sunday so we decided to decorate it so we could enjoy doing it.  My friend Mary, who also likes to knit, gave me this wonderful felted ornament that she purchased at the Woodstock Farmers Market.

My tree is usually decorated with an assortment of ornaments.  No theme really.  The ornaments were found on travels, memories of the kids activities or ones that I just really loved.  The tree is always full and we have fun talking about them as we put them up.  Each year different ones go up depending on which ones we like at that moment.

Enjoy this wonderful season of decorating with treasures that you love!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bargain Holiday Decorating

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I usually host Thanksgiving, but as soon as the company leaves, I'm taking down the decorations and getting ready for Christmas.  I really love Christmas and all that goes along with it.  I didn't put out as many decorations as I used to, but it was fun to look at all of the vintage Christmas treasures that I have.  It always amazes me what I have found over the years (and what someone was willing to part with.  I guess that's why, "One man's trash is another man's treasure.")

This year I found some really inexpensive fake trees, garland and wreaths at the thrift stores that I frequent.  I really like the plastic holly anything, especially for outside.  It looks nice, but withstands the harsh weather.

The wreath on my garage only cost me $6!  It shows up well against the color of the garage.

I try to put something decorative over the well cover so that area of the yard doesn't look so bad. I just wrapped that plastic holly garland around an ice cream parlor chair and stuck a fake tree in the mix.  This cost me $3.

On my front porch, I keep a black iron bistro table and chairs with a decorative iron stand on top of it which I decorate seasonally.  I used a plastic wreath and stuck a fake tree that was decorated with fruit inside the wreath.  This cost me $2.

It doesn't have to cost a lot to decorate.  Since these are outside, I don't feel bad if they get ruined by the weather since I don't have that much money invested in them.  I usually can use these things for something else, even if I break them up and use them in a different decoration.

On Friday evening, the Woodstock square had it's lighting ceremony.  This year we took along Austin's friend David.  He had never seen it before.  He was delighted, as we were.  Getting in the holiday spirit gets an early start.  (And it's for free. Another bargain!)  The Opera House has trees decorated by various organizations and there is always a line to get in to see them.  The display is also open for the rest of the holiday season.

Have fun getting ready for the holidays.  Take some time to hunt for that treasure!  Many stores are having holiday open houses and are stocked with that one of a kind item.  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

Wow did it snow!  Unbelievable for the first snowfall of the season.  I'm guessing well over 12 inches in my yard.  The boys and I thought we had enough time to get home from Peoria yesterday (since the snow was forecast to start around 9pm).  Boy was I in for a surprise when I hit Rockford,  It was horrible. The snow had started before 6pm.  How can something so beautiful be so dangerous in the dark?  We made it home safely, but I was way too stressed after that.

This morning, it was beautiful with the trees covered in snow.  I love the snow when I'm home safe and can enjoy it.  It was a good day to stay home and get things done.

The Holiday Open House at Carriage House Antiques is this weekend.  I worked on Thursday and it was soooo crowded.  It was so much fun to see the happiness on everyone's face when they found a vintage Christmas treasure.  Tomorrow the store is open from 12-3.

I can't wait to decorate my house for Christmas.  I love vintage Christmas treasures and just love to open the boxes where the ornaments are stored.  Every year is like finding something new!

A few sales are still popping up.  Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, November 13, 2015

So Many Ideas

I have been gathering ideas/pictures for different Christmas/holiday displays when I finally starting putting it all together.  I have soooo many pots/containers and recently found small trees.  So, I decided to put them together after I gathered other "stuff" that I seem to accumulate.  It sure came in handy this time.

I had two great green boxes that I filled with pinecones and a tree for a simple quick display. Yesterday I found a really cool cheese box and decided to fill it with a tree, sparkly ornaments and a gold glitter deer that I did last year.  The deer was red but was missing color in patches all over its body so I didn't feel bad covering it.  This display came out cute with some bling.

I also love buckets, which I have many.  So, I just added fake trees with pinecones to a sap bucket and red/white enamel bucket.  Love the look!

While I was creating with small vintage trucks, I came across a vintage Santa that I have always loved and didn't want to part with.  I just added him to a truck, filled it with an evergreen pick and added some trim around the truck.  It's a keeper!

This past summer I found a chippy green stand that I knew would be great as a stand for a wreath.  So simple to tie a wreath to it.  I chose a red berry wreath so both would stand out.

This morning I had some extra time, so I finished putting two bottlebrush trees (one is vintage) onto vintage wooden blocks and then added some trim.  A hot glue gun really comes in handy this time of year.  They will be cute to add a little extra something in a display.  I love to use vintage items as often as possible.  I have been saving vintage wood blocks and I'm glad that I did.  They give the trees so much more character.

I just wanted to share some ideas for simple holiday displays.  I'm off to a few estate sales today where I'm sure to find more treasures.  

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Life With an Almost Nonexistent Internet Service

Where I live, our internet service is almost nonexistent.  (I have blogged and complained about it often.) We use a satellite service for most of our needs plus another phone service so the boys can play their video games.  Well, we used up all of them a few weeks ago and have been struggling to keep going.  So, I have unfortunately not been able to even view my blog until today.  It's so sad and with no remedy anytime soon.

The good news is that I have been to a few Holiday Open Houses recently.  I love this time of year and try to get to as many as I can.  I stopped by one in Woodstock on Friday at the American Barn.
I love the shed in their yard.

That night, my neighbor Jan and I went to Christmas on the Farm in Belvidere hosted by Ann from Nellie's Barn Sale.  We had such a nice time and I got some great crafting ideas that I had to try out as soon as I got home.

Today was Mistletoe Magic at Grace Lutheran Church in Woodstock.  They have crafts, vintage jewelry and soooo many homemade goodies.  Ethan met me there (he loves the cookies by the pound).  It was nice to see so many friends that I only see a few times a year.  We did buy way too many goodies, but I freeze them (after we eat our share) to bring out during the holidays. 

I found some really great rusty and vintage metal toy trucks and followed an inspiration on Pinterest to create a holiday scene.  I just love the red trucks!  I have been stocking up on small Christmas decorations.  They came in handy with this project.  This idea with vintage trucks is showing up a lot lately that I had to try it for myself.  I am pleased with how they turned out.

Wednesday, November 11, the Pink Geranium on Route 14 in Barrington and the stores on Pepper Road will be having their open houses from 4-8.  On Friday, November 13 (Thursday with a $10 entry fee) starting at 4pm is the Algonquin Library Book Sale.  One of our favorite book sales!

November 19-22 is our open house at the Carriage House.  I have been busy going through my vintage Christmas and boy do I have the vintage Christmas treasures.  It's hard to believe but in one week I'll be setting up for the open house.  I'll be there on Thursday.  Here is your invitation:

There are still sales here and there.  I was at a fun estate sale in Crystal Lake.  I found really great bark cloth drapes in a bold brown floral pattern.  Love them!  Once again, I bought lots of vintage linens.  I have to be careful to stop keeping them for my own collection.

Enjoy this wonderful season.  Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It Was a Baking Kind of Day....

Today was a baking kind of day.  The weather was chilly and slightly misting outside.  I spent some time visiting thrift stores, but just wanted to get home to bake.  That happens to me when the weather starts to get chilly.

At Autumn Drive in Woodstock a couple of weeks ago, I picked up butternut squash.  I have this wonderful recipe for a squash bread that I love to make in small bread pans so that I can freeze them. I baked the squash yesterday and scooped the flesh out.  I like to do this the day before to save time on the day of baking.  I made six mini loaves and we already finished one during dinner. Technically, the recipe states to cut it the next day after being in the refrigerator overnight, but we couldn't wait.  It was delicious!  Good thing I have more of the squash frozen.

Yesterday at the last outdoor Woodstock Farmer's Market for the season, I bought apples from Royal Oak Orchard.  I have been craving Pita with apples that my Baba made often.  It is usually in the fall that I start to crave it.  I used 6 different kinds of apples in it and it is the most delicious Pita with apples that I have ever made.  (I ate way too much of it).

I did have my garage sale on Friday.  The weather was a little chilly and it misted a few times, but the people still came.  It was the most profitable one I have had in a while.  Last year at this same time of year when I had one, it was a bust.  I'm so glad this year was better.  I even had a really nice person come back on Saturday to buy something that she passed up.  I still had it so we were all happy.  I donated everything else to Savers in Crystal Lake.  Once I put it in the garage sale pile, it doesn't come back into my house.  I took it over right away after boxing it up so my garage was cleaned out and my car could go back in.  The other good thing with donating it is that all of my garage sales have different items.  It's not the same stuff all the time.  People like that.  Especially since I sometimes have 2 garage sales in a season like I did this year.  I also price my items somewhat inexpensively because my goal is to get rid of it.  Some things are priced higher, but that's not my norm.  I want to make money and move it.  Since I was having a one day sale, my goal was to move it.  I'm so glad the bigger items did sell early on.  I actually had a really good time and met some really nice people.

There are a few estate sales listed for tomorrow.  I need to replenish!

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Still Finding Sales....

There are still so many wonderful sales going on.  This past weekend was Autumn Drive in Woodstock.  That was so much fun!  This year the weather was perfect for a fall day in the country.  I got to spend it with my cousin as our yearly ritual.  Finding a few treasures makes it even better.

My family and I spent this past weekend in Ft. Wayne Indiana for a Pokemon Regional Tournament. As we were driving home on Sunday, we drove past a sign for a vintage resale shop.  I did a quick u-turn and found Spill the Milk at 3152 W. Morthland Drive in Valparaiso Indiana.  It was a fun stop. They have been open for 1 year and have a really nice mix of items.  They are having their Christmas Holiday Market on Nov 21-22 from 9-4pm.

I have been monitoring the weather for this week so I can have a garage sale on Friday.  It feels like I just had one.  I brought home a lot of garden items from the store and will put them into the sale.  I just wanted to clean out my space at the store to make room for the holidays.  Not to mention that I needed to clean out some things from my house too.  I started organizing and setting up today. Tomorrow will be the busiest day for setting up.  I like to have things ready way ahead of time.  So, as I was bringing stuff home, I decided to keep a really rusty base.  I just love the patina and look.  It looks really nice in front of my garage with a metal pumpkin on it.

There is a rummage sale on Thursday at the 1st Congregational Church on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake starting at 9am.  Keep looking for those garage sales and estate sales.  Since the weather has been so nice, garage sales are still going on.  

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

So Much To Tell......

So many things to blog about.  I don't even know where to begin.

I went to visit my new favorite stores in Dekalb this past week.  I have been looking for a wire basket (I love wire baskets) to hold some crochet blankets.  They are too nice to hide away in the linen closet, but a regular basket wouldn't do.  I wanted to be able to see them.  So, I found a bicycle basket at My Favorite Things for $14.  I took the hardware off it and it now holds the blankets.

The stores in the downtown area are having their Christmas Open House (I know, it's almost here) Hometown Holidays on November 6 from 5-10pm.  My favorite dealer in My Favorite Things is having an open house at the Gittleson's Farm at 2903 McGirr Road in Steward on Nov 18 from 3:30-6:30pm and Nov 19 from 8:30-3:30pm.  It sounds like it will be so much fun. I definitely have this one on my calendar.

I went to Nellie's Barn Sale in Roscoe on Friday.  I didn't know what to expect, but quickly found out how exciting it was.  It was super busy and hard to find parking.  I used the boy scout area that you had to pay to park in.  It was close enough to the sale.  There was a nice variety of vendors and people were buying.

 I bought a wonderful necklace from Miss Magpie's Reliquary which is in Vintage Bliss in Beloit Wisconsin.  (another of the stops on my bucket list)  They have a great selection of jewelry.  I was super happy with my purchase.

I saw a few people that I knew, even my neighbor who was honking at me as I walked back to my car.  The next sale is Christmas at the Farm on Nov 6 in the evening and Nov 7 during the day at Meyer's Tails Up Farm 5390 Irene Road in Belvidere Illinois.  I think my neighbor Jan and I will go together to this one.

Not to mention that I stopped at soooo many garage and estate sales these past few days.  A rummage sale too where I found some vintage Christmas.  (No one but me looked at it.  I couldn't believe it). By tomorrow I will be so tired.  (Even a soccer game thrown in there and getting the boys ready for their homecoming dance).

Oct 16-18 is Autumn Drive in Woodstock.  This is another fabulous way to spend the day.  I'll be there!

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Weekend of Sales

What a fun weekend I had!!!! It started off on Friday with my friend Cecilia and I going out for the day to treasure hunt.  We try to go out frequently since we have such fun treasure hunting together. We bounce ideas off of each other.  The best part is that we don't often fight over the same item.  I say not often because we kind of did this time.  We take turns though on who gets what.

We started off going to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Barrington.  We were there for a few hours at least.  The car was pretty full at that point but since we just started, we had to keep going. We continued on to more garage sales and a few estate sales so the car just kept getting fuller and fuller.  We even made use of the back seat.

Sunday was the final Cedarburg flea market for the season.  That one is always my favorite because of the fall theme in most booths.  It was pretty crisp (we needed gloves), but it was really enjoyable. It was definitely a vintage tablecloth and jewelry day.  I came home with 10 tablecloths.  I found one with a Paris theme.  I was so excited.  I had always wanted one and couldn't believe it was only $1.  It has some stains on it, but I'm soaking it right now.  This is definitely one for my collection.

Today a group of us Master Gardeners put the Harvard Community Garden to rest for another season. We harvested the remaining vegetables and pulled all of the plants and irrigation.  It's always sad to me when the gardening season comes to an end even though I enjoy the fall and the cooler weather. Now I need to put my own garden/yard to rest.

Friday is a rummage sale at 8am at the Lutheran Church in McHenry on Route 120.  Nellie's Barn Sale Vintage Extravaganza is on Oct 9-10 from 10-4 at 10985 Main Street in Roscoe IL.  There is a $3 admission fee.  There is supposed to be a flea market on Saturday Oct 10 in Capron on Rte 173 and 4th Street.

Enjoy this cooler sweater weather.  Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's always so sad when gardening season comes to a close.  We have enjoyed lots of tomatoes this year as well as hot peppers.  Ethan has discovered that he really likes hot peppers and tries to find the hottest one by eating them all.  It's funny to watch him when his mouth is on fire! Last week, I had the boys pull the plants out of the garden.  It looks so empty now.

For those of you that don't know, I am a Master Gardener in McHenry County through the University of Illinois Extension.  I help out as much as I can on our community garden in Harvard Illinois. Every Monday during the growing season is harvest day so the vegetables can be taken to the food pantry for next day distribution.  So far this year over 5000 pounds have been harvested and donated.  Next week will be our last day of harvesting and then the hard work of cleaning up the garden begins.

It is so rewarding to be a part of this garden.  I have met some wonderful people not to mention that we have a great time while working.  The time just flies when we are laughing and talking with each other.

I have one part left in my garden to clean up.  I had put in a few raised beds and they have been shaded out in the past few years.  I plan on pulling them out and just leveling the ground where they were.  Since the weather is turning cooler, I'll be working on that project soon.

Flea market season is also coming to an end at some of my favorite markets.  Sunday is the last flea market in Cedarburg Wisconsin for the season.  It is also the harvest fair at the Union Historical museum in Union,  First Methodist church in Barrington is having their rummage sale starting on Friday at 9am.  Take advantage of the last garage sales that are going on.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, September 18, 2015

1 Year Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary selling at Carriage House Antiques.  I can't believe how fast the year has gone!  I am having so much fun hunting for treasures and bringing them into the shop for others to enjoy.

I look forward to working at the store my designated days and meeting so many wonderful people. Today I was there for our open house and I met Becky from Burlap-n-Boots. She has a space at the Crystal Lake Antique Mall across the street from the Carriage House.  She makes vintage looking signs and will even customize them for you.  She will be doing a vintage market at Whispering Hills Garden Center in Crystal Lake on Sept 26 from 8-4.

Also on Sept 26th, the Crystal Lake Antique Mall will be having a flea market in their parking lot starting at 8am.  The downtown area is having a Johnny Appleseed festival at the same time.  It is a fun day.

Saturday and Sunday Sept 19-20, is the Pecatonica IL flea market.  It's the last one of the season.  I like this flea market alot.

With fall arriving, I am sure that there will be sooooo many fun activities to choose from.  Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Carriage House Antiques Fall Open House

Carriage House Antiques Fall Open House is scheduled for Thursday Sept 17-20.
(21 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake IL)

Here are the hours:  Thursday Sept 17 from 10:30-7, Friday Sept 18 from 10:30-5, Saturday Sept 19 from 10:00-4:00 and Sunday Sept 20 from 12:00-3:00.

There will be raffles and refreshments!

*Salvage sale of doors, windows, architectural elements, hardware, tools and *jewelry will be up to 20% off.

Everything else not already reduced or marked firm will be 10% off.

We will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the sale to prepare for it.

(Please see our Facebook page)

I hope to see many of you there!  I will be spending the next few days preparing my space with lots of wonderful treasures.  I am so excited to share them.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Unexpected Visitor

The last time I worked at the Carriage House on a rainy day, Kris and her husband Terry from Junk Chic Cottage walked through the door.  So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that on a rainy day today, while I worked at the Carriage House, that Janet from Lucky Junk (405 S. Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights IL) walked through the door.

This was the first time that I had met her, so of course I had to tell her that I knew of her from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage.  (What a small blog world it is).  She was delightful!   I promised to stop by her store soon.  She is open the 2nd and 4th weekends of every month.

Thank you Janet for stopping by.  Hope to see you soon!

Main Street Market at the Midway Village Museum grounds in Rockford IL is Saturday Sept 12th.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, September 7, 2015

It's Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  Even though it feels like summer still outside, we all know that Labor Day usually signifies summer's end.  I'm okay with that.  I am looking forward to the cool temps of the fall.  I also love the changing colors.    (I'm not ready for the "S" word though.  It's still too early for that.)

I spent a part of today putting my fall decorations outside.  It was way too hot to do more.

Speaking of hot, yesterday we went to the Cedarburg WI flea market.  It was unbearably hot.  We managed to spend the day there, but I was wiped out by the end.  It was nice to see some of the fall treasures that the dealers had set up.  The last one, October 4th, is my favorite because of all of the holiday treasures that are there.

I did find some treasures and of course I found another scale.  It is black and sooooo rusty and chipped.  It was perfect!

November 14th is a craft fair at the Elkhorn WI fair grounds.  I have gone to it before and found some really nice items.  It is held in a few different locations away from the fair grounds also and you have to drive to each one on your own.  That part was a little confusing for me since I'm not from that area, but I was given good directions from the vendors.  Just Google it to find out more.

Next weekend, Sept 12-13 is the last Mukwonago WI flea market for the season.  Sept 12 is also an art/craft fair at Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington WI.  I like this event.  It's a wonderful place to spend the day.

I will keep you posted on the fall open house at Carriage House Antiques.  It will be in Sept.  We have some wonderful treasures to add just for the event.  It will be loads of fun.  As soon as everything is finalized, I'll be sure to blog about it. My 1 year anniversary with Carriage House Antiques is Sept 18.  I can't believe that a year has past since it has been so much fun.  It doesn't feel like that much time has past.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Finding a Vintage Scale

I seem to be finding vintage scales lately and it's now an obsession to find them whenever I'm out treasure hunting.  I already found 2 this week.  One has a green color and the other one is rusty black. It's the rusty black one that I'm excited about.

The other scales were up to 24 lbs.  This one is 60 lbs and it was made in Connecticut.  It is sooooo rusty and chipped that it was love at first sight.  I originally intended to sell it, but I can't part with it. I had stopped at a garage sale that didn't have many things for sale and there it was!  Even if a sale doesn't look that good from afar, I stop anyway.  You never know.

The scale has a similar color/patina to the vintage trophies that I have in my living room.  So, I added the scale to where they are and I love it!  They are a perfect combination for fall decorating which I will start next week.  I can't believe that summer is almost over, except for the Indian summer that always comes in October.  I do love the cooler days/nights when I can wear a sweater.  I am definitely a sweater girl.

Here is another upcoming event:  Sunday Oct 4th is the Cider Fest at the Historical Society in Union IL.  It is a fun day of fall activities and the barn is open for a rummage sale.  There are always really neat vintage items there.  See their website at:

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trophy Finds

While treasure hunting in New Jersey, I came across this champagne bucket at a thrift store, Unique.  There are many locations in New Jersey that I always make sure to stop at while I'm there.  (I believe that there are some in Chicago, but I haven't been to those).  It had the perfect patina on it.  I thought I was going to sell it, but have since decided not to.  I just love its look.  Right now I put some dried fall flowers in it.

Last week while garage saleing, I came across this pitcher that is also a trophy.  It is engraved from a Windy City Challenge participation.  I love the patina on this one also and once again, can't part with it.  For now, I grouped them together and love how the patina plays off of each other.

Here are upcoming events that are on my calendar right now:
Sept 6 Cedarburg WI flea market also Oct 4th which is the last one of the season
Sept 12-13 Mukwonago WI flea market (last of the season)
     Sept 12 is the Taste of Lake Geneva and St. Gabriel Flea market in WI that I haven't been to.)
Sept 17 Church rummage sale in Prairie Grove IL
    Sept 17 is also Indoor Plant Week and McHenry County College in Crystal Lake is giving away a       free houseplant on that day from 6:30-8:30pm.
Sept 19-20 Pecatonica IL flea market (last of the season)
Sept 27 Elkhorn WI (last of the season)
Oct 9-10 Nellies Sale at 10985 Main St Roscoe IL (check it out on Facebook.  I haven't been to this           before but it sounds like fun)
Oct 16-18 Autumn Drive in Woodstock IL on Garden Prairie/Franklinville Roads
Oct 24-25 Rummage A Rama in WI (I haven't been to this either but it sounds like fun!)

So many fun ways to treasure hunt that are coming up.  Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Spotlight at Junk Chic Cottage

Today is sooooo exciting!  Kris from junkchiccottage has spotlighted me in her Saturday Spotlight.  I was so excited when she contacted me to see if I would be interested in being a part of her Saturday Spotlight.  Boy was I!

It has been so wonderful since meeting Kris.  She is so thoughtful and helpful with every detail.  I am so glad that she and Terry walked into the Carriage House the day I was working.

Please stop by her blog to find out all about her.

Thanks Kris!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finding Treasures

I just had to show a picture of the great giant pig bank that I found at the Mukwonago flea market on Saturday.  It's for sale in my space at the Carriage House Antiques right now.  I had Ethan carry it to the car since it is really heavy.  Isn't it cute?

Today we visited NIU in Dekalb.  We had a chance to visit some resale/thrift stores on the way home.  There are soooo many more that we didn't have a chance to stop at, but will soon.  I see a girlfriend trip in the near future.  2 really good finds:  Whatever! on S. 4th Street and My Favorite Things on E. Lincoln Hwy.  I found a lot of treasures at both places.  A few of the other stores weren't open on Tuesdays.  I love exploring new places.  You never know what you will find.  That's the fun with treasure hunting.  I wanted to stop at Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, but we ran out of time.  That is also a must stop at place when you are in that area.

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Awesome in White

There are a few things that I have been looking for.  For a long time I have wanted a white chippy lawn set with chairs and animal figure milk glass pieces by Westmoreland.

Well, Friday was my lucky day!  I can't even count how many sales, estate/rummage and garage sales that I went to on Friday.  My second stop was an estate sale where I was 5th in line.  Always good for me when I'm pretty early in the line.  Anyway, I spotted a wonderful patio set in white iron like I have always wanted.  The best part, the part that sold me, was that it was $40.  I had to have it!  It took me 4 trips to my car to load it, but it was worth it.  It is now in my sunroom and it looks great with the green/white/seashell theme I have in there.  The corner where it is looks so open now.

My last stop of the day was a garage sale.  I instantly saw the table full of milk glass.  Milk glass isn't popular at this time, so there was a lot of it.  I found a few Westmoreland pieces that I have been hunting for.  One is a duck on a nest and the other is a lion on a nest.  They are so wonderful!  I rearranged the collection in my dining room so that they are in the center.  I bought a few other pieces, but these are staying in my collection.

The Wisconsin State Fair was sooooo much fun!  I had never been there.  We ate way too much.  Especially deep fried......way too much.  I was expecting more agricultural themed exhibits, but the food was plentiful.  We spent some time in the Horticultural building.  I love looking at the knitted and quilted entries.

I had to keep the excitement going, so today we went to the Mukwonago flea market in Mukwonago WI.  Wow was it hot!  Even at 8:30 in the morning it was steamy.  There is only 1 more on September 12-13.

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Carriage House Space Redo

I just wanted to share some pictures from my space at Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake.  I spent over 2 hours this afternoon (after a fun day at the Elkhorn Flea Market) redoing my space.  I added soooo many new treasures.  Many of them I found while on my trip to NJ.  I took out many of the spring and summer items to make room for the additions.  Hope you stop by soon to see for yourself.

Next weekend, August 15-16 is the Mukwonago Flea Market.  Remember to stop by the COW for deep fried cheese curds.

Happy treasure hunting!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer Travels

The boys and I went to visit my family in New Jersey last week.  In the short time that we were there, we visited Manhattan, New Haven Connecticut and the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  We made sure to visit the Jersey Shore and went to Sandy Hook.  It was sooooo hot while we were there, mostly 97, and very humid.

We made sure to visit lots of thrift stores (we found a new one called Bo's Attic at 455 Highway 36 N, Port Monmouth NJ), garage sales and one of my favorite flea markets in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania.

The trunk was filled!  It took me 3 days to unpack all of the treasures that I brought back.

Tomorrow is the last day of the McHenry County Fair in Woodstock.  We had entries in vegetables and crafts.  My pillow got 2nd place and my felted purse got a blue ribbon.  I was so excited.  I love this time of year when the fair comes around.  Starting on Tues Aug 11 is the Boone County fair in Belvidere IL and the Wisconsin State Fair is already in progress.

August 14, Friday, is a rummage sale at the Joyful Harvest Church on Johnsburg Road in Johnsburg starting at 8am.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Visiting Flea Markets

This past weekend, I was super excited to be treasure hunting at 2 flea markets on the same day.  My husband and I were kidless, (the boys are away at camp) so we headed out early for the Mukwonago WI flea market that was held on Sat. and Sun.  As we were approaching Lake Geneva, the black storm clouds were also.  It was pretty scary driving under them.  Thankfully, we didn't hit any bad weather.  The rain had already passed at the flea market.  The dealers were still setting up, so we just went around it about 3 times to make sure that we didn't miss anything.  Of course, we had to get the cheese curds even though it was only 9:30 in the morning.  It's not a flea market without them.

We spent a few hours at the Mukwonago flea market and then decided to head over to the Rockford Vintage Market.  It was slightly out of our way, but it was one that I had never been too.  There were about 30 dealers there and the prices were good.  It ranged from vintage, primitive and repurposed items.  (The breweries were selling beer too).  I found a few treasures so the trip was well worth it.  Check our their facebook page for the Rockford Vintage Market.

Crystal Lake downtown area will be having sidewalk sales Thursday-Saturday.  On Saturday, the Antique Mall on Crystal Lake Avenue (across from the Carriage House) will be having a flea market.  The Church on Walkup Road in Crystal Lake will be having a rummage sale on Friday July 24 starting at 9am. Friday and Saturday will be the final Gallery in the Garden in Woodstock.  It has many artists selling their goods with music and food also.  It is located on Lawndale Avenue next to the house that was in the Groundhog Days movie.  

Happy treasure hunting!