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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Wisconsin Weekend

We spent all weekend in Wisconsin.  Saturday we started out heading for New Glarus.  As we drove through Brodhead, we had to stop to see the pink bicycle and fence that leads into a private driveway.  It was so cute.  At Christmastime, they had a truck parked in that spot with Santa sitting in it.

We made our cheese/sweets run at the Swiss Colony Outlet and Alp and Del Cheese store.  Both are a must when you are in Monroe.  We usually eat in town, but since we were going to New Glarus for the Taste of New Glarus, we didn't.  When going to New Glarus, you must stop at the New Glarus Brewery on the way.  They have a really neat stone patio and steps leading up to it.  The day was perfect, sunny with a nice breeze, which made it even nicer to sit outside.  The Taste of New Glarus is always a nice way to experience what the town has to offer.  They even have a craft fair set up.  Make sure to stop at the bakery to buy nuthorns.  You will love these pastries.

On our way to the Belvidere flea market in Belvidere IL, we drove back through Brodhead and found a great antiques and resale store inside a church with a sign, the Best of Brodhead.  His store is called, Good Olde Stuff.  He has old, used, rough, salvage treasures.  You have to dig, but what fun you'll have!  It is packed.  And I mean packed with treasures.  He is open Monday-Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday noon to 4 located at 905 10th Street.

The Belvidere flea market did not disappoint.  It is a small flea market but the prices are soooooo good.  I bought some big items, but we managed to find a space for them in our already packed trunk full of cheese.

The Elkhorn flea market on Sunday was also fun.  (I had the best weekend!)  The weather was good, sunny again with a slight breeze.  We all found some nice treasures, but Ethan found the best.  A Mickey Mouse toaster.  Can't wait to make toast with Mickey's face on it.

July 12th is the next Cedarburg WI flea market.  On the same day in Union IL at the Historical Museum is their open house, auction and white elephant sale.  It's a fun day for history.  July 18-19 is the Mukwonago WI flea market.  I also found out about a vintage market in Rockford IL the third Saturday of the month.  I don't know anything about it, but was told to check it out on Facebook at Rockford Vintage Market.  I will do that.  I always love a new place to find treasures.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Meeting Kris from JunkChicCottage and Vintage Linen Friday

Yesterday was my day to work at Carriage House Antiques.  It had just started to rain when in walked a woman and a man.  I knew that she looked familiar and I had to take a double take.  It was Kris and her husband Terry from  It was so nice to meet them since I follow her blog.  She always has such wonderful pictures of her house and her undertakings.  It is a pleasure to read her writings.  Take a look at her blob.  You will surely find some inspiration in it.

Today, I got the boys up early to go garage/estate saleing with me.  It was so much fun.  We hit a few estate sales in the area and I found the most wonderful collection of vintage linens.  Ethan spotted them and called me over.  He didn't want to ruin my concentration while I was looking over items in the kitchen.  I'm glad he told me!  I had the table to myself and I cleaned her out.  I was so excited.  There were napkins, curtains, fabric, kitchen towels, Christmas, Easter and just everyday.  I will be keeping a few for my collection and then putting the rest up for sale in my space.  They are wonderful.  I just love vintage linens.  The colors and graphics are great. I never get tired of looking at them or using them.  They add so much to a space.

I found another milk glass punch bowl with gold trim at a garage sale and bought it.  I didn't need another punch bowl but it would make a lovely salad bowl.  It came with 10 cups.  I will be letting go of another punch bowl set in the near future to make room in my cupboard for this new one.  I have gotten pickier with milk glass since I have so much of it, but I couldn't pass this up.

Remember that tomorrow is the Belvidere Flea Market  at the fairgrounds in Belvidere starting at 3pm and on Sunday is the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn WI at the fairgrounds starting at 7am.  If you want to take a road trip, it's the Taste of New Glarus in New Glarus WI.  The main street in town is closed to traffic so that local restaurants can set up areas to purchase their food.  It makes a fun day/trip.  The nuthorn cookies from the bakery are soooooo delicious.  You can even stop in Monroe to buy cheese and visit the Swiss Colony outlet store.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Changing Things Around

I can't believe that I haven't posted in a while.  Sorry.  Things have been busy and my internet has been slow at times.  I'm glad I could get on it today.

A few years ago, I bought a black iron trellis and just put it at the back of the yard until I knew where it should go.  Well, I finally figured it out.  We moved it to an area on the side of the driveway that leads into the vegetable garden.  It is the perfect spot!  It will take some tweaking to finish it off, but it's off to a good start.  I'm pleased so far.  Now if I could only find some time to weed the garden.

Today I had some time to visit Savers Thrift store in Crystal Lake.  I found a white cubicle cabinet for $4.99.  (But, with my 30% off coupon, it only cost $3.50).  I knew that it would fit perfectly in Austin's room to hold his ever growing collection of comic books.  He even has some room in it for future purchases.  I was hoping to get rid of a few other cabinets in his room at the same time, but we found uses for those, so they are staying for now.  The best part is that it was already white and I didn't have to paint it.  I just love when I find those great finds.

Saturday June 27th is the flea market at the Belvidere Fair Grounds starting at 3pm.  Sunday June 28th is the Elkhorn Flea market.  Gates open at 7am.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What a Sale Weekend!

Sooo many sales this past weekend.  I had a great time.  I tried to fit in as many garage sales/estate sales as I could.  The boys and I were out full days hunting for those treasures.

We actually stopped at Nellie's Barn Sale in Roscoe.  It was fun.  It was nice to meet Ann.  I found a few small vintage Christmas treasures.  Her next sale is on Oct 9-10 from 10-4pm at 10985 Main Street in Roscoe.  Afterwards, we shopped a few sales that were in Rockton for the Route 75 sales.  Rockton has a cute downtown with at least 4 antiqueish stores.  It is a nice place to check out.   We then stopped at the Klehm Arboretum for their garden fair and bought flowers at great prices.  This is always a great place to pick up lots of flowers.  The weather was beautiful for a day outside.  I can't believe how much we walked that day.

On Saturday, we visited Northwind Perennial in Burlington WI for their annual antique show/flea market.  It was another perfect day with many treasures to be found.  I left with a vintage wire display stand to hold linens in my space at the Carriage House.  I set it up yesterday and displayed my linens in it.  I love it! (I have a wooden box filled with linens that are on clearance to make room for the new ones I'm bringing in).  I also bought a white chippy plant stand that is now in my sunroom holding off white planters of all types.  I'm selling the black vintage metal stand that I was using to hold the planters.  Chippy Shabby had a booth at the show and Jeanine always has the most wonderful chippy treasures.  It's always so nice to stop by to see her displays.

Immanuel Lutheran rummage sale in Crystal Lake is on Friday June 12th.  I thought it was on Thursday since that was what their website had.  The newspaper has it on Friday so just double check before you head there.  Grayslake changed their flea market date to June 20-21 this month.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy Week

Last week was so busy, but so much fun.  It took me three days to rearrange and organize my space at Carriage House Antiques for our Spring and Garden open house.  It was amazing!  I had so much fun when the doors finally opened.  People were waiting to come in and it didn't stop until we closed the doors on Sunday.  The weather cooperated for the most part.  Thursday was the best sunny day of the open house.  It was great seeing everyone.

So, this week it's back to normal.  I tweaked my space and added a few new items.  I also set up a clearance area on vintage linens.  I really marked them down so that I can make room for newly found linens that I want to add.  I was running out of space.

School for the boys ends today.  I'm looking forward to the summer with them.  (Even with the full calendar of camps and events that already is marked on the calendar).

Friday and Saturday is an antique fair at Northwind Perennial in Burlington WI.  I like this fair.  It's not far from Lake Geneva so you can head over there when your done.  It makes for a nice day.  St. Charles Flea Market is also this weekend.  Klehm Arboretum in Rockford is having their garden fair Friday thru Sunday.  You can get plants for great prices.  It's a nice event.  Nellies Barn sale in Roscoe is also this weekend.  I have never been to it, but it looks great.  I'm hoping to get there this year.

June 11 is the Immanuel Lutheran Rummage Sale in Crystal Lake.  June 13 is the Urban Farmgirl Fair at Midway Village in Rockford with load of vendors.  See her Facebook page.  June 27th is the evening Belvidere Flea Market at the fairgrounds in Belvidere.  It is also the Taste of New Glarus in New Glarus WI.  (Past Monroe WI).

I have so much to do in the garden, but an estate sale is calling to me.  I'll try to make time for both.

Happy treasure hunting!