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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

On our way up to Monroe Wisconsin last weekend for our bi-annual cheese run, we were driving through Brodhead and came upon a truck outside of someone's driveway that was a perfect Christmas card picture.  We just had to stop.  I thought it was a wonderful image to use to wish each and every one of you a joyous holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas on December 25th, Hanukkah or Christmas on January 7th.  Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family and that the new year brings you good health, love and lots of time to enjoy life.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An Unexpected Gift

I got such a nice surprise today from my friend Cecilia.  I had just finished cleaning up a mess from a toilet that overflowed and was pleasantly surprised to find a holiday gift waiting for me.  My friend Cecilia loves vintage Christmas items probably as much as I do.  She had wrapped up a candle that is sold at Anew Interiors Anew in Woodstock and tied on a vintage snowman ornament.  I have never seen an ornament like it.  It is beautiful!  I am touched and so excited.  I hung it on my silver tinsel tree where it belongs.  Most of the ornaments on that tree were purchased from Cecilia.  It was so nice of her to think of me.  She is my friend that I go treasure hunting with.

On another note:  I found this vintage Santa bank today.  I love it.  Santa is winking.  It will be for sale at Carriage House Antiques on Thursday for $26.99.  I am tempted to keep him......

I love to just sit and look at my decorated Christmas tree.  All of the tall trees at Menards were sold, but we did manage to find a blue spruce for $12.  It is so full and beautiful.  This year I chose to put on homemade/crafted ornaments and other favorites.  Every year its a new look.

Hope you find some time to treasure hunt!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

As soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are put away, decorating for Christmas in my house begins.  Since I worked at the Carriage House Antiques on Friday, I started as soon as I got home.  I just love to bring out the vintage ornaments where I am always in awe of their beauty.  Vintage Santa and elves are my favorite.  I put up my 3 vintage tinsel silver trees where each have a theme.  The smallest one is for Santa only.  One is for vintage figures that I purchased on my treasure hunts this year and the other one is for vintage ball ornaments that I also purchased sometime this year on my treasure hunts.  I did bring out some old favorites.  I had to!

I like to set up the vintage decorations first before I set up the tree.  It's nice to spend time on each so that I can savor the moment.  We will probably put up the tree this weekend.  We usually put up a real tree.  We don't go far.  Usually just to Menards where they have a nice selection for a good price.  It has become our tradition.

Enjoy making memories this holiday season!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Enjoying Some of Fall

Even though it was raining, we decided to spend some time at Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove.  They will be closing for the season on November 30th.  I love going to the orchard and experiencing everything that they offer.  They have the most wonderful barn full of edibles and home décor.  Downstairs is a café where you can get apple cider donuts, apple cider and more.  Austin fell in love with half popped popcorn so we made one last trip this season to stock up on them.  It's always sad when the season comes to an end.

But, one season ends and another holiday season begins.  I restocked my space at Carriage House Antiques.  We had such a wonderful open house this past week.  So many wonderful people came to help us celebrate.  I sold many vintage Christmas treasures.  It was nice to see how excited people were when they found that perfect treasure or one that brought back memories of their childhood.  It was wonderful to be a part of it all.

There are still many wonderful vintage Christmas treasures along with other treasures at Carriage House.  Things are always changing and new treasures are always being brought in.

It is snowing today here....a good day to clean the house and to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Open House is Only Days Away!

The holiday open house at Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake starts this Wednesday at 1pm and continues through Sunday.  I started setting up my space today and it is filled with vintage Christmas.  I so love Christmas and everything vintage that goes with it.  I'm planning to do more on the space tomorrow since I found loads more to put into it.  It is going to be so much fun!

Wednesday 1-7
Thursday 10:30-5
Friday 10:30-5
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 12-3

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Every week I try to rearrange my space at the Carriage House Antiques.  It's nice to have a new welcoming look.  I bring in new merchandise as often as I can because everyone likes to see something new.  Right now, jewelry has taken over.  I have been finding so many wonderful pieces that I have to share them.

The Holiday open house is scheduled for November 19th from 1-7pm and then continuing regular hours for the rest of the week.  We will be closed as usual on Monday November 17th and again on Tuesday November 18th to prepare.  Please make sure to mark your calendar for this wonderful time.  Vintage Christmas at its best.  I'm parting with wonderful treasures that I have had for years.  It will be such a fun time.

Happy treasure hunting! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

On the Road Again

My friend Cecilia and I spent the whole day yesterday treasure hunting.  It was such a blast!  It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  We pick up things that we know each other would like incase the other missed something.  The man at the store wasn't sure that we could pack all of the furniture that she bought into my van, but since I'm the master packer (as Cecilia says), we fit it all.  The back seat is there for a reason.  It was jammed packed too.

We still found time to stop at a new store that we found in Barrington right off of Route 14.  There was a pink sign on the road for Pink Geranium.  Our interest was piqued so we decided to stop.  It is in a nice old brick building.  They sell architectural remnants, new items and vintage items.  It was their 4th week opened.  They are only opened on Thurs-Sat.  Their Christmas open house is in 2 weeks so that might be a good time to visit them.  They are supposed to combine it with other Barrington stores.  We bought a few treasures, but I think that they have so much more room to stock more treasures for sale.

Happy Halloween!  It was scary to wake up with a dusting of snow on the ground.  I'm not ready for it yet.

Happy treasure hunting!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Colors Pillow

At least today I'm back into the fall.  The past few weeks have been all about Christmas and getting things ready for the November open house at Carriage House Antiques.

A while back at an estate sale, I bought a hand embroidered piece of a pheasant/partridge that incorporates fall colors.  I loved it and knew that it would make a great pillow.  Yesterday I finally made that pillow.  It is perfect for this time of year.

Since the weather is getting chilly here, I started knitting a scarf.  It always seems appropriate to sit down and knit when it begins to get cold.  I love to just sit and knit to clear my mind.  It is my stress reliever and meditation.

Enjoy the fall.  Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting Ready for.....Sh!...Christmas

I have always loved the Christmas season.  I look forward to it every year.  This year is no different, except I have started working on it earlier.  Since the Carriage House Antiques will be having a Holiday Open House in November, I needed to get ready earlier.  I am almost finished going through my collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations and have many (I do mean a lot) of treasures that will be selling at the open house.  I have also been busy putting some of my "touches" on items that will be selling also.  So many wonderful items.  Too bad I can't keep them all!

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The days just seem to fly by lately.  I have been accomplishing a lot, but I need more time to do the other things.

This weekend, we were in Ft. Wayne Indiana so I had lots of time to finish some knitting projects.  They are being felted in the washing machine right now so I'll post pictures when they are finished.  I always get more knitting done when the weather gets cooler.  This weekend was perfect for that since I was spending it inside at a Pokémon tournament.

I rearranged my space at the Carriage House Antiques to fit in a few more things.  A favorite hand made wooden garage is there now.  I'm trying to not add too many new items since the Christmas open house is coming soon.  But, I keep finding great treasures to put in the space.  I'm really busy pricing Christmas treasures and have sooooo many wonderful ones.  You won't want to miss the open house.  (More to come on that at a later date).

Sparrows Nest thrift store had their Christmas open house today.  It was loads of fun.  Lots of great treasures.  All of the stores have Christmas items in them now.

There are 2 church rummage sales in Crystal Lake on Thursday:  1st Congregational on Pierson Street starts at 9am and the Methodist Church near the Salvation Army starts at 5pm.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sh....The Garden is Sleeping

This past weekend I put the garden to sleep.  It was a little chilly, but perfect to work outside.  It was time to clean up the garden.  I usually refresh the soil in the fall, but this year I'm waiting for the spring instead.  The yield wasn't that great this year and I felt that refreshing it in the spring would be better.  Since the garden is a series of raised beds, I can start early in the spring getting everything ready.   Next year I'm thinking of planting only kohlrabi, swiss chard and maybe squash in it.  Time to change it around.

I had my garage sale on Friday and it was sooooo cold.  I had on multiple layers along with my gloves.  I didn't have a great turnout, but at least I sold some of the bigger items like a jewelry armoire.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of people shopping.  I love to haggle on price, but most people were looking for free items or very inexpensive.  If I had a price of $1 on an item, they wanted it for 50 cents.  It was definitely the most challenging sale I have had.  I donated whatever was left to Savers in Crystal Lake so at least my house is clutter free.  For now.

I added new items to my space at Carriage House Antiques.  There is a lot of jewelry there now!  I'm getting ready with my Christmas items.  An open house is scheduled for in November.  Details will follow soon.

Thursday, October 25th is the First Congregational Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake on Pierson Street.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Simple Things

Sometimes the simply things are the best.  I bought some wonderful dried flowers at the Cedarburg flea market last weekend.   The large bouquet was for a wood vase that I have and love and the other bunch was for in my pitcher that is a part of a wash set that is on top of a buffet.  Just those simple touches really warmed up the room.

On another note:  I finished setting up for my garage sale.  I decided to have it this Friday only.  I haven't done a Friday only sale, but thought that since the weather will be good that I would try it.  I don't want to hold anything over until the spring.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Treasures Galore

These past few weeks have gone by so quickly.  I have been so busy trying to get my space to look just right.  This morning, I rearranged and added more treasures.  (I took a few things out that I will be selling at my garage sale.  They just didn't fit in with the look that I was going for.)  If the weather holds, I will have the garage sale on Friday.  One day only.  I wanted to have the sale this past Saturday, but with the rain, snow flurries and cold temps, I decided to wait.

My space is really coming along at Carriage House Antiques.  I have been busy hunting for new treasures.  My friend Cecilia and I went out again on Friday and hit some estate sales and rummage sales.  It was a blast!  We have a great time and it's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

The boys and I went to the last Cedarburg Flea Market on Sunday.  Even though the weather was very cold, we had a great time.  We found a few treasures, but there weren't a lot of vendors.   It was way too cold to be outside all day.  I am updating the 2015 calendar of flea markets and events so be sure to look at it and mark your calendars for next year.

Zion Lutheran Church rummage sale in McHenry is on Thursday Oct 9th at 8am.  Autumn Drive in Woodstock along Garden Valley Road is on Oct 17-19.  Happy treasure hunting! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Few Things.....

Sunday was a beautiful day for the last Elkhorn Flea Market.  It didn't start out that way though.  Caldwell was following us, since he had to leave to be on his way to a business meeting, when his car died 2 miles from the fair grounds.  He did eventually make his way to the fair grounds for his car to be towed, but what a morning!  We did find treasures, as we always do.  (Except I forgot to take pictures).

I added new items to my space at Carriage House Antiques yesterday.  I changed around a lot and also took away some items that didn't fit right now.  I was so excited when my vintage barn sold.  The man who bought it was going to use it as a manger.  How wonderful is that!  It is a beautiful vintage barn.  But guess what?  I forgot to take pictures again.  I will be back in there on Thursday so I'll try to remember to take pictures then.

Here are some dates:  Sunday, Oct 5th is the last Cedarburg flea market in Cedarburg WI.  It is also the Fall Fest in Union IL at the Historical Society.  Thursday Oct 2 is a rummage sale in McHenry at the First United Methodist Church.  On Friday there are 2 church rummage sales:  Barrington United Methodist Church in Barrington Hills and in Harvard at the First United Methodist Church on Division St.  Enjoy these as well as the garage and estate sales.  The season is slowing coming to an end.

Happy treasure hunting!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall!

I love the fall, but it came too quickly this year.  Summer just ran by.  I have been crazed with getting my treasures ready for my space at the Carriage House Antiques store, having the boiler serviced and trying to get my dryer repaired.  Whew!

I did make time to stop at a few sales this past week and found some really great treasures.  Some of them I will have for sale at Carriage House Antiques soon.  I fell in love with a newer small decorative sewing dress form and had to have it.  For now, she is standing in the doorway of my room.  I like how she looks there.

There are some rummage sales coming up:  Sept 25th St Joseph Catholic Church in Richmond at 9am, Sept 26th Mount Hope United Methodist Church in Johnsburg at 9am and Linn Presbyterian Church in Lake Geneva WI at 7am.  There is also a new Goodwill opening in Algonquin on E. Algonquin Road on Oct 2nd.

This Sunday, Sept 28th is the last Elkhorn Flea Market of the season and Oct 5th is the last Cedarburg Flea Market of the season.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Open House at Carriage House Antiques

This is it!  Tomorrow is the start of the 10th anniversary open house at Carriage House Antiques and Good Stuff in Crystal Lake. or check out their Facebook page for more details.

Tomorrow is also the day that I officially start selling my vintage treasures.  Lots of finishing up going on at the store and in my life.  I have so many wonderful treasures being sold.  I am so excited for this new chapter of my life to begin.  I have been putting together treasures that I'm sure will be exciting and new.  I can't wait for it all to begin. The open house is from Thursday until Sunday.  Please check out the website.

In between waiting for my dryer/electrical work repair today, I'm organizing and pricing the treasures.  I have some painting to do, but that will probably have to wait until this weekend.

The last Mukwonago flea market was fun.  We ate so many cheese curds by the C.O.W.  (our favorite cheese curd person).  We found lots of treasures....especially Austin.  It started out as a chilly day, but turned into a perfect day later on.  We had loads of fun.

I'll be posting the 2015 flea market schedule as each one ends.  Remember to mark your calendars!

Hope to see you at the Open House.  Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Carriage House Antiques Announcement

Carriage House Antiques will be celebrating their 10th anniversary at 21 E Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake next week by hosting an open house starting on Thursday Sept 18th until Sunday Sept 21st.  It's hard to believe that 10 years has passed.  I remember visiting them to treasure hunt when they began and have always dreamt of being a part of their team.

I am so pleased that they have asked me to join them.  I will be selling my treasures starting on the Thursday of the open house.  I am so excited!  I have been soooo busy sorting and pricing treasures that I'm sure all of you would love.

Even more exciting was what I read in the newest issue of Flea Market Style.  Awhile back, the magazine asked for suggestions on favorite stores and I submitted Carriage House Antiques as mine.  I was so excited to read that my suggestion was printed along with my blog name.  How cool is that?  So, the other day I was in Carriage House Antiques and a customer walked in and told us that she read about their place in Flea Market Style magazine.  Wonderful!  I couldn't have been more pleased.

I am very happy and touched to be a part of this wonderful place with some wonderful people.  I am looking forward to meeting all of the customers and bringing my love of vintage treasures to all of you.  Please stop by the open house to say hello.

On another note:  my friend Cecilia and I will be having a girls day on Thursday while hitting the church rummage sale in Prairie Grove on Route 176 and as many garage sales as we can.  Too much fun for one day.

I finished redesigning the white utility cart that I found at the Cedarburg flea market.  It had brown contact paper on it and was pretty ugly.  The contact paper came off pretty easily and I put on bright flowers to cover some of the rusty areas.  It looks really cute and can be changed really easy and quickly if a new look is desired.  It will be for sale at the open house in my space.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cedarburg Flea Market

What a blast we had at the Cedarburg flea market!  We spent the day there and made 3 trips back to the car.  It was a good thing that we didn't park that far away.  Caldwell actually paid the boys to make the trips with him to the car.  I got to treasure hunt instead.

The car was loaded when we left.  I found 3 Statue of Liberty statues.  This is my newest collection obsession along with Eiffel Towers.  Ethan came home with the most.....Disney glasses which are his recent obsession.  (I had to clear out another cabinet in the kitchen to put them in).  I'm glad he has a new collection.  It's fun to have something to look for.

I found a neat utility cart that is a chipped white...too cool.  I did find some aluminum too.  It's not a good treasure hunt unless I find aluminum.

On the way to the flea market, we passed a garage sale that didn't start until 9am and we didn't want to wait around since it was only close to 8am.  So, after the sale, since there was still some room in the van, we stopped by.  Caldwell had to buy a table saw which made us have to pull everything out of the trunk and rearrange.  But, we fit it all back in along with the lamp, topiaries and candle holder that I bought at the garage sale.  The lamp had to ride with us in the front since I didn't know where else to put it.  It was an amazingly fun day.  The last sale is on Oct 5th.

Tomorrow is a church rummage sale in Harvard on Diggins Street at the Harvard Trinity Lutheran Church and it starts at 7am.  On Sept 11 is the Church rummage sale in Prairie Grove at 9am.  Fall rummage sales are starting up.  The last Elkhorn flea market is on Sept 28th and the last Mukwonago flea market is the weekend of Sept 13-14.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Small Projects Can Add Alot

This has been a quiet garage sale weekend.  Everyone is probably enjoying the last days of summer.  Even though it poured here this morning.

So, what better way to enjoy the day then to reinvent.  I finally bought a vintage shopping cart in a wonderful green cast from my friend Joyce at her garage sale.  I had a wonderful Lion Brand yarn bag that I put inside of it to hold my yarn.  My friend Mary had given me a delightful button and it worked so nicely with the cart that I had to hang it on the front.  It is such a fun look.  It makes me smile and think of 2 really neat women.

I am still working with Austin in cleaning up his room.  Only a few more things to go through.  Some of his items that I put up on Ebay have bids.  He's super excited about the sales and the money he'll be getting.  We had taken down a memo board since it was holding too much dust and he had outgrown the need for it.  In its place was just an empty wall.  So, for the time being until he figures out what to hang there, I hung a vintage bicycle basket.  I stuck in one of his Pokémon posters but he can put anything he wants into it.  I'm sure he'll change it when he gets home from school today.

I just love how one small change can really change a look.  I love how his room is coming along.  It's time to start making it look like a teenager lives in there and we are succeeding.  It's fun to see how my past treasures are starting to work out.  I only need to go through my finds to find the right items to complete the look that I'm after.

Matthew Mead is having a contest book giveaway on his blog at
Make sure to check it out.  His blog always has good tips and wonderful pictures.

Happy treasure hunting!  Enjoy the last few days of the summer fun.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Milk Glass

I just love milk glass.  I know that others think that it is no longer popular, but I don't care.  I love how it looks.  I do have so say that my collection is huge and I'm outgrowing space for it.  But.......

Today I stopped in Second Chances Antiques & Resale at 421 N. Randall Rd in Lake in the Hills and found a great collection of milk glass at the back of the store.  My heart started thumping.....

I picked out 4 pieces that I didn't have.  It's getting harder to find pieces that I don't have.  I especially love the piece with milk glass sea shells all over it.  So, when I got home, I rearranged some of the milk glass pieces that I have in the dining room on the window ledge.  I also decided to box up a few milk glass pieces that I will sell in the future.  I want to make room for a new look.  I'll be parting with a few of the milk glass baskets. 

So, while I was in the mood to rearrange, I went through my dining room and kitchen areas and boxed up other vintage pieces that I will be selling in the future.  My tastes are changing and I want my home to reflect that.  I always come across new pieces for my collections which is the reason for treasure hunting.

I'll be garage saleing this weekend.  Can't wait to add treasures to my collections.  Don't forget, the Cedarburg WI flea market is on Sunday.

Happy treasure hunting! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Finished Nutcracker Cabinet

I spent Friday night organizing Austin's nutcracker collection.  Actually, dusting it was more like it.  It's amazing how things get so dusty when left out.  I'm so glad that this cabinet has doors.  It's what I was looking for.  He offered to help, but when I'm in a cleaning mood, I like to do it alone.  The only thing left to find was a knob.  (I decided not to paint it white since I liked how it looked by just staining it.)

So, on Sunday we went treasure hunting to the Wilmot Flea Market in Wilmot WI at the ski resort.  It is held on Sunday in the warmer months.  We hadn't been there in a while.  It was a steamy day but the boys didn't seem to mind since they found lots of video games.  Caldwell even came away with tools.  My only find was a KNOB.  I thought it would look fine until I found one I liked more.  The man was so nice and told me to just take it.  He even found a screw to use with it.  How nice was that!  Well, it IS perfect and I love how it looks.  Austin and I found a hanging nutcracker in his collection and hung it on the outside of the cabinet on the knob.  It looks great!  He is happy with it and I'm happy that his room looks more organized.  (We even spent a few hours cleaning out his closet.  What a garage sale of toys I will be having this fall).

I can't wait for Cedarburg on Sunday.  The boys are super excited too.  With so many soccer games coming up, we won't be having lots of time for treasure hunting so we need to squeeze it in when we can.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eklhart Lake Wisconsin

We spent a lovely weekend in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.  (Caldwell raced in Road America).  We always stay at the Osthoff Resort.  Love it!  It is a wonderful place.  We always look forward to making smores on the beach on Saturday night.  This year, we just finished making one when the rain came down.  We were soaked.  I haven't gotten that soaked in years.  Our clothes were plastered on us.  At least we all had one smores before we had to make a run for it.  Austin was lucky that he made his second one just in time.

Saturday morning by the train station is the farmers market.  We love visiting it and buying fresh vegetables, baked goods and other fun treasures.  A good place for breakfast/coffee is at Off the Rails right across the way.

My favorite shop, Rhine Street General, moved to Plymouth which is only about 6 minutes down the road.  It is now RSG located at 429 E. Mill Street in Plymouth.  I found some cute treasures even though they downsized.  Fibber McGee's located at 108 Caroline St, just down the street from RSG, is another favorite.  Always fun things to find there.  I stumbled across Maggie's Closet at 127 E. Mill Street.  It is a fashion and home décor consignment store.  I found a great pair of brand new shoes.  There are lots of neat stores along this street and is worth the stop if you are in the area.  Lots of antique stores also. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun Fabric Day

Today was the day of fabric treasures.  I found great deals at almost every sale.  I'm loving floral patterns right now and found a bolt of blue floral fabric for $3 along with a vintage rose tablecloth for $1.  One fabric piece is put together like a crazy quilt and I just loved its $2 price tag.  I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it, but just had to have it.

Next week I'm going to make over a china cabinet that I found today for $25.  I'm hoping to paint it white and use it in Austin's room to hold his nutcracker collection.  I'll post pictures then.

I spray painted green that little gold stand that I found last week.  It turned out great!  I'm using it outside for a table next to a green metal swinging bench.  I thought that it really stood out with the angel on the bottom of it.

If you are on Oak Street in Crystal Lake tomorrow, stop by to see my friend Joyce who is having a garage sale.  She'll be there on Saturday also.

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elkhorn Flea Market

It was a perfect day for the Elkhorn Flea Market.  Others must have thought so too, because it was crowded.  We got there early, as usual and had a great time.  I bought some costume jewelry, a Statue of Liberty statue and another seashell box.  Ever since we visited the Statue of Liberty this summer, I'm on the lookout for the older statues.  They sell really cheap ones now at the store on the island.  Out of about 500 vendors today, I only found 1.  I really thought I would find more. I was also on the lookout for an Eiffel Tower and didn't find any. 

This past week I found some really cute turtle items and more seashell pottery.  I've updated the display in my sunroom and it looks really nice.

Ethan didn't get to go with us today since he had some high school training to attend.  He's going to be a mentor for some freshman students.  It was his first time driving alone.  I was probably more nervous than he was.  He did fine and I'm sure that he will never be the same again.  Confidence is a good thing and I'm really proud of him.

At 8am, Joyful Harvest Church in Johnsburg is having a rummage sale on Friday and then in Richmond at 9am is a rummage sale at Community Church.  My friend Joyce is having a garage sale in Crystal Lake so I'll be going there also.  She always has vintage linens for me to buy.  Mukwonago Wisconsin flea market is Aug 16-17 and Cedarburg flea market in WI is Aug 31st. 

I've cleaned out my vintage linens and am selling some of them on Ebay right now.  You can find them under my seller name:  milena2000

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, August 1, 2014

McHenry County Fair

The McHenry County Fair goes on until Sunday.  We had lots of fun on Wednesday when we met our friends for a day of rides and food.  We have been meeting them every year since the kids were little.  It's a shame that the "kids" are getting bigger and this may have been our last year of rides.  Hopefully we can still meet for the food and fun. 

My pillow and felted handbag entries won blue ribbons.  I am so excited.  Our vegetable and flower entries did well but this was not the best year for them.

The boys and I managed to sneak in a rummage sale at Calvary Church in Crystal Lake.  It is always a big sale and this one didn't disappoint.  Its always a fun one.  Lots of friends to catch up with also.

I also got to some garage and estate sales this week.  Today Caring Transitions had an estate sale in Woodstock and I found 2 vintage Christmas tablecloths and a few other vintage linens.  I still need to organize my linen collection.  I'm hoping to get to them soon.

Joyful Harvest Church in Johnsburg is having a rummage sale on August 15th.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy, busy Summer

Boy has the summer flown by.  I was hoping for a lazy summer.  We traveled soooooo much this summer.  First we went to South Dakota, then Indianapolis and finally to New Jersey to see my family.  It was all fun, but now I'm tired and working like crazy to get things organized for the boys and back to school time.  We spent the day shopping for uniforms and backpacks.  Of course, we stopped at the Salvation Army and Goodwill in Mt Prospect and found some great treasures.

We finally got to see the Statue of Liberty and ride on the ferry to it and to Ellis Island from the Jersey City side.  It was awesome!  My father went with us as we walked up the platform of the Statue of Liberty.  We were exhausted until we realized that we only had around 20 more steps to go.  Then, the burst of energy.  It was a magnificent site. 

We spent time at Atlantic City.  I love the combination of the boardwalk and the beach.  There is nothing like it!  We helped my parents have a garage sale and at least cleaned out some of the basement.  They are going to have to have another one soon.  We also spent a few days in the Pocono Mountains and went to the Sailorsburg and Blakeslee flea markets.  I found a lovely concrete angel statue that is now in my dining room.  (Hopefully I can post pictures since I'm having trouble again with my internet).  I came home with a full trunk with items that I "bought" at my parents house.  It's always fun to bring home new treasures even if it takes me over a week to put everything away.

Last weekend were some really nice estate sales.  We found treasures all day long.  It was a costume jewelry weekend.  I was really excited.  Ethan has started to collect Disney glasses.  My father gave him one and that was all it took.  Ethan found 4 at an estate sale in Lake Harmony PA and 2 more at an estate sale in Woodstock last weekend.  I had to clean out my cabinet to make room for the Disney glasses.  I have started another garage sale box and added mugs to it after cleaning out the cabinets.

Since we were adding new treasures to our home, we have been cleaning out different areas.  Austin has cleaned out his plush collection and filled up a garbage bag.  That was when I realized that I will probably need to have another sale in the fall. 

The McHenry County/4H fair is this weekend.  I took over my pillow and felted purse entries yesterday and today the vegetable entries are due.  Thursday will be the flower entries.  I love the fair.  I will be helping to judge flower planters tomorrow and then will be on hand in the Master Gardener area to answer questions from 10-12.  I can't wait to eat an egg roll from Plum Garden.  That is my favorite part of the fair. 

The Elkhorn Flea market is on August 10th, Mukwonago flea market is August 16-17 and the Cedarburg flea market is on August 31st.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beauty in the Garden

With all of the rain that we have been getting, the garden (and weeds) have been growing wild.  The daylilies look beautiful.  I have been trying to keep up with the weeding but with going away for a few days and then other projects, they have gotten away from me.  ( a little) 

The McHenry County Fair is from July 30-Aug 6.  Entries are due by July 11.  I turned in ours this week.  I always look forward to the fair.  We keep our fingers crossed that the vegetables and flowers will be ready for that time.

My favorite store on the Woodstock square, Interiors Anew, has a change in ownership with Karen and Addie staying as owners and adding 2 new women.  It is now called A New Interiors Anew.  I met Ann today.  The store is starting a makeover and I liked the look of it.  I'm excited for the changes, but will miss some of my "old" friends.  I'm sure that I'll be seeing them around at sales.

Cedarburg Flea Market in Wisconsin is on July 13 as well as the Union Historical Society Fair on that day in Union Illinois.  The Algonquin library book sale is from July 17-20 and Mukwonago flea market in Wisconsin is from July 19-20.  The Master Gardener Garden Walk starting at McHenry County College is on July 12.

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Filled Weekend!

Before I picked the boys up from camp on Friday, I fit in many sales during the morning.  One in particular was an estate sale in Cary.  I had been to their first one a few weekends ago and bought some great vintage tablecloths.  So, when I saw they were having part 2, I had to go.  I bought vintage costume jewelry (quite a few pieces) and a jewelry armoire to go with them.  I needed some more jewelry space and this was a nice large armoire.  I am very pleased with it.  I still haven't put anything into it yet.  I need to spend some time going through my jewelry and organizing it into what I wear most often to what I don't wear often enough.  I'm looking forward to going through all of my jewelry.

On Saturday was a day trip up to Monroe and New Glarus Wisconsin.  We always do a cheese stock up run in November, but didn't have time this year.  We were mighty low on cheese.  Most cheese freeze well (except cheddar), so we buy a lot and freeze it.  Swiss Colony had soooooo many good deals on cheese, cakes and candy.  We were in heaven.  The town of New Glarus had a "taste" of local foods and it was fun to sample different restaurants in the area.  They do it every year and it makes for a nice day trip.  We stopped at Van's Antique Shop in Walworth on the way home.  I found some things for Christmas presents already.  It's never too early to shop for Christmas when you come across something that you know a certain person will love.

Today was the Elkhorn Flea Market.  It started out cool and cloudy, but turned into a wonderful morning.  The boys and I actually did the whole flea market in 3 1/2 hours.  Pretty quick for us.  There were quite a few booths with $1 and $5 items.  Of course, we bought some things.  I bought a wonderful angel decorative piece for $5 and already put it into my hosta garden.  It is an angel area so this fit right in.  I had just mentioned to the boys that I wanted some pink flamingos and would you know it, there they were.  The dealer wanted $10 for the 3 of them.  How could I refuse?  Every dealer we saw after that was priced so much higher for their pink flamingos.  I already put them into the garden and they look so cute.  Since I only used 3 (and not a million), it looks cute, not tacky.  We had lots of fun at the flea market.  We probably spent most of our money on food.  As usual.  But, we did come home with some treasures.

The next Cedarburg flea market is on July 13 and on the same day is the Union Historical Museum day in Union Illinois where they have an auction and a thrift sale.  On July 12 is the Master Gardener garden walk starting out at the Demo garden at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake.  It is a self guided tour with a plant sale at the Demo garden.  It is a wonderful way to spend the day.

Happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Treasure Hunting Early

Bright and early start this morning.  I usually get up early anyway.  The day seems to last longer when I'm up early and getting started on my to do list.  This morning I wanted to get in line early for the rummage sale in Crystal Lake.  It was fun to stand around and talk to my rummage sale friends.  It's such a nice way to start the day.

The sale was quite large and I did find some nice treasures.  I found a giant pottery seashell ($5), vintage jewelry (mostly pins for 25-50 cents each) and a few vintage tablecloths for $1 each.  I even stopped at some garage sales and found the boys some video games.  Since they are coming home tomorrow, I wanted to add some things to their pile of treasures that I have found for them.

There is a church rummage sale in Barrington tomorrow on Church St.  I haven't been to this one before so it should be a nice surprise.  There are some garage sales listed in the paper that I hope to get to. 

There is a flea market every Sunday during the summer at Wilmot Mountain in Wilmot Wisconsin.  I haven't been there in a while but my friends say that they have found some treasures and that it is quite large at times.  I should probably get there to check it out.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blumen Gardens in Sycamore Illinois

My friend Mary and I headed out this morning for Blumen Gardens in Sycamore Illinois.  It was a little rainy, but the sun finally poked out later in the morning.

Wow!!!!! That is the word for Blumen Gardens.  It was amazing!  The merchandising was great.  Lots of vintage items were used in displays.  Just how I like it.  Every time we turned around, we were taking a picture.  I'm going to use a few of the pictures in my Flea Market Garden talk next year at Gardenfest.  We didn't want to leave.  It is definitely a place to visit to stroll through.  They had many ideas that I would love to incorporate into my own garden.  So many items can be repurposed and used in the garden as Blumen Gardens showed so well.  Mary bought me this cutest button.  I haven't figured out where to hang it yet, but she thought it said "me".  I love it!  The color is one of my new color obsessions. 

I finished my memory pillow today (Mary gave me a bright idea to make it more complete).  It has a Paris theme with some vintage Paris items to finish it off.  I'm happy with the result.

Thursday is a rummage sale at the Immanuel Lutheran School in Crystal Lake behind the Hobby Lobby starting at 8am.  McHenry East High School will have a sale in their parking lot on Friday.  Elkhorn Flea Market is on Sunday in Elkhorn Wisconsin. 

Happy treasure hunting! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Treasures Day

What a fun day it was!  I started out extra early today to get to the St. John's church rummage sale in Johnsburg.  It started at 8am and I was there at 7:10am and was first on line.  It was the perfect time to chat with friends that came along a few minutes later.  I was sad to hear that a rummage sale friend had lost his sweet wife quickly to a brain tumor.  I have been going to these sales for years and have many dear friends because of it.  They have watched my kids grow up and I have shared in their joys and sorrows.  Today was a shared sorrow. 

The sale was wonderful.  I brought home many vintage treasures of linens, jewelry, metal mini trays for 25 cents each, 2 aluminum trays for $2, a vintage Paris plate for $1,  pottery including a McCoy swan (for 50 cents) and lots of other useful treasures.  Most items cost between 25 cents to $2 that I bought.  The prices were so reasonable that I couldn't pass up anything.  I also stopped at lots of garage sales and a few estate sales.  I came home with more vintage linens, including a hand embroidered crib sheet that is darling and a wonderful vintage lamp (for $5 that was a wedding present to the mother of the woman who was selling it) which is now in my living room.  I am still looking for the perfect lamps for the living room and may end up incorporating this one when I find another one that I like.   

Today was one of those days that I just wanted to keep going a little while longer.  It was that much fun.  Tomorrow the weather should be perfect for the garden walk in Woodstock from 11-4 and then the Belvidere flea market from 4pm-midnight.  I'm looking forward to treasure hunting some more this weekend.  Hope you can spend some time treasure hunting too!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Completed Projects

The house is still too quiet.  At least I am completing my goal of finishing up on projects. 

I sewed another pillow that I wrote about the other day.  It has muted soft colors in a quilt top that I bought at a garage sale and on the back is another piece from a vintage tablecloth that I couldn't throw away.  They look really pretty together.

I also completed a felted handbag in a beautiful turquoise hue.  It has white repurposed handles and a huge blue flower pin that really plays up the color of the handbag.  Love it!

Not many treasures today while out garage saleing.  Tomorrow is the church rummage sale at St. Johns church in Johnsburg at 8am.  There are a lot of sales listed in the newspaper so I hope to get to many of them.

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pink Floral Pillow

The house is way too quiet with the boys at camp.  The bright side is that I have been able to finish many projects that have been started but never finished.  I even cleaned the whole house today and hopefully it will stay clean until they get home.

I have been meaning to finish this lovely faded pink floral pillow for a while now.  The fabric is an old vintage tablecloth that was torn and stained, but too wonderful to throw away.  I sewed on a hand embroidered piece for a pocket and attached the small fabric yo-yo's that I bought recently at the Elkhorn flea market.  I sewed vintage buttons onto the yo-yo's for some detail.  I'm going to include some items into the pocket as I figure out what would look the best.  I started out by using a vintage rose floral handkerchief.  I really like how it came out.

Today I will be finishing up another pillow using a vintage unfinished quilt top piece.  The back will be another piece from the rose floral vintage tablecloth. 

It looks like many treasure hunting garage sales starting tomorrow.  The next Elkhorn flea market is on June 29th. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Surprises are Fun!

We just got back from dropping off the boys at camp for the next 2 weeks.  The house is already too quiet.  So, I figured that I would try to load some pictures since no one else is on the internet or video gaming and it worked!  I'm going to try to catch up.

The boys and I had bought some really great garden items at a garage sale last week.  I finally found a home for them in the garden.  The turtle especially looks so fun.

This past weekend had so many surprise sales that I couldn't take advantage of.  I had so much to do and wash to get the boys ready for camp that I had to pass up many.  I did go to a sale on Saturday in Cary and I'm so glad that I did.  They had a table of vintage tablecloths and I got them for $5 each.  I bought 5 of them.  The other ones just didn't grab my attention like these did.  These have the most beautiful and bright flower patterns on them.  I'm soaking them now in my Oxyclean way and they look wonderful.

I'm looking forward to checking out lots of thrift stores this week to keep me busy.  I do have some projects to finish so I hope that I get them done.

Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, June 13, 2014

No Pictures for Awhile

Sorry, but my internet is once again not working properly.  I haven't been able to load any pictures for the past 2 weeks.  I'll just have to make the best of it.

We just got back from a vacation to South Dakota.  It was really cold and rainy, but we managed to do all of the tourist attractions anyway.  It was so cool to see Mount Rushmore in the fog.  When the fog lifted, it was an amazing site.  We had taken the boys there when they were little, but they didn't remember it.  Now they will!

We got home this morning at midnight, but we were up early to go to the rummage sale at the church in Ridgefield.  We only found a few items.  I found more items at a few garage sales that we stopped at.  I wanted to go to more, but the laundry piles were calling me home.  I did find some sea shell collections for $2.  Since I love anything sea shells, I was happy to find them.  Austin has wanted a table for his room to put his Xbox on.  I found an old school desk and chair that was painted white and was now shabby/chippy for $3.  It was perfect and he loves it.  I told him to wait a while for the perfect table and it will come along.  It always happens.  Sooner or later the item will turn up at a sale.  We had stopped at some antique stores in South Dakota, but we didn't find anything.  I thought they were priced on the high side.

Yesterday was our favorite rummage sale at St. Mary's church/Montini school in McHenry.  I was bummed that we weren't home for the first day.  We stopped on today, but didn't find anything even at half price.

Saturday is a night flea market at the Belvidere fair grounds starting at 4pm.  It's also the Woodstock garden walk starting at 11am.  Tickets can be bought on the square.  I haven't been on the walk before.  It used to be held on a Thursday.  The Master Gardener garden walk at MCC is on July 12.  This year the gardens are all Master Gardener gardens.   It is always a great educational garden tour.  You can call MCC for tickets or get them the day of at the Demo garden at MCC. 

The boys are off for camp for 2 weeks.  This will be the first time that I'm without one of them.  I have lists of places to go to hunt for treasures.  Lots of towns that I haven't been to before.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Treasure Hunting with Austin

Austin and I spent the past 2 days treasure hunting at garage sales and rummage sales.  It was a lot of fun.  We will be doing this a lot in the summer.

He negotiated really well at a garage sale when he saw 2 video games that he wanted.  He didn't want to pay the price and really knew how to negotiate to get the price that he wanted.  I was really impressed.  I found lots of doilies and vintage handkerchief at really good prices.  I found a really different tray that had butterflies on it at a garage sale in Crystal Lake.  It's really great.  We stopped at an unadvertised garage sale in Woodstock and found a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry.  I love when I find costume jewelry.  It really made my day.

There is a rummage sale in Lake Villa on June 5 at the intersection of Routes 83 and 132 at 8am at the Prince of Peace school.  The church in Ridgefield will have their rummage sale starting at 8am on June 13.  The Mukwonago flea market in Wisconsin is on June 7-8.   The antique fair at Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington Wisconsin is on June 13th and 14th.  The Belvidere Night flea market in Belvidere Illinois starts at 4pm on June 21st.  The Garden Walk in Woodstock is also on June 21st starting at 11am.  Tickets can be bought the day of on the Square. 

With all of these events, you are sure to find some treasures.  Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Beautiful Weather for Treasure Hunting

The past 2 days we have had the most wonderful weather.  It was a perfect day for my garage sale on Saturday.  It was slow at times, but I was reading the newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in between waiting for customers to show up.  It was so nice to just sit outside and read.  I sold a lot and was happy with the money that I made.  Quite a few of my friends stopped by to shop and chat.  Afterwards, we went to the Goodwill in Crystal Lake and dropped off everything that didn't sell.    It is such a nice feeling when the house is cleaned out and everything is back to being organized.

Sunday was another wonderful day.  The temperature was perfect for the Cedarburg flea market.  It was so crowded, which was to be expected for the opening one.  Parking was hard to come by, but we parked in the field and walked a long way.  It was worth it.  We stopped in first to see Mary.  She and her husband sell vintage toys in the barn near the entrance.  As always, we found quite a few treasures.  We have a few other favorites that we visited and everyone in between.  It was hard at times to get around, but we managed.  It was such a fun day!  We spent time in the downtown area afterwards walking some more and eating ice cream.  Cedarburg is such a nice place to visit.  I always look forward to spending time there.

Bethany Church on Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake is having a rummage sale on Friday May 30 at 9am.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend Sales

There aren't a lot of advertised sales for this weekend, but the ones that I went to were really good.  I stopped at a few when I saw the signs along the road and they turned out to be the better ones.  Sometimes the unadvertised ones are the best.

I found some vintage kitchen tablecloths, pottery pieces, an old bicycle basket, and the best treasure of all, an aluminum flower by Bruce Fox.  It is a true treasure.  What a find!  I don't come across them much anymore.  I was so excited when I turned it over and saw the signature.  It looks like Bruce Cox, but it is Bruce Fox.  It is sooooo beautiful.  Most of the items I found these last past few days were so inexpensive.  I had a great time.  I also stopped at the Countryside Garden Club plant sale in Crystal Lake.  Plants were mostly $3 each.  That was a good deal and they had a great selection.  I already planted them.  I didn't want to have to worry about them tomorrow when I'm having the garage sale.

The signs are up and the streamer is hanging across the driveway welcoming all treasure hunters.  The day is supposed to be wonderful and I'm hopeful that I'll be extremely busy.  There were lots of treasure hunters out today.  I'll be out bright and early setting the treasures in the driveway.  Remember to always be ready at least 1 hour ahead of your advertised time for the early birds that stop by.  You don't want to miss any sale.  I'll be ready.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time to Clean Out

It's that time again.  Time for a garage sale.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic so I spent the day organizing the treasures in my garage.  I never remember all that I have packed away in the boxes so it's always a thrill to unwrap each one.  I have sooooo much more to sell than I remember.  I will bring out all of the clothes on Saturday.  I have bags of them.  It always feels so good to clean out the house so that there is room to bring in new treasures. 

Speaking of new treasures, the Cedarburg Wisconsin flea market is on Sunday.  I can't wait!  I love this flea market.  There is also one this weekend called 7 Mile Fair in Caledonia Wisconsin.  I have never been to it so I don't know what to expect.  There is free admission on Monday so you never know.  A road trip may be happening.  There is also a Hosta Fest at Al's Autobody shop and Arboretum in Walworth Wisconsin.  I have never been to this either, so maybe stopping at both could happen.  So many wonderful possibilities this weekend.

The past 2 days we have spent time getting the garden ready for planting tomatoes and peppers.  It is now all planted.  I can't wait to taste that first tomato off of the vine.  It's unbelievable!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elkhorn Flea Market

What a change is the weather from Friday!  It was a beautiful, warm sunny day for the Elkhorn Flea Market.  The boys and I got there at 6:45 this morning and the place was already packed.  The line was long at the gate.  When the gates were opened, the swarm of people was amazing.  We had sooooo much fun.  We visited our favorite vendors and found a few new ones. 

I found 2 concrete additions for my garden:  a frog and a gnome.  I haven't placed them in the garden yet, so I don't have pictures of them.  Austin found a few Godzilla video tapes.  Since he just saw the new movie, he bought these.  It was a fun find.  I found an aluminum tray by Wendell August Forge.  I don't have a tray with fish on it, so I had to buy it.  The dealer bought aluminum from me at a past garage sale so it was funny to buy a piece from her today.  She had brought some of the pieces that she bought from me to the flea market.  I also found a great vintage kitchen tablecloth.  The colors were so vivid that I couldn't pass it up.  We made our first stop to the $1 table vendor.  We always find something from him.  I got 2 really nice pottery pieces: a seashell designed piece and a vase.  A great find was a huge bag full of fabric yo-yo's.  They are small, but I have some projects planned for them and the rest I will sell. 

Of course, we sampled the food.  Ethan didn't find any treasures today, but he ate instead.  He didn't mind.  He always starts out with a pickle on a stick at 7:00 in the morning.  The people working the booth always get a kick out of him eating a pickle that early. 

It was a great day to be outside enjoying the crowds.  We headed to Lake Geneva afterwards and stopped at Kilwins for ice cream.  Our favorite place!  It was a little cooler at the lake, but so nice as usual. 

I can't wait for the Cedarburg flea market on Sunday.  That is always a good one.  It is a full day trip for us. 

So far the weather looks good for Saturday so I am planning for a garage sale.  I'll wait until Wednesday to make sure that the weather will be sunny.  We have started getting things together incase the sale is definite.

Enjoy the warm up to spring!  We deserve it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting in the Snow

How crazy it was this morning to wake up to it snowing.  Austin thought he was going to get a snow day!  With only a few weeks left of school until summer break, I don't think so.  It was kind of hard to treasure hunt in it, but I managed.  So did so many others.  The sales were pretty crowded.

I stopped at an estate sale in Crystal Lake and found some really nice treasures.  I only spent $2.35.  They were very inexpensive.  I got there a little late and sooooo many good things were already taken.  Oh well.  I'm happy with what I got.  I especially like the green Fenton pedestal bowl (50 cents) with the label still on it and a sewing box ($1) that was made in Crystal Lake.  That was a nice find.

Yesterday I stopped at the McHenry County Defenders garage sale at the Algonquin Township Office and found a dress form for $10.  She is a tabletop one.  She needed to be cleaned up, which I just finished, and I love it.  I was upset last week at an estate sale where I saw one for $35, but it was already sold.  Funny how things work out.  Here I find one for $10.  I always tell the boys that if they want something to just be patient and I will find it before the sale season ends.  It worked for me.

At least the weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday for the opening of the Elkhorn Flea Market.  I'm so looking forward to it. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful day it was to celebrate a beautiful day for Mother's everywhere.  To my wonderful mom who gives everything that she is to me everyday.  I am truly blessed that God gave me a person as special as she is. 

It was a beautiful day to spend it at Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  We started out at Northwind Perennial in Burlington Wisconsin (minutes from Lake Geneva).  I love this nursery where Roy Diblik does his magic.  I bought some plants/herbs and we just walked the gardens.  I took some pictures of the flea market garden ideas that are placed around the nursery.  I'm going to use some of them for my flea market garden talk that I'm doing at Gardenfest next year.  How wonderful it was to be outside with great weather. 

Afterwards, we walked around Lake Geneva, got ice cream at Kilwin's (sampled the fudge), walked around some more and had dinner at Champs.  It was a really nice way to spend the day. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunny Days Treasure Hunting

It's been a fun filled few days of treasure hunting.  In between going on an 8th grade field trip to Chicago and trying to car pool kids to school, I managed to treasure hunt at a rummage sale, estate sales and garage sales.  Ridgefield, home of antiques, had a garden event this weekend also so I stopped in there.  I found a few really nice treasures these past few days, but the best was a milk glass punch bowl with its stand and 12 cups for $5.  Even though I have one like it, I couldn't pass it up.  It is much too beautiful and I'm sure I'll find a place for it. 

I made an outdoor pillow using the pink floral fabric that I bought at an estate sale recently.  It's like a burlap and was really hard to work with.  But, since I was making it plain without any trim, it came out nicely.  The pillow is waterproof so it's perfect for outdoor use. 

Grace Lutheran Church in Woodstock will be having their rummage sale on Thursday May 15 starting at 3pm and on May 16-17.  The Lutheran Church in McHenry is also on that day starting at 9am.  Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn WI is on Sunday May 18 and Cedarburg WI on Sunday May 25.  I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Housecleaning and Gardening

Today was the day to do some major cleaning inside my house.  It was time to put away the spring treasures to make room for the summer treasures.  I always change the doilies so this time I brought out blue and aqua ones.  Some are hand embroidered and my favorite one on the coffee table is a crochet piece.  I brought out my seashell treasures and some other fun vintage ones.  I put a replica of the Sandy Hook New Jersey lighthouse under my lighthouse cloche on my fireplace mantel.  Love it!  It works so well together.

Then, it was onward to the garden.  I had bought some plants on Monday from the Home Depot in McHenry and at Walmart.  I wanted to move the Russian sage that was in my back yard to the front where I thought it would do better.  It will look much better in the rock garden area.  That area needed a little work so I planted 4 creeping phlox in a blue tone in that area.  I want it to fill it in.  It looks nice now, but I can't wait to see it when it is settled in.  Home Depot in McHenry had the creeping phlox at around $3.50 each. 

I am seriously considering having my first garage sale of the season before the end of May.  I may just have it on a Saturday so that everyone will be home to help me.  There is sooooo much to get rid of. So many good things and some not so much.

Lots of good sales this weekend.  Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Handcrafted Jewelry

I handcrafted a few jewelry pieces the other day.  I have been finding more unique pieces to create the jewelry and decided to sit down and make a few pieces.

I made 2 really unique necklaces and 1 bracelet.  The underlying theme in 2 of them is using vintage clip earrings.  They turned out really nicely.  The other necklace has a rose in the pendant and a rose on the clasp of the chain.  Love it!

Can't wait to find more unique pieces to handcraft some more jewelry....

May 15th is the Lutheran Church rummage sale in McHenry on Route 120 starting at 8am.  On the same day is the McHenry County Defenders garage sale at the Algonquin Township office on Route 14.

Friday, May 2, 2014

It Was a"Me" Day

Even though it is my son's birthday, it was definitely a "me" day.  I stopped at a few sales, rummage and estate, and found treasures that I love.  Come to think of it, yesterday was also a "me" day.

There was a really fun estate sale in Crystal Lake that was loaded with treasures.  I found 4 vintage Paris metal serving trays, 2 vintage tablecloths (1 has some holes, but I'll make pillows with it.  At the price it was, I couldn't resist), a vintage blue purse that was like new, 4 vintage handkerchiefs, vintage French sunglasses, a vintage Christmas apron and for Austin, a bag of vintage Transformers for $2.  The jewelry I found at the rummage sale for $1.50.  The blue flower pin will be on one of my felted purses.  I have been making jewelry again recently and the chain I bought today will come in handy.

Next Thursday is a rummage sale by the Service League of Crystal Lake held at the Dole Mansion/Lakeside Legacy building on Thursday May 8-9.  That is usually a good one.  The second day is good also since they have a bag day and the clothes are usually really nice. 

I'm still considering having a garage sale at the end of May.  I want to rid my basement of the bags of clothes before the summer begins.  I also have some nice vintage items.  I haven't completely decided yet if I'll have the sale or not. 

Only 2 more weeks before the Elkhorn flea market (May 18) in Elkhorn Wisconsin and only 1 more week until the Vintage Market (May 10) in Rockford at the Midway Village Museum.  So many fun sales!

At least this cool weather that we have been having has been good for my lettuce and spinach.  I'm going to pick some of it this weekend for a salad.  Nothing like the taste of home grown vegetables.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vintage Pottery Planters

Today was the rummage sale at the Tree of Life church in McHenry on Bull Valley Road.  This was the first one at that location so I was hoping that there would be lots of treasures.  I wasn't disappointed.  They let us in 1/2 hour early which is rare at rummage sales. 

Since I had never been inside before, I started moving with the flow and found a table full of vintage pottery planters.  I love vintage planters.  I do have a collection started, mostly of female figures, but I have animal ones in the laundry room.  I found quite a few of both and even a pocket hanging one.  They were priced from 50 cents to $2.  My friend Sue found 2 new handbag handles for me that were 20 cents each.  I must have bought all of the note cards there since full boxes were 10-20 cents each.  I'll be giving some of them to my mom to use.  She won't need to go to a card store for a long time.

I also found a wire basket for 20 cents and some comic books for the boys.  I went back to look for a second time after I made a trip to my car.  I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything.  They really had lots of treasures.  It was one of the most fun rummage sales I have been to in a while. 

Tomorrow is the church rummage sale on Walkup in Crystal Lake.  It starts at 8am.  There are a few estate sales listed in the paper and the McHenry Shores neighborhood garage sale is this Saturday.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful so get out and treasure hunt!  It is also free comic book Saturday.  The first Saturday in May is designated for that every year.  Al and Anns in McHenry participates and even gives out free snacks and drinks.  It's lots of fun.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Organizing the Sunroom

I spent a good portion of the morning reorganizing my seashell collection in the sunroom.  The sunroom is a 3 season room and tends to get a little "dirty" during the year.  It also collects items that haven't been put back into their places.  So, today was the day to reorganize my shell collection and to pair down.  I had to start by washing each piece of pottery.  I usually display the shells in white vintage pottery pieces.  There were some pieces that I didn't want anymore, so I condensed the shells to put the pieces I didn't want any longer into the garage sale pile.

All of the large common shells, I put into a bucket for now.  I am going to scout out a place in the yard to put the shells.  I have some out there now as a border and I like the look.  Now that I have a bucket full, I can design some more.

Most of the shells are in covered containers now.  Its easier that way to keep them clean and looking nice.  Now that the shells are out of the white pottery pieces, the pieces stand out.  They look nice on their own. 

I'm hoping that we don't have rain everyday this week, as predicted.  I want to get into the yard to find a place for the shells and to pull out the weeds that I can see from my kitchen window.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Some days, or should I say weeks, are just sooooo busy.  I don't have enough days in the week to accomplish all that I want to do.  I wanted to start weeding my garden and the weeds have already gotten the best of me.  Maybe I'll start next week.

I had a fun 2 days garage saleing/rummage hunting for treasures.  I did find some fabric and little treasures, but was most excited to find a large wrought iron plant stand at a garage sale for $5.  It was filled with old plants that I didn't want, so I was allowed by the owner to dump them in her garden since I was only after the plant stand.  I have seen them for upwards of $45 so I was very excited to find one at a small price.  Before I find a use for it in my garden, I'm going to use it for having a backyard party.  It would be nice holding plates and napkins or something handy like that.  I also found another black iron stand at an estate sale for $10.  I have always been wanting one.  It's funny how that one was more money than the larger one.  I haven't figured out what I will use the smaller one for, but it probably won't be for just holding fruit.  Or it might.....I'm not sure yet.  I haven't had time to play around with ideas for it. 

I just found out that on June 21st is the Belvidere night flea market that is from 4pm to midnight.  I went last year at around 4pm and found some really nice items.  It's on my calendar already.  Thursday is a church rummage sale on Bull Valley Rd close to Crystal Lake Avenue in McHenry.  It starts at 10am.  Friday is a church rummage sale on Walkup Ave in Crystal Lake starting at 8am.  On May 10th is the vintage market in Rockford at the Midway Village Museum.  There are a lot of garden club plant sales coming up.  Be sure to check them out for great prices. 

Happy treasure hunting!  Only about 1 month before the Elkhorn and Cedarburg Wisconsin flea markets.  I'm counting down.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Van's Antiques is Open!

Van's Antiques in Walworth Wisconsin opened last weekend and I just had to visit.  I always find something and today was no exception.  I found some vintage jewelry and a vintage tablecloth still with the original tags on it and only spent $11.  They carry pottery pieces, bottles, rustic items and so much more.  The website is: While in Walworth, stop by the antique mall in town for some more treasure hunting.

There are 2 church rummage sales on Thursday April 24th.  The Methodist church on South Street in Woodstock starts at 3pm and the First Presbyterian church in Woodstock starts at 8am. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Where Did Spring Go?

As I'm sitting here at my computer, I'm looking at snow coming down in Woodstock.  It's not sticking but it is snowing.  It's cold outside too and I just took my winter coat to the dry cleaners.  The bright note is that it should warm up by the end of the week.

I had so much fun last Thursday with 3 rummage sales.  I found soooooo many wonderful treasures.  Vintage dishes (another treasure for me to collect), a great vintage garbage can, an aluminum tray by Everlast that I have scrubbed down to remove the stains and looks fantastic now, a cigar purse, jewelry box, aprons, fabric, doilies and vintage tablecloths.  I spent about $50 in total that day.  Not bad for all of those treasures.  I like to tell you what I spent on these items so that you can see that really nice pieces don't have to cost a fortune.  I will keep some of these pieces and some I will put up on Ebay.  I just have to find the time.  The days seem to go by quicker than I can stop.  My plan was to put up some for auction today.  Instead, I'm taking my car to the Farm and Fleet to get 2 new tires.  Life sure gets in the way of fun!

Tomorrow I'm going to greet school kids at the Ag Expo in Woodstock at the fairgrounds.  Every other year, 3rd and 4th graders spend time learning about farms, animals, plants and everything farm related.  Even spinning wool.  It's a lot of fun to see the kids excited.  Especially if there are baby chicks. 

Now that the boys are older, it's harder to put together an Easter basket for them.  I still like to do it though and they do look forward to it.  This year is more comics and video game related.  I still have to get Austin a rabbit/Easter nutcracker. 

Van's Antique store right outside of Walworth Wisconsin has opened.  He is open on Friday 1-5 and on Saturday.  I hope to get there soon.  He always has some wonderful treasures.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Planting Vegetables

It was great to get outside (without a coat) and start planting vegetables.  I found a vintage enamelware bread box (minus the lid) a few years ago for free and have used it for planting spinach and lettuce ever since.  It is so handy to keep in the driveway for easy picking.  That is the best sunny spot in the whole yard so I take advantage of it.  I planted the spinach and lettuce yesterday in the bread box and planted the rest of the spinach, beans, kohlrabi and sugar snap peas in the raised beds today.  I also planted the hyacinths that I bought a few weeks ago at Home Depot.  The major yard cleanup is done, so now I have weeding and more planting to do.

But, not tomorrow. With 3 rummage sales in one day, my day will be spent wonderfully treasure hunting!  Hope yours is full of treasure hunting too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So Many Things.....

Gardenfest was this weekend.  It was wonderful.  We had 198 total attendees.  Our keynote speaker, Amanda Thomsen, was really good and was so fun to be around.  We had a great time with her.  After it was over, it was time to start raking and cleaning up my flower beds.  What a way to relax after a busy day (and year planning).

I was so excited to get outside to plant some tulips that I purchased a few weeks ago.  I even bought some spinach and lettuce plants at Walmart and planted them in containers like I do every year.  I put the pots in my driveway which is where the sun hits.  Tomorrow, I'm going to plant some more spinach, kohlrabi and beans in my raised beds.  I can't believe spring is finally here.

I finally got to stop in Interiors Anew in Woodstock.  I never stay away as long as I did this time.  I found 2 great needlepoint runners and 1 vintage tablecloth priced from $3-6.  They have lots of nice treasures right now.

3 rummage sales in 1 day on Thursday.  That is heaven to me!  1st Congregational Church on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake starts at 9am, 1st Congregational Church in Huntley starts at 12 noon and the Methodist Church on Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake starts at 5pm.  Plus, there are garage sales in between.  Couldn't ask for a more perfect day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Have Been Treasure Hunting!

I have been treasure hunting, at least a little, the past few weeks.  The Goodwill in Crystal Lake opened up last week and I went the evening of opening day.  I spotted 2 hammered aluminum trays and had to have them.  The boys were with me and we saw a wonderful red metal 5 shelf stand.  I couldn't figure out where I would put it, so we passed on it.  Of course, when we got home I knew instantly that it would be great to hold their video games.  So, the next morning I was at the door at 9am for when they opened.  I dashed in and it was still there.  It came home with me and Ethan and I rearranged the video game area in the basement.  It looks great!  He even got rid of some video games.  Win win all around.  I learned my lesson though early in the treasure hunting season.  When you see something that you love, buy it.  You can always find a place for it later.

Today I went to a family estate sale in McHenry.  They weren't supposed to open until 9am, but when I got there at 8:30, people were already shopping it.  I did find some really great treasures.  I spotted the milk glass cake plate and ran for it.  I have to tell you that I only paid $3.50 for it.  What a bargain for such a wonderful treasure!  I also found 1 doily and a hand embroidered tablecloth that says "Happy Birthday," and has a cake and all kinds of birthday items on it.  Too cute to pass up.  The man was so nice and gave me a bargain of $5 for both. 

Here are a few upcoming sales on Thursday April 10th.  1st Congregational Church on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake at 9am, Huntley church rummage sale at noon and I believe the Methodist Church on Crystal Lake Ave in Crystal Lake.  I don't have the time yet, but it usually starts at 5pm. 

This Saturday is Gardenfest at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake.  I have been spending most of my time working on that.  It is going to be wonderful!  On Saturday is also an indoor garage sale sponsored by the Northwest Herald at Oak Industries on Crystal Lake Avenue/Main Street in Crystal Lake.  They have 91 booths. 

Happy treasure hunting!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Spring is slowly making its way to Woodstock, IL.  Today is still pretty cold, but it is sure to start warming up in the next few days.  I'm slowing starting to rotate my clothes.  That is a sure sign for me.  Another sure sign is when I change the kitchen tablecloth.  I always use a vinyl one since the boys are sure to rip it and spill stuff on it.  This still happens even though they are teenagers.  I found a simple one today at JoAnn Fabrics in Algonquin.  I brought out a springey cake stand and put a beautiful mum plant on it.  The mum was from Home Depot in McHenry and was on sale for $1.98.  I also bought tulips at the same time.  I'm still looking for my flower pots.  The garage is pretty crowded and may take some time to dig them out.

There is a Dundee library book sale this Thursday and Friday.  I have never been to it so I don't know anything about it.  Sounds like fun though!  April 12-13 is the Cary library book sale.  This is a great sale to go to.  On May 10th, the Urban Farmgirl is holding a vintage sale with 50 plus vendors at Midway Village Museum in Rockford.  Check out her blog  Northwind Perennial in Burlington WI is having their antique fair on June 13-14.  There was supposed to be another vintage market in Rockford in April but it was delayed until the fall.

I just received the newest edition of Romantic Country magazine.  It has some nice articles on flea market finds.  I can't wait to read it!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Happy Spring!

Happy Spring to You!

I got a little worried this morning when I woke up to flurries, but that soon ended to become a nice sunny day. At least I could put on a lighter jacket.

It's wonderful to see the daffodils and crocus sprouting outside of my living room window.  It is always a glorious and amazing sight to me to see the first shoots coming out of the ground.  A few weeks ago, I started some seeds in my basement.  It is not the ideal location to grow them, but it seems to be working.  The key is to use seed sprouting mix instead of potting soil.  The beans, sugar snap peas, lettuce, sunflowers and pumpkins on a stick have sprouted.  I couldn't be more excited!  I had to start the sunflowers inside this year since the squirrels always each the seeds before they can sprout.  I hope I'm fooling them this year.

I'm getting excited that Gardenfest is almost here.  April 5th is coming pretty quickly.  Everything seems to be going smoothly (knock on wood) and the registration is increasing.

There are some estate sales in McHenry this weekend.  It should be fun.  I stopped at the antique stores in Hebron today, but didn't find any treasures.  It was nice to just be out in the sun.

I will probably have to wait another week before I can start to clean up my garden since the forecast is for snow on Monday/Tuesday.  There is still so much snow in my yard that it will probably still be there in June.  Hopefully spring break week won't be too cold.  I would love to get up to Lake Geneva to walk around.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Snow is Melting.....

The snow is finally starting to melt and the sales have begun.  I went to both rummage sales in Prairie Grove and Cary this week.  I did find some really nice treasures.  They were both really crowded just like I knew it would be.  It always is with the first rummage sales of the season.  I had time to catch up with my rummage sale friends.  It was nice to see them.

I found a hammered aluminum sailboat tray, some fabric, a silverware wooden box with silverware and other items in it.  I'll keep a few things and then sell the rest on Ebay.  I only spent $6 at each rummage sale.  I love rummage sales!  The next Faith Community United Church of Christ rummage sale in Prairie Grove is Sept 11-12.

I stopped at an estate sale in Woodstock and found the best treasures: a Westmoreland milk glass creamer and sugar bowl, 2 vintage glass coffee pots (just like my Baba had), sugar cookie molds, a collectible liquor bottle for my dad, a huge glass flower frog, a seashell box, a shaker for powdered sugar and a mixed drink shaker.  I even found a wooden handled clipper for the garden that was only $1.  For $22, I found lots of treasures that were all reasonably priced.

We managed to stop at the Algonquin library book sale on Friday night and then on Saturday morning where Ethan found a few video games.  Austin found and bought most of the Star Trek videos and books.  The prices are so wonderful.  Tomorrow is their bag sale.  The next sale is July 17-20.  There were no knitting books so I was a little disappointed, but we still had a good time.  Cookies and lemonade at the end always hit the spot.

Keep checking the newspaper or online for upcoming sales. There is a Caring Transitions estate sale in McHenry next week.  Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Found a Few Treasures.....

I found a few treasures but, I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet.  I'll just wait until the right place pops up to put them.

The wonderful pink corner iron stand, I was eyeing at Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake for a while.  I stopped there on Friday and it was still there and on SALE!  So, I bought it.  I haven't figured out its place yet, but, I will. 

Yesterday at Goodwill in Huntley, I found the painting and iron shelf at too good prices to pass up.  The painting isn't really my usual style, but, it is someone's and I just may pass it along.  It looked wonderful across the store where I was standing.  I liked the frame also. 

The new Goodwill in Crystal Lake by the Walmart on Route 31 will open on March 27th.  Grand openings are always fun, but, busy and crowded.

There are 2!!!!!!! rummage sales on Thursday and I CAN'T wait.  At 9am is in Prairie Grove on Route 176 and at 1pm is at the Methodist Church on 1st Ave in Cary.  Both are fun.  It will be nice to see my rummage sale friends again.  Lots to catch up on.

Friday (or Thursday night for a $10 entrance fee) is the Algonquin Library book sale.  We have been looking forward to this for awhile now. 

I have been busy getting things in order for Gardenfest at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake on April 5.  Lots to finalize and worry about.  It is going along well and I'm anticipating a good attendance.  Planning is already on for Gardenfest 2015 where I will not be chairing the event.  I will help out and maybe teach a class.  It would be nice to teach a class on flea market/treasure filled gardens.  Stay tuned for the details.

Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Where's Spring?

Even though it is cold outside and we are expecting the freezing temps this week, I put away my Valentine decorations and brought out spring and Easter treasures.  I needed that pick me up and I thought...why not?  The house was starting to look a little dull and dark and I wanted to pick it up.

I always change out the doilies and used my brighter purple/aqua colored ones.  I even changed the pillow covers to spring colors.  The room definitely looks brighter and more hopeful for warmer temps.  I'm going to spring clean the bedrooms this week so that when the weather gets warmer, I'm going to be outside enjoying it.

Let's hope spring is listening.....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vintage Linen Heaven

Today I was in vintage linen heaven!  I stopped by the Sparrows Nest in Cary and found racks and racks plus a table full of all kinds of vintage linens.  My heart started to beat....faster and faster.  Each one was on a hanger neatly pressed and the smaller ones were folded on a table.  I love vintage linens of all kinds.  I tried to be good and I passed up ones that I had similar ones of at home.  The prices were fine on some, but really high on others.  That was a factor for me also.    I bought a few tablecloths (I found another really huge one today) in summer/spring colors, some embroidered doilies with butterflies and flowers, 2 handkerchiefs (1 of North Carolina that was embroidered) and a tiny tiny crochet piece.  There were many crochet pieces also, but my favorites are hand embroidered.  They also had lots of towels and aprons.  I stopped collecting towels to focus on the others that I liked more.  To make things even better, they were 20% off today.  Prices ranged from 50 cents to $8.  There were a few that were higher priced, but I didn't purchase them.  I'll have to look at them another day if they are still there.

I have a few of them soaking in my blend of 5 scoops of Oxyclean and hot water in the washer.  I bought a few that had stains on them and I want to see if I can get them out.  I couldn't pass them up since they were really beautiful and unique.  Stains are something that most vintage linens have and they don't bother me.  I try to lighten them up if I can't remove them.  I like to change the linens seasonally so some of them were blue in color to use in the summer.  Not all of the linens had stains on them.  Some looked like they were never used.  One of the tablecloths has hand embroidered sunflowers on it.  I don't usually buy linen tablecloths, but this one was really pretty that I had to.

The past two days I have been finding vintage linens.  Last year I found them at the beginning of the treasure hunting season and then not again for the rest of the season.  I hope that's not the case this time.  I'll make sure that I buy them when I see them.  They are too hard to resist. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day!
It is always busy this time of year at my house.  A few birthdays to celebrate this month along with Valentine's day makes this a very special month.   Even better today was the weather.   A little warmer and not so dreary.

Since Ethan had a half day of school, I "made" him come along on my treasure hunting.  He's always a good sport and just comes along for the talk.  We stopped at an estate sale in McHenry and found a seashell lidded box and a pewter candlestick holder.  At $2, they were too nice to pass up.  Then, on to the Sparrows Nest in McHenry.  I found a nice bracelet there.  I hadn't been into the Pink Door (across the street) for a long time, but since we had time, we stopped there.  It was so much fun!  They had lots of nice treasures.  I ran out of time and will need to go there again soon.  I couldn't leave Austin waiting at school....  I found a long vintage tablecloth, a swan needlepoint doily, a pottery swan and a frog for my garden.  All were priced reasonably.  It's a nice clean store and well organized.  I even ran into a gardening friend that volunteers there a few days a week.  It was nice to catch up with her. 

A few more estate sales are popping up.  They are listed in the paper or online.  Make sure to check them all out.

Friday, February 7, 2014


I kept thinking about a necklace that I made a few weeks ago.  Something just wasn't right about it.  So, I spent some time yesterday and today trying to redesign it.  I lengthened the chain and changed the layout of the rhinestone piece.  It turned out really nicely.  I'm happy with it now. 

Only about 1 month before the rummage sales begin.  The first one on my list, so far, is the church in Prairie Grove on March 13.  If everyone is as stir crazy as I am, the line will be very long.  This is usually a good sale.  The Algonquin Library book sale is from March 13-16 with the 13th charging a $10 entry fee.  The other days are free to get in.  Check out their website: for the times.  Another great sale.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Italian Soup

Another day of really cold temps.  It is a high of 5 degrees.  So, what better day to make Italian soup?  In the Jan/Feb issue of Midwest Living, there was an article on having a soup get together.  One of the recipes was for Italian soup.  I tried it a few weeks ago and loved it.  I substituted the sausage with a chicken sausage that I picked up at Sam's Club.  It has some cheese in it and really adds to the soup.  Fresh bread from the bread machine and a side salad will make a great dinner tonight.

With these cold temps, I really have been wishing for spring.  I did an allium presentation on Monday for a garden club and the vivid photos were enough to make the whole group dream of spring.  On Wednesday, I had a Gardenfest meeting to start putting some finishing touches on it.  I can't get away from wishing for spring.  Gardenfest is on April 5 at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake.  We have Amanda Thomsen who wrote the book, "Kiss My Aster", as the keynote.  There are also 36 classes to choose from.  The most we have ever offered.  So, make sure to attend this event by contacting the college to register. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birthday Surprise!

My birthday is coming up and I received a box full of wonderful surprises today from my brother Michael and his wife Tina.  It was so much fun going through the box.  Michael wraps each item in layers of bubble wrap and it takes time to unwrap each one.  That makes each treasure even more special since I had to take my time and really look at each one.

They both know that I love seashells and the ocean.  I must have mentioned it before (50 million times).  So, I was thrilled to get 3 painted seashells with scenes of the shore and lighthouses, a copper shell tray and a lighthouse painted cloche.  I have been looking for a cloche and this one is perfectly me.  They sent me lots of other wonderful treasures, but these are my favorites. 

I really can't wait for summer.  I will take spring instead of the snow that is coming down right now.  I already have a place and idea in mind for the shell treasures that I got today.  In the mean time, I'll just have to dream of warmer days. 

This weekend is the Grayslake Flea Market in Grayslake Illinois. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What a Surprise!

What a nice surprise I had today!  My friend Mary and I got together today at Panera Bread.  We hadn't gotten together in a while.  She surprised me with a beautiful burgundy crochet lap blanket that she made.  It is so wonderful and thoughtful.  I love it!  It looks wonderful on my pink hall chair.  But I'm sure to use it tonight when I sit to read the newest issues of Flea Market Gardens and Flea Market Décor.  The newest spring issues are here.

After I left Panera Bread, I stopped at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry.  I found some really nice treasures.  2 Japanese items:  plate and bowl, a kids pattern for a Power Ranger costume, a bag of buttons, a terra cotta angel (for my garden), and an assortment of vintage pins and earrings.  I used my 25% off coupon so I only spent $20 today.  I was so excited. 

There is an estate sale on Kishwaukee Valley Road in Woodstock from today until Sunday.  I'm hoping to shop it tomorrow.  I just hope it doesn't snow.  It sounds great from the ad in the paper.  We'll see.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jewelry On My Mind

Another day with jewelry on my mind.  I woke up with some new ideas and couldn't wait to try them out.  Since it is too cold outside to do anything, what better way to enjoy the day.

I had found a wonderful aqua stone pin (the pin part was broken) a few years ago at a garage sale.  The woman was selling her moms vintage jewelry.  I loved it! but wasn't sure how I would use it.  I just happened to have the perfect chain for it and just attached it.  Sometimes beauty is just simple.  This piece is simple, but perfect.  It's a keeper.

The other necklace started with a cameo and just blossomed from there.  I had 2 wonderful black vintage sparkly earrings that worked well with it.  Sometimes its just a matter of playing around until the pieces "fit" with each other.  I love how this piece came out also.

Another forecast for sub zero temperatures tomorrow.  I wonder what I will create?

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today was a creating jewelry day.  A day to be inside anticipating the arctic cold for the next 2 days with highs of -9.  I was in the mood to stay home and create.

I finished 5 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings.  I  had sooooo much fun putting together vintage pieces to create something fresh and fun.  I especially love cameo pieces and used 2 of them today in the necklaces.  I also love bling and found a way to incorporate that into the pieces.  The contrast of a black and white cameo with sparkly stones is wonderful.  I loved the black and white cameo when I found it a while back.  It could be used as either a pin or pendant.  Since the pin part was broken, I knew that it would become a part of a necklace.  It is such a wonderful piece.    I made one of the necklaces simple with a pretty blue stone pendant.  I also had some rhinestone pieces that I made into earrings.  I had used the other part of them a few weeks back in a necklace.  It's fun to take apart a piece and be able to use all of it for something else.  Nothing goes to waste. 

Close to 30 years ago when I was visiting in Sausalito California, I bought a great pair of bronze filigree earrings.  They are large and fun and I loved them!  I wore them constantly.  Fast forward to today.  I haven't worn them in over 20 years, but still think that they are wonderful.  So, I used them in a long strand necklace.  It looks great.  I am so glad that they will still be worn and not just hidden away.

I love the idea that vintage pieces can be transformed into something that can be cherished today.  It is fun to create pieces of jewelry like that.  Did I mention that I had lots of fun creating jewelry today? 

Friday, January 24, 2014

I Drove Through the Blowing Snow.....

I drove through the blowing snow to get to a Caring Transitions estate sale in Woodstock on Applewood Lane off of McConnell Road in Woodstock.  McConnell road had so much snow blowing onto it that I almost slid off of it a couple of times.  But, I trudged on.  I'm glad that I did.  I found 2 fabulous cement statues for the garden.  One of mushrooms and the other is a frog spouting fountain.  Nothing better to get me into gardening mode and thinking of spring.  The price was right at $10 each.  I sat through a Seed class last night at the U of I Master Gardener office in Woodstock and thoughts of spring haven't left me yet.  After today's weather, I don't think that we are even close to spring yet.  Oh well!

There is a kids book sale (some adult books too) at the Algonquin Township Office this weekend.  I stopped in today and found some nice books and comics.  Kids books are 50 cents each and adult books are $1 each.  Since I'll be inside, some new reads are a good idea.

I looked at the website and saw that there are estate sales in the next few weeks close by.  Treasure hunting will keep me from going stir crazy.