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Friday, May 2, 2014

It Was a"Me" Day

Even though it is my son's birthday, it was definitely a "me" day.  I stopped at a few sales, rummage and estate, and found treasures that I love.  Come to think of it, yesterday was also a "me" day.

There was a really fun estate sale in Crystal Lake that was loaded with treasures.  I found 4 vintage Paris metal serving trays, 2 vintage tablecloths (1 has some holes, but I'll make pillows with it.  At the price it was, I couldn't resist), a vintage blue purse that was like new, 4 vintage handkerchiefs, vintage French sunglasses, a vintage Christmas apron and for Austin, a bag of vintage Transformers for $2.  The jewelry I found at the rummage sale for $1.50.  The blue flower pin will be on one of my felted purses.  I have been making jewelry again recently and the chain I bought today will come in handy.

Next Thursday is a rummage sale by the Service League of Crystal Lake held at the Dole Mansion/Lakeside Legacy building on Thursday May 8-9.  That is usually a good one.  The second day is good also since they have a bag day and the clothes are usually really nice. 

I'm still considering having a garage sale at the end of May.  I want to rid my basement of the bags of clothes before the summer begins.  I also have some nice vintage items.  I haven't completely decided yet if I'll have the sale or not. 

Only 2 more weeks before the Elkhorn flea market (May 18) in Elkhorn Wisconsin and only 1 more week until the Vintage Market (May 10) in Rockford at the Midway Village Museum.  So many fun sales!

At least this cool weather that we have been having has been good for my lettuce and spinach.  I'm going to pick some of it this weekend for a salad.  Nothing like the taste of home grown vegetables.

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