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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend!

Well, today was the last Elkhorn Flea Market for the season and I was on my own.  (Caldwell took the boys to a Pokemon tournament.)  It was so weird to go by myself.  It was a beautiful day.  A little chilly in the early morning, but it warmed up nicely by 10am.  The flea market was filled with people.  It was kind of hard to pull around my wagon without bumping into anyone.  I found a few things:  a Louis Vutton handbag for $10 in great condition, a milk glass vase for $4, a bracelet for $5 and a doily for $2.  It was so nice to see all of the booths decorated for the fall with pumpkins and fall items.  I had a great time.  The leaf colors were fabulous in Wisconsin.  That was worth the trip.

I made it to the Loyola Resurrection Center Fest also today.  I walked around for a while and had some food to eat.  There was: salad, squash soup, homemade bread, zucchini, chicken, chocolate chip cookie and a drink.  All for free.  (Donations were accepted).  It was a beautiful day to be out on their property.  Lots of families were there since there were activities for the kids also. 

I also visited Savers today in Crystal Lake.  I finally used my $3 off coupon.  (Everytime you donate a bag of items, they give you a $3 off coupon for future purchases.)  They have opened up another Savers in Lake Zurich on S. Rand Rd.  That will be a future trip so that I can stop at the Goodwill also.  I found a mask for 99 cents for the boy plus some other items for them, a pin for $4 and a bracelet for $4.  What a fun day I have had!

Yesterday, we visited my cousin Barb and went to Half Price Books in Highland Park.  I took some books/magazines/video games that we didn't want and got $8 for them.  I love that place!  It's a good way to make some money while cleaning out.  Of course, we found some books to buy and I used my 15% off coupon along with the money voucher for the books that we sold to them.  I only ended up spending $5.

I'm already looking forward to this weeks sales.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Great Boots!

Today was a fun day treasure hunting.  I went to the Ringwood Church rummage sale and found a small bag of Lego pieces for 10 cents and a Christmas apron for 25 cents.  The most fun though was talking to friends.  It is always nice to see them and to catch up with their lives.

I went to a lot of sales in McHenry.  At one estate sale, I found Ethan tons of old Xbox magazines and some video game manuals.  I didn't spend a lot, maybe $4 for his whole lot.  I found a nice Christmas apron for 50 cents.  Today was the day for aprons.  One reason why I like to go to estate sales is to peak into the lives of the people who are having the sale.  Except for today.  The person having the sale today lost her 21 year old son to drugs.  It broke my heart to look through his stuff.  I didn't know what to say.  I kept thinking of my own kids.  It was probably the saddest sale I have been to. 

The Caring Transitions estate sale on Illinois Street in Crystal Lake was fun.  I found some brand new boots for $10 each.  I had to buy both, black and tan.  I also found new Naturalizer white sandals for $8.  It was my day to get new shoes for my wardrobe.  I also found a crystal stand (for free) that I will use in my garden.  I bought about 7 vintage hankies for $1 each.  They were of kids, flowers, hearts, Mickey Mouse, Florida and Texas.  Some really nice ones.  They had a basket full.  Another woman and I were talking and going through the basket.  We liked different ones so we weren't fighting each other.  It was fun!

I stopped at the Carriage House in Crystal Lake for their Anniversary sale.  It is always fun to shop there.  This weekend they even have more refreshments than usual.  It is a definite stop while in Crystal Lake.  It is next to the Health food store in the downtown area.  A new antiques shop opened across the street from them, but I didn't have a chance to stop in.  I'll save that for the next time that I am in the area.

Sunday is the last Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin for the season.   Also the Resurrection Center in Woodstock is having their event.  It is nice to see the place, eat some good food and buy some produce grown in their garden.  You have to RSVP to this event.  I don't know if it is still open to register.  I went last year and had a nice time. 

The Historical Museum in Union is having their fall festival on Oct 7.  We love going to this event.  They have a rummage sale in the barn a block away and I always find some great things.  It is worth the trip.  The kids like to do the cake walk.  I don't think we have won (maybe 1 time), but that doesn't stop them from trying it.  Maybe you can win a cake to enjoy with your dinner!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess What I Found?

I was garage saleing in McHenry today and guess what I found for 50 cents?  A seashell heart shaped box.  I guess since Summer is over everyone is getting rid of their summertime memories.  Better for me.  I stopped at a sale on Cherry Valley Road in Bull Valley and found 2 benches for $2 each and a cement duck for 50 cents.  In Crystal Lake there were 5 houses on the same block having sales and I found a vintage made in Japan planter for $1.75.  (It is really cute).  I also found a lot of Simpsons comic books for 10 cents each and an embroidered doily for 25 cents.  I put the benches in my backyard since the boys are always complaining that they have nowhere to sit after they have run around for a while.

Tomorrow is a church rummage sale in Ringwood and a Caring Transitions estate sale in Crystal Lake.  Should be fun!  There are also a lot of garage sales listed in the newspaper.

On Sunday, the boys and I went up to Kenosha to Outpost Gaming for a Pokemon Tournament.  Ethan won 3rd place and was given a special tounament card and 3 packs of cards as his prize.  He was so excited and can't wait to add it to his gaming blog.  The store will be adding all of the winners to their website. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Estate Sale Treasures

I went to the Caring Transitions estate sale on Woodstock Street in Crystal Lake today.  I only had to wait for about 15 minutes.  At 1pm, it was still busy.  Lots of people on line to get in.  I had been to a garage sale at this house in the summer. 

The house was full of stuff.  Really nice antiques and tons of other stuff.  We all got a kick out of the Life magazines filling up the basement.  I was in the dining room when I glanced into the kitchen and saw a beautiful large aluminum platter.  I immediately knew it was made by Wendall August Forge even before I looked at the back.  The edges were thick and the quality was really nice.  I paid $16 for it, but it was worth it.  I also found a vintage hankie of the seashore for $4, 3 Christmas ornaments for $2-$3, a stone sculpture for Austin for $2, an embroidered tablecloth for $3 and a Christmas present for Caldwell that I can't show or tell about incase he reads this page.  The sale goes on tomorrow also from 9-3.

The Zion Lutheran Church in McHenry will start their rummage sale on Oct 4 at 8am. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Treasure Hunting in the Rain

I stopped at the Mount Hope Church rummage sale today and didn't find anything.  It happens sometimes.  I did see some friends though.

I then went to some garage sales in McHenry first.  It was raining the whole time I was garage saleing, but I was glad to see that the sales were still open.  I found 2 seashell glass plates, a ring and a vintage santa tree ornament for a total of $2.  At another sale, I found the boys a Pikachu Nintendo 64 game for $2.  So, next it was to the Caring Transitions estate sale in Crystal Lake where I found 2 seashell boxes, priced $2 and $3, to add to my collection.  They were in great condition.  No broken shells.  I had some more luck in Woodstock at sales.  At one sale I found an apron and 2 vintage Vera Christmas towels for 25 cents each.  At another sale I found 2 pins, 1silver Monet wreath pin for $3 and 1 Elizabeth Morrey pin with matching earrings for $1.  I didn't know who she was so I looked her up on Ebay.  These are vintage pieces.  Exciting to find!  At this sale I also found, a nutcracker in the original box for 50 cents for Austin's collection and a Westmoreland milk glass piece for $3. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to the Caring Transitions estate sale on W. Woodstock Street in Crystal Lake.  It sounds good.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabric Heaven

I went to the St. Joseph's Church rummage sale in Richmond today.  I had never been to that one!  Imagine.  A rummage sale that was new to me.  How exciting.  I found a few things.  A rooster fabric swatch for 25 cents, lots of doilies for 25 cents to $1 and a Chuck Norris t'shirt for the boys for $1. 

I stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake and found lots of fabric.  She is a quilter and she was selling fabric pieces from 25 cents to $1.  I bought a lot of nice colors and patterns.  I now need to figure out how to fit all of that into my recently reworked fabric closet.  I cleaned it up in the summer and I don't think I have any room left again.  (Oh well). 

On the way to pick up Austin from school, I stopped at a farm sale.  I found a metal shoe rack for $3 to put ALL of Caldwell's shoes on that are lying on the floor in the basement.  Maybe now I won't trip going down the steps.  It also looks neater.

There are 2 Caring Transitions estate sales this weekend.  1 on Fri/Sat and 1 on Sat/Sun.  Both are in Crystal Lake.  Also, there is the Mount Hope Church Rummage sale in Johnsburg tomorrow.

Next Sunday is the last Elkhorn Flea Market for the season.  Don't miss it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Fun Things

Yesterday I went to the Sparrows Nest in Cary while Austin was at Pokemon.  I found a white seat bench that I thought would be great to use in the basement to hold Austin's growing collection of Star Wars items.  It was $25 and had just been brought in the day before.  (Austin has the exact same bench in blue in his bedroom that I bought at Interiors Anew before he was born).  I used my 25% off card (I can never hold on to discount cards for long) so I saved over $6.  I was happy with the price.  The Star Wars items fit nicely into it.  Good thing because today we stopped at the Goodwill in Huntley and found a small bag of Star Wars figures for 99 cents.  The basement now has most everything contained and looks very nice.   Not as cluttered as it used to look. 

I took the kids to the Woodstock Harvestfest today.  It was nice to see some friends and the kids made a rope the old fashioned way.  The weather was beautiful.  A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

The newest issue of Flea Market Style magazine is out.  There was an article on the Ugly fun crafts from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.  Some of those items are in my collection.  I have 2 boxes made from greeting cards.  I have one for Valentine's Day and one for Christmas.  I love them!  The funny thing is that seashell boxes were also included.  I love seashell boxes and have just started to collect them.  They remind me of my Jersey shore childhood and I just think that they are so lovely.  I have 6 so far and 2 other items with seashells on them.  So, I sent a picture to the magazine to show them how lovely mine are.  They responded with a nice note about how they were excited to see my collection and how happy they were that I have fun collecting them.  It's so nice to have others like what you like.  I am always on the lookout for seashell items.  You never know where they will be found.

Ethan has started his own blog to review video games and everything related to video games.  He is having a blast working on it and has plunged head on into it.  It is:  games4forall.  Take a look at it or pass it along to someone who loves video games.  He has already had some readers and didn't even announce it yet to even his friends.  I'm so excited for him since (so far anyway) he wants to be video game designer as his future profession.  More power to him!

There are a few church rummage sales this week.  One is in Richmond and one is in Johnsburg.  Should be fun!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I only had a chance to go to a few garage/estate sales today.  Every year, the Master Gardeners have a disease tour at one of our homes to learn more about trees and their problems.  So, today was the day.  It is a great learning experience and also a good way to see everyone.  Our monthly meeting followed.  I always come away feeling good about what I learned and look forward to the next year.  I had the disease tour at my house a few years ago.  The next class of Master Gardeners begins in January.  It is held every other year.  So, there is still time to get on the list if you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener.  Just contact Brenda at the Extension Office on McConnell Road in Woodstock at the Farm Bureau building.  At the meetings we always eat.  That is another fun part of getting together.  We all try to bring something and usually it is made from produce from our gardens.  I made pumpkin cupcakes from a recipe that I found in the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  They turned out really yummy.  I will be making them again.  I used canned pumpkin and usually stock up on it for future use. 

After the meeting, I headed out to a sale in Woodstock.  I found a circular knitting needle for 50 cents, another set of knitting needles for $1 and some vintage pink buttons for 50 cents.  Then, I was off to Crystal Lake.  I found 3 knitting books for $4.  They are mostly on felting.  Later in the afternoon, I stopped at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a set of size 50 knitting needles for $1.50, a knight adult size halloween costume for $10, and 3 vintage drinking glasses for $1.50 each (2 of Illinois and 1 of Wisconsin).  They also had glasses from the Wisconsin Dells, Florida, Hawaii and a few other states.  I used my 10% off coupon and saved $2.10.  I also have a saver card that gets stamped each time I spend $20.  I finally filled the last spot today and will save 25% on my next purchase.  I will use that when I find a lot of stuff. 

I sold more video games for the kids this week and got paid instantly.  The people that buy video games pay quicker than any other buyer that I have dealt with.  I have a few more to put up this week along with some other items.

The last Elkhorn Flea Market is on Sept 30.  I love that one because it has a lot of fall/autumn items and Christmas stuff.  I'm sad that the season is coming to an end.  That is my favorite flea market and I will have to wait until May when it starts again.  It's a good thing that the church rummage sale season is beginning.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faith Community Rummage Sale

Today was the Faith Community Church rummage sale in Prairie Grove.  Their Spring sale will be March 7 and 8. 

It was pretty cloudy today, but that didn't stop the treasure seekers.  I found some nice things.  Not as much stuff as usual though.  I found an aluminum tray for $2, planters for $1 each, a turquoise purse for the handles for $1, 2 brand new short sleeved shirts from Kohls for $1 each, 3 pins for $1 each, a glass piece for $2 that I am going to use in the garden (I have a few ideas) and a mask for Ethan for 50 cents.  (Ethan collects masks.) 

I stopped at a few garage sales and didn't find anything until my last stop.  I found a cute turtle/frog/rabbit/bird garden ornament for $2.  Ethan likes turtles and Austin likes frogs so I thought it would be nice for the garden.

I circled a few garage sales in Crystal Lake for tomorrow so I hope I find a few treasures. 

The Woodstock Harvest Festival on the square is on Sunday Sept 16.  It is a nice way to spend the day. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last Mukwonago Flea Market for 2012

We went to the last Mukwonago flea market for 2012 today.  It had rained last night and the grounds were wet.  We were there by 8:15am  and most vendors were just setting up.  The kids found some Simpson books and a few vintage toys.  All I walked away with were vegetables.  But, they were cheap!  There were a lot of newer items today and I'm more interested in the vintage stuff.  Still, the weather was crisp and the deep fried cheese curds were excellent.  It was a fun way to spend most of the day.

I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning my living room (downstairs area) and put up my fall decorations.  I love decorating for the change in seasons.  I still have a few more ideas to put together.  Fall cleaning has begun in my home.

Thursday is a church rummage sale in Prairie Grove on 176 starting at 9am.  This is one of my most favorite sales.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rooster in the Garden

This is probably not the best picture, but I took it anyway.  This area garden has been hit hard this year by the drought conditions.  I have been adding plants slowly to fill in the area.  I usually leave the spent plants standing until the Spring.  It looks really nice when the plants are covered in snow.  I put my metal rooster in this garden and it really looks nice.  I need to visit the garden centers in the next few weeks to buy discounted perennials.  I usually do most of my planting in the Fall anyway.