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Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Updates

Well, I did it!  The weather was decent for my spring garage sale.

It wasn't raining but it started out as a really cold day.  My friend Cecilia and I waited in the house and when we saw a car coming down my driveway, we ran outside.  It did get warmer as the day progressed and more people were venturing outside.  It turned out to be a really good sale.  All of the items that didn't sell,  I donated to the Bethesda Thrift Store in Crystal Lake.  It's so refreshing to clean out the house.  It's amazing what accumulates.

So now that my house is clutter free, I had some time to put away the Easter decorations and focus on spring.  I always love to change the doilies to fit the season.  I like more of a turquoise color and yellow for spring.

I also like to lighten the color of my pillows in the living room.  I found these great floral pattern ones at TJMaxx.  I couldn't pass them up.

I found the small floral one at Target (for $5)-super cute.  The other pillow I made from a needlepoint piece that I found at a sale.  They both go so well with my $3 bench from a garage sale.

Recently at a thrift store, I found a great metal garden piece that I originally had intended to sell at the Carriage House.  But, the more I looked at it, the more I loved it.  So for now, I will keep it.

It really fits in well with my fireplace and with my turquoise colored pottery vases.

Some simple changes seasonally really are easy to do.  A friend of mine gifted me with a vintage handmade quilt from her family.  I was extremely touched and honored that she gave it to me.  It blends in so nicely with my living room colors. I keep it folded in my blanket basket to use when I'm sitting around reading.

Look how beautiful it is when spread out a little.

Remember, there are lots of sales coming up this week.  On Thursday there are a few. The one originally listed for Wednesday at the Presbyterian Church on Route 47 in Woodstock is really starting on Thursday.  In the afternoon is the First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake starting at 4pm.   The Methodist Church in Woodstock on South St is also having a rummage sale on Thursday. I'm not sure of the start time though.  On Friday is the rummage sale in Linn WI at the Presbyterian Church starting at 7am.

Happy treasure hunting!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Happy Easter blessings to you and your family!

This is the first time that I have a child away for a holiday.  Ethan couldn't get home from school since there wasn't a break.  It's different/sad not having him here.
The weather has been getting warmer.  At least spring has finally arrived.  I have been busy planting in and cleaning up the garden.  I decided to plant a few "planters" to sell at the Carriage House.

I got the toolbox idea from Flea Market Style Magazine.  Once the pansies spread out, this will be even cuter.  I like the blue tools sitting in the toolbox.  These other "planters" are so different.  I don't know what their original purpose was, but they look cute as "planters".

Here's another idea.  I really like how this one came out.

I had that chick in my spring collection for a long time but it was a better fit for this planter.

Since spring has finally arrived, I couldn't pass up this vintage floral purse.  I am definitely keeping this one!

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Thinking of the Garden

Saturday was the annual Gardenfest at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake presented by the college and the McHenry County University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners. Melinda Myers was the keynote speaker.  It was a fun educational day.  The turnout was large even on a warm sunny day.

There were numerous vendors with garden related items.  One in particular had metal work of flowers, fish and other creative pieces.  I bought a flower to put into my growing metal garden area.

I already have a few other metal flowers in the area.  This one I bought years ago at a fair in Woodstock on the square.

This one I bought at the Woodstock Old Courthouse that housed an art gallery.

So, even when the flowers haven't bloomed yet, I still have flowers in my garden year round. Not all of them are this large.  There are a few smaller metal flowers in there too.

My collection of flower frogs is growing slowly.  I recently found 2 more in Rockton IL at Rubies N Rust.

I have them displayed on the ledge of my basement window.  In the growing season, flowers blanket the background.  Now the alliums are just starting to come up.

And here's the other half with the vintage watering can.

Keep your eyes open for the many church rummage sales that are in the next 2 weeks.  Thursday April 13 at 9am is the Tree of Life sale on Bull Valley Rd in McHenry.  Thursday April 20 at 8am is the Zion Lutheran church sale on W. Elm Street in McHenry.  Wednesday April 26 at 8am is the First Presbyterian church sale on N. Route 47 in Woodstock. Thursday April 27 at 4pm is the First Congregational Church sale on Pierson St in Crystal Lake.

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wonderful Vintage Finds

The season has begun!  Sale season is here!

I'm hoping that on April 21 the weather is sunny and a little warm.  I want to have my garage sale on that day for one day only.  I can't believe how much has accumulated since my last one in the fall. I'm always bringing treasures home and swapping them for something in my house.  I love the change.

Ironstone pitchers are still on my LOVE IT list. I found this one plus the great German container, with the flowers, at the same sale this weekend.

Along with these vintage tablecloths.  All from the same sale.  Her tastes were similar to mine so I just kept making a pile and making a pile.....

Since Austin was on spring break, I "forced" him to go treasure hunting with me.  We found this really cute bunny and nest at a rummage sale.  (He found a vintage Gameboy Color so he was happy).

One of my favorite nurseries to spend some time at is Blumen Gardens in Sycamore Illinois.  We stopped there and shopped for awhile.  It is amazing inside their retail areas.  It is a definite MUST visit during the growing season.  Across the street from the garden center is the owners house.  It is amazing to see it when the plants are in bloom.  I couldn't believe how amazing it was at this time of year also with the flowers popping up in front of a shed in the background.

I have been on a succulent mission for a while now. Last summer I found this iron stand and wasn't sure what I would use it for. (It would also look good with potted herbs).  For now, I potted up succulents for a really fun display.

Happy treasure hunting!