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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Few Sales

Now that the weather is turning colder, the sales are starting to dwindle.  I have been trying to visit the resale/thrift stores.   Shopping at Goodwill has been fun, but the merchandise is dwindling there also.  I have found some really neat costume jewelry lately. 

The 1st Congregational Church in Crystal Lake had their fall rummage sale on Wednesday.  This is a good sale to go to.  I did find a lot of costume jewelry here also.  Mostly for me though.  Only a few pieces to use on my knitting projects.  (Most were $1 each).  I also found a few doilies and a wonderful Christmas apron.  I also found a vintage tablecloth of Alaska, which is up on ebay at this minute.  I found the kids some empty Pokemon tins for their cards that are spread out all over their rooms and a Terminator mask and arm that shoots its hand. 

Today the kids and I went exploring at some quaint antiqueish stores in Poplar Grove.  I found a few vintage Christmas decorations.  They will be starting their Christmas sales in a week or two.  We stopped at a farm stand and bought some acorn squash and a cool pumpkin that looks like peanuts are growing on it.  Pumpkins were $2 each to start clearing them out.  Then, we headed over to Edwards Apple Orchard where we had lunch, played outside and bought some apple cider and dip mix.  They always have a selection of items to taste test and of course we did that too.  I consider bargain hunting taste testing also. 

Here are some items that I got good deals on recently:  Ethan needed a new winter coat and I looked everywhere for one.  Farm and Fleet in Woodstock had the best deals and I got him 2 coats for $60.00.  I found myself a new winter coat also from Calvin Klein at TJ Maxx.  I started Christmas shopping on Wednesday at Toys R Us and bought the kids something (I can't say incase they are reading this) and in todays circular they were giving a free $19.99 item with each purchase of that item.  So, since I bought 2, I went back to the store and got my 2 free items.  (A nice deal while saving $40.00). 

Christmas time is my favorite time of year.  I love to collect vintage Christmas ornaments.  I always start to decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving.  It is so much fun to look at my collection of Christmas items and to remember where they came from.    One of my favorite holiday sales, Mistletoe Magic,  is next Saturday Nov 5 at the Grace Lutheran Church in Woodstock.  They sell handcrafted items, vintage items, costume jewelry etc and the place is a Christmas wonderland.   We love to buy the handmade cookies that sell by the pound.   I look forward to this all year long.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodwill Opens in Huntley

Today was the opening day for the Goodwill store in Huntley.  Of course, I had to go.  It was a mob scene.  You couldn't even get around the store.  The employees were constantly putting out new merchandise, so I had to go thru the store a few times.  I found the kids some items and I found a really old, neat porcelain dish for 49 cents.  I also found a really nice aluminum basket with a glass dish insert for 99 cents and an old wrought iron basket with a wooden handle for $1.99.    The best find were 2 vintage tablecloths.  The one is a map of Florida and is very colorful.  It will be going up for auction on Ebay soon.  It is highly collectible.  I also found 2 nice pins, of which one will be used on my knitting projects.   The best part of all is that I had a 20% off coupon to use.  (I have 2 more to use that are good until the end of November).  Looks like I will be going back quite often. 

Down the road from the Goodwill on Rte 47 is the Sweat Repeats Thrift Store.  I stopped in and found another crocheted apron.  This one is in blue and white.  I also found a pink apron and it was half off since it was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Not bad for $1.50.  I also found another pin to use on my knitting projects.  Next week they will open the Christmas wonderland, so I'll stop by again then.

This is going to be a fun treasure hunt filled week.  Tomorrow is the Huntley First Congregational Church rummage sale.  I never miss this huge one.  Then on Friday is the Autumn Drive in Woodstock where about 13 farms/homes open up for selling goodies, pumpkins, you name it.  It is a lot of fun and the weather should be cool for some Autumn fun.  My cousin Barb and friend Mary will be joining me.  I can't wait!

Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Rummage Sales in One Day

Wow!  3 rummage sales in one day.  Now, that is what I call heaven!  I took the kids to the first one at the McHenry Lutheran Church since it started at 8am.  Ethan was thrilled that he found Pokemon videos in Japanese.  It was his day!  I found some wonderful quilted table runners.  They were for all seasons.  I put out the one for Autumn today.  Of course, Austin found some super soakers.  After I dropped them off at school, I headed over to the McHenry Methodist Church rummage sale that started at 9am.  Everyone from the previous sale was there.  I found some toys, jewelry and some sewing items.  I even found the kids a PSP game for $1.50.  Can't beat that.

I went to a few garage sales after that and bought some milk glass pieces I didn't have.  Hard to believe that I can find milk glass that I don't have.  I have been finding more and more of it lately. 

At 5pm, it was time for the sale at the Methodist Church in Crystal Lake.  Off went the kids and I and we headed straight for the toy room.  Austin found some remote controlled dinosaurs and a bag full of create- your-own light sabers from Star Wars.  Down in the housewares room I found, guess what, 1 piece of milk glass for 50 cents.  The best find, was a Kate Spade handbag in like new condition.  It will make a great gift.

You never know what treasures you will find.  I love rummage sales for that reason.  I always find lots of things.  I spent some time today putting away my treasures.  The best part about going to rummage sales is taking your time looking at and putting away the treasures that you find.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cider Festival and Beginning Garden Clean-Up

Sunday was the annual Cider Festival at the Historical Museum in Union.  (I heard that it may not be next year).  There is free admission to the museum on this day and the Quilt tour was going on.  It was nice to see quilts from the 1800's  and up.  If you have never been to the museum, it is a must for local history.  The exhibit this year was on the town of Harvard. 

During the Cider Festival, they have a demonstration on making cider with a press, a one room school and cabin and a tractor race, plus other fun things.  The best part is the white elephant sale that always has great things to buy, including books.  We got there a little late, but, most things after 2pm were half price.  So, we shopped.  I got some really nice costume jewelry and linens.  I found a wonderful crochet apron and dresser scarf.  Of course the kids found a few things too.  But, at half price, who could resist.    It is a nice way to spend the day and this year the weather was fantastic.

They hold an event every July too.  Make sure to mark your calendars.  It is usually in the middle of the month. 

I spent some time today cleaning up my vegetable garden.  I still have a lot to go.  I made sure to relocate my lavender to give it time to acclimate.  I don't usually clean up the perennial plants until the Spring. (Unless they are showing signs of disease)  I like to give the birds seeds to eat, but the garden also looks better in the snow with plants in it.  It gives the snow something to cling to.  The garden centers are having sales now on plants.  This is the time to buy and to save money.  Fall is the perfect time to plant, so go out and buy those plants you wanted all summer.