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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Chair!

Since Ethan was off of school yesterday, we went to the Goodwill in Lake Zurich.  We found a great vintage chair for $6.99.  How could anyone pass up a chair for that price?  It has great wooden carved legs with claw feet.  It just needed to have a few spots treated.  I washed those areas and it all came out.  I then let it soak up the sun and heat all day.  It is now Austin's basement chair to sit in while playing the Xbox.  It was Ethan's idea to buy it and I'm glad that we did.  I need to have my own garage sale soon since I have some chairs and bigger items that I need to sell to make room in the basement.  I'm shooting to have a sale in July. 

Today/Thursday:  It has been raining all day and it is only 47 degrees.  But, that didn't stop us from garage saleing before picking up Austin from his last day of school.  We stopped at an estate sale in McHenry and found some turtles and frogs for 50 cents each for the garden.  Then, we tried to do a neighborhood garage sale in McHenry (a yearly sale that I love to go to).  We went to as many as we could before freezing and getting really wet.  We found lots of video games on average of $2-3 each, Star Wars toys for 10 cents to $1, a super soaker for $1, nerf like machine gun with bullets for $3, some more frogs for the garden at 10 cents each, video game accessories, a great silver/turquoise belt buckle with leather belt for $1, a white beaded purse for $2, and lots of vintage jewelry for 50 cents to $3 each.  The jewelry and purse belonged to this women's mother in law so they had to be at least 40 years old.  I love finding this kind of stuff.  I wish the weather was better because there were a lot of houses to still go to and some that were closed and will open tomorrow. 

There are a few good sales this weekend and a rummage sale at St Johns Church in Woodstock on Friday.   Happy treasure hunting!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Savers Thrift Store in Crystal Lake

Well, we were bored this afternoon.  After flea marketing and garage saleing all weekend, we needed something to do.  So, we all went to Savers since they were having a 50% off sale on clothes and accessories.  Only Caldwell bought some clothes.  He bought 3 silk hawaiian like shirts for $9.  Pretty good price. 

I found 2 Wilton aluminum platters.  One has a grape pattern for $5 and the other is a smaller tray for $4.  I also found an Everlast candy dish for $4.  The lid has a fruit pattern on it and the handle is a pear.  The glass dish is extremely heavy with 3 sections.  I also found a sea shell box for $2 that has a fish and seaside scene in the front lid and a blue checked fabric piece for 50 cents.  Austin found 2 Transformers toys for $7 each.  He said the one was at the Cedarburg flea market yesterday for $25.  Ethan only found a Pokemon video for 50 cents. 

It was a lot of fun.  It was crowded with long lines to use the fitting rooms. The kids saw Savannah and Jordan from school.  It's always so much more fun when you see people you know.

Vintage Watering Cans

The stair stand that I just bought the other day is the perfect place to rest my vintage watering cans.  I love how it looks. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cedarburg Wisconsin Flea Market

We drove 2 hours today to shop the Cedarburg Wisconsin flea market.  And boy did we have fun!  We did have to park over 1 mile away on a side street because the parking area was under construction and there was no parking for the flea market.  The good part is that we didn't have to pay $4 to park and the entry was free.  We had to walk along a path, over fields and construction mud to get to the flea market, so we got our workout today.  It was extremely crowded.  It may have had something to do with it being the first flea market of the season and the temperature was great.  It started out at 63 degrees and when we left it was 74 degrees.  Perfect flea market weather.

We usually spend too much money on food, which we did today too.  We specifically went to get deep fried cheese curds and we found them.  Delicious!  The food was reasonably priced.  Donuts were $1, hot dogs $2 and french fries were $2.  A nice nutritious breakfast and lunch. 

A good deal of the vendors sell also at the Mukwanago and Elkhorn flea markets.  We found our friend that sells toys, specifically Pokemon.  We found her later in the day so she didn't have a lot of Pokemon items left.  But, the boys managed to find a few things anyway.  She always has a great selection of toys.  She is located in the white barn.  There were quite a few vendors selling toys at this flea market. 

I thought that prices were a little high, higher than at Elkhorn.  I did manage to find 2 vintage tablecloths for $1 each, a pink shell planter for $1 and a milk glass shell planter for $3.  The boys found some video games and Star Wars toys.  Those prices were reasonable. 

We stopped at the downtown historic area on the way out and found garage sales along the road.  We bought a plastic light up Santa (for my mom) for $3.   We walked around the downtown area for a while and got some really good ice cream.  Not many places were open, since it was Sunday.  If you go to the flea market, you may want to just walk around the downtown area.  It has some interesting places to eat, a winery and a nice garden store. 

We didn't hit any traffic going either way.  We may try to go back to the October flea market.  The other dates are: July 15, Sept. 2 and Oct 7.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Memorial Day Weekend Sales

There were not a lot of sales today, but there were good ones.  I stopped at an estate sale in McHenry and found an Everlast aluminum handled tray for $3.  I stopped at my neighbor's garage sale and spent at least an hour going through all of the stuff.  There are 5 families selling at her sale.  I found the kids Pokemon stuff, and old video games and systems for $2.  I will take them back tomorrow morning to look for more things. 

I went to a few garage sales in Woodstock and found a Rodney Kent aluminum bowl for $1, a vintage rubber rabbit kids toy for 10 cents, and a Vera scarf for 50 cents.  Now I am finding more Vera scarfs since I'm on the lookout for them.  I went to Lois's barn sale on Garden Valley Road.  She always has such cool stuff.  I went home with a box full.  I found linens for 25 cents each, a lighthouse watercolor painting for $3, a Shawnee pottery piece for $4, a blue pedestal glass dish for $4, a milk glass covered piece for $2, a seashell pottery piece for $4, and a Star Wars stuffed animal for 50 cents.  The next Autumn Drive will be on Oct 19-21 on Garden Valley Rd and Franklinville Road in Woodstock/Marengo.   Rain or shine.  I have been there through both and even bitter cold, but it is well worth it.  It is already on my calendar. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Hope you get to go treasure hunting.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Few Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Only a few sales today.  I did find  for $5, a staircase plant stand.  I have always wanted one and the price was right today.  Yesterday, I stopped in at Interiors Anew in Woodstock and found a vintage wire bicycle basket for $12.  I have been looking for one to use on my Schwin bicycle.  That may be the most exciting item I find all summer.

There is a barn sale on Garden Valley Road in Woodstock that I like to stop in every Memorial Day weekend.  She is on the Autumn Drive, which is in October, and cleans out her barn this weekend.   I always find something.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vera Neumann Scarfs

I stopped at the Goodwill in McHenry yesterday.  Lately, they haven't had a lot of items.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the store overflowing with items.  It seems that they have gotten a lot of donations, even some estate sales have donated items.  I found a miniature green lady figure for 49 cents and 3 Vera Neumann scarfs for $1.99 each.  I love finding Vera items. I usually look for her tablecloths or napkins.  They will have her name, Vera, on it followed by a ladybug.  I haven't looked for her scarfs, but found these 3 while just walking past the rack holding them.  I caught her name out of the corner of my eye.  It was a nice surprise!    The company is no longer in business.  Her designs are usually bright and eye catching.

I worked on getting the bed in my guest room ready for the summer weather.  I found a chenille hand embroidered coverlet at a garage sale a few years back for $3, and finally put it on the bed.  I always use hand embroidered pillowcases on the bed that I change with the seasons.  The 2 pillows on the bed, I made with vintage fabric and one is from an old chenille bedspread that had holes in it.  I made the bedskirt many years ago using a flat sheet and then sewed on vintage handkerchiefs.  It turned out nicely and it's a great way to display my handkerchief collection.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elkhorn Flea Market

Today was the long awaited opening day of the Elkhorn Flea Market at the Fair Grounds in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  The admission is $5 per person with kids under 12 admitted for free.  Ethan is older than 12, but the girl at the gate didn't make us pay for him.  The weather was beautiful!  Usually we are wearing heavy coats and it's raining.  Today, no coats and the sun was shining.  The place was packed, but that was to be expected.  We found so many fun things.  I hope I can remember them all.  I found a musical piano at the booth that my friend Chris has.  It was $5.  I usually give the kids 1 every year at their piano recital.  So, I'm always on the lookout for them.  It was a nice gold metal one.  I bought 2-1950's silk scarves of Chicago for $3 each, one green and one red, a kids hankie with a squirrel on it for $2, a great sterling ring with gems designed as a flower for $20, a concrete gnome riding on a swan for my garden for $15 (all other gnomes I saw were priced from $30-$45), 4 new knitting needles for 25 cents, an African wood sculpture for $1, a Star Wars toy for $5, a vintage Wolverine telephone in the original box for $5, 4 doilies for 50 cents each, a sword for $4, Pokemon fabric for $2, and the best deal of the day was a rabbit fur coat for $5.  I saw the rack of vintage clothes with the sign:  All Clothes $5.  How could I resist?  I tried on the coat and it was love at first sight.  The lining was in great condition, so I was sold. 

We always end up buying lots of food to keep us going.  We arrived at 7am and left by 11:30am.  Nothing like having a pickle on a stick for $1 at 7:30 in the morning.  I saw a really nice vintage Coach purse in powder blue for $50.  She was willing to give it to me for $42, but my wallet didn't fit into it.  I liked it a lot, but it was a lot smaller then I like my purses to be.  Someone else got a great deal today.  It was in like new condition.  The dealers were willing to make lots of deals today.  It was a great day to be there.

Next Sunday is the flea market in Cedarburg Wisconsin.  I have never been to that one.  Our favorite dealer of toys/Pokemon toys is doing that show now.  We are going to try to get there.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Sale Plus More

The Cary Library book sale was a good sale again.  I was only a little disappointed that I didn't find more knitting books.  I think I bought them out at the last sale.  We did find a lot of Pokemon books and comic books.  The kids were happy.  Kids books were only 25 cents each so they bought whatever they wanted.  I did manage to find a few gardening books.  The library was packed with bargain hunters.

I managed to go to an estate sale in Cary after I took the kids to Pokemon.  I found an aluminum tray with a pinecone pattern on it from Everlast.  It was $5.  The tray was in very good condition.  After I picked them up from Pokemon, we stopped at a yard sale that was a few blocks down the street.  Ethan has been looking for the Men in Black 2 DVD and guess what?  We found it there for $1.  We also found the Incredible Hulk movies (with Bill Bixby) and a few other DVD's for $1 each.  We also found a Luke Skywalker large action figure for 50 cents.  It happened to be a good sale.  You never know what you will find unless you stop.  I always tell the kids that if there is something that you want to buy, just to be patient and we will find it sooner or later at a sale for much less.  Just like with the Men in Black 2 DVD.

Yesterday, I bought some Xbox 360 video games for $1 each.  I knew that we had the one, but for $1, I couldn't resist.  So today, we went to Gamestop to preorder a video game coming out on Tuesday, and they gave us $21 for that game to be used towards the one that we are preordering.  Ethan was so excited.  Not bad for $1.  Those kinds of finds make my day. 

I am really looking forward to the Elkhorn Flea Market tomorrow.  Hope you can make it there also.  You will have a really good time and will leave with a full trunk.  Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Treasures!

Another fun, fun day.  I stopped at the Christian Fellowship church rummage sale on Walkup in Crystal Lake today.  They had a lot of stuff inside and out.  I found 2 books for $1, 3 Halloween costumes for a total of $3.50 even with the ball and chain, a Nerflike gun for $1, a silver cuff bracelet for $3, a Christmas doily for 50 cents, 2 purses for $1 each so I can use the handles for my felted purses, and quite a few action figures for $1.50.  See, no matter what time I go to a rummage sale, I always find something.  I was a half hour late after opening at this one.  After that, I went to the Caring Transitions estate sale in Lakewood and found 2 old Nintendo video games for the kids.  They were $5 each which is a good price for vintage games.  I didn't find anything at the Caring Transitions estate sale in McHenry.  I stopped at a garage sale in McHenry and found a neat pair of red leather gloves with fur trim for $2.  There was also a neighborhood sale in Martin Woods in McHenry where I found Xbox and Xbox 360 games for $1 each so I bought the ones that I hope my kids don't have.  How can you go wrong for $1 each.   If they already have the games, we will trade them in for credit at Gamestop or sell them at our next garage sale.

One thing that I love about going around to garage/rummage sales, is the people that you meet.  I saw some friends at the rummage sale today.  One is a new friend that I met when she was having her garage sale 2 weeks ago.  I didn't know her before her sale, but since her sale, I have been running into her at so many other sales.  We may start garage saleing together.  It was neat to find out that she was originally from Philadelphia.  She said that she was spending time at the Jersey shore this summer.  How cool is that.  Since I was born and raised in New Jersey, I thought that was so wonderful.

I put the seashell collection that I bought yesterday on my fireplace mantle.  It looks so nice and summery there.

The St Mary's/Montini church rummage sale in McHenry will start on June 21.  This is one that I look forward to all year.  There is always so much stuff well priced.  Last year, we made 3 trips to the car to unload.  Hope this year is as much fun.

Remember, tomorrow is the Cary Library book sale and on Sunday is the Elkhorn Wisconsin flea market in Elkhorn at the fair grounds.  Enjoy the weather and find some treasures!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun Day of Treasure Hunting

Today was so much fun.  There were quite a few garage sales in McHenry, Crystal Lake and Woodstock that I stopped at.  I found 3 great concrete planters and a black wrought iron beverage cart for a total of $30.  I was so excited since I have been wanting a beverage cart for a long time now.  It is a nice one and I already have many uses for it in mind.  I also went to the neighborhood sale in Crystal Lake by the lake.  I found some great vintage/some not vintage jewelry pieces at 2 different sales.  They were priced from $2-$5.  I just love finding jewelry.  It made my day!   I also found a concrete frog planter ($3) for the garden.

The kids and I stopped at the Grace Lutheran church rummage sale in Woodstock an hour after the sale started.  They were pretty cleaned out, but we managed to find a few things.  I found 3 vintage linen/doily pieces (the smaller pieces were 10 cents each and the larger one was $1),  a wonderful large seashell filled with unique shells for $2, 2 books, a Pokemon stuffed animal and in the FREE box, a troll doll.  Another addition to my mother's collection.  I just couldn't pass up a FREE item.  So, even though you may get to a rummage sale a little late, you can always find a treasure.  I seem to. 

Tomorrow I will be getting to the Christian Fellowship sale a little late, but I'm not worried.  I'm sure I will find a treasure.  Caring Traditions is having 2 estate sales tomorrow.  One is in McHenry and the other is in Lakewood.  Not to mention that there are a lot of garage sales and neighborhood sales.  Happy hunting!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I spent a good part of yesterday planting my tomato and pepper plants.  The kohlrabi and swiss chard are starting to take off and I harvested all of the lettuce.  We used the lettuce in our tacos at dinner.  Once again, I rearranged some of my garden art.  I'm sure I will do that numerous times this summer.

We saw twin fawns this morning in the woods.  They had to have been born in the early part of the morning since they were still "wet" and couldn't really stand.  Momma doe was close by, but she was resting.   It was so beautiful to see up close.  We see twins about every other year.  I can't wait to see them when they are playing and jumping in my yard.  It is a really magical experience to see them up close.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Garbage Picking

The town of McHenry started their curbside garbage throw out days.  I don't know how long it goes on for.  But, I was riding around today, as were others, looking for stuff.  I found 3 windows in good condition.  I am saving them for when I finally build my garden shed.  I also found a framed cork board bulletin board. It is in great condition with brown paper on the back and the hangers.  I have been wanting to make one, but now I don't have to.  I can't wait to see what else I will find this week.  The best part is that it is FREE!

I stopped at the Goodwill in McHenry and found 3 Tazmanian Devil drinking glasses for 99 cents each and a made in Japan bowl for $1.99.  I will be giving the glasses to my father who collects Tazmanian Devil things.

Friday is the Christian Fellowship Church rummage sale on Walkup in Crystal Lake.  It starts at 8am.  On Saturday is the Cary Library Book sale at 9am.  This is a really good book sale. 

Happy garbage picking!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My New Chair

The new chair looks so nice in its new home.  The stains cleaned up nicely and I added a throw pillow that I made a few years ago.  Of course with vintage fabric and trim.  I'm happy with the results and I don't plan on having it reupholstered any time soon. 

Here is a good Ebay store to check out:  JunkenTreasures
My brother runs it and he has found so many cool/unique items.  Right now he has about 800 plus items up for auction.  Take a look for that item you never knew you really needed.

I'm looking forward to a fun filled treasure hunting week.  Here's to hoping you do too!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back to the Estate Sale

I just had to go back to the one estate sale that I was at yesterday.  There were 2 lady planters that I wanted.  I didn't get back until after 1pm and there were a lot of people still there.  The house was still pretty full of things.  The 2 planters were still there, so I bought them.  Almost everything today was half price.  Everything I bought was half price.  I also bought a milk glass piece on a pedestal and a green handled dish.  All of that for $15.  I got an even better price than half off.  I was glad that I went back.  I put the lady planters with my other ones.  It seems that I have started a collection without meaning to.  I found 2 at a rummage sale and fell in love with them.  Now whenever I find them at the right price, I have to buy them.  I have 7 of them now.  Most of my collections begin that way.  I find one piece and then need to know more about it and it goes from there. 

On our way to Pokemon today, we stopped at a sale at a daycare in Crystal Lake.  I found a garden statue for $1 of a child pushing a wheelbarrow with a dog in it.  I have it on a flower stand in front of my garage.  It looks nice there.

I washed some spots on the chair that I bought yesterday.  I used Goop hand cleaner (the one in the tub) and it took out the stains.  I also washed the arm guards and vaccumed the chair.  It looks great!

I'm looking forward to next Sunday, May 20th.  It is the opening day of the Elkhorn Flea Market in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  My favorite flea market.  It opens at 7am and we will be there before 7am ready to go.  I can't wait! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another Fun Day

I had a great day today!  I started out by going to 2 estate sales in McHenry.  I was actually 6th on line to the first one.  I haven't been that early in a long time.  It was such a beautiful day that I didn't mind waiting for the sale.  I sat on the front porch in the sun.  This house was packed with stuff.  I found a really nice milk glass piece for $4, 2 really cool 50's drinking glasses with house items on it for $2 each, 3 graters/zesters for $1 each (I have been looking for these for awhile, but didn't want to spend about $10 for each at the store) and a tiny crochet piece for $1.  At the 2nd estate sale, I found an enamel pitcher for $5, a Christmas tree pin for $2 and 2 pairs of earrings for $1 each. 

I stopped at 2 neighborhood sales in McHenry and didn't find anything.  It was kind of disappointing.  There were mostly kids clothes/baby toys.  Nothing that I was interested in except 1 Nintendo DS game for the boys that was $5. 

I decided to go back to the Service League sale at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake.  Today was half price and $1 a bag for clothes.  As soon as I walked in, I saw these crystal candlesticks that I wanted yesterday, but didn't want to pay $6 for.  So, since they were $3 today, I bought them.  I also found a really nice wing back chair with blue fabric that was half price at $10.  It had a Mueller Interiors label under the cushion so I know that the chair was costly at one time.  I couldn't refuse it.  I needed a chair in my living room.  It is in pretty good condition, but I will clean it up a little and add a pillow to it.  I may have it reupholstered at a later date, but for now, I will keep it as is.  The ladies even carried it down the stairs for me and loaded it in my van.  I was very excited about this purchase.  I bought 2 nice things yesterday and today for my house and it only cost me $25 for a mirror and chair.  Now that is the way to decorate.  I love not having to spend a lot of money for quality items.  Sometimes it just takes time to find the right piece.  I did find some brand new pants for me and for Austin for school and with the bag sale, I only paid 25 cents each.  Not to mention that the pants were designer names like Ann Taylor for me.  The best part is that I tried them on at home and they fit!

My final stop of the day was at the Covered Bridge neighborhood sale in Crystal Lake.  I go to this sale every year.  I even ran into my neighbor and a new friend that I met at her garage sale who I keep seeing at other sales since then.  How fun!  Anyway, I found a few books for the kids and a pile of doilies for me that were priced from 25 cents to $2.  They were the ladies grandmothers.  I love the stories behind them and love using them even more.  They were in great condition.  I was happy to find them.

I may try to go back to the estate sales tomorrow for half price day.  I hope I find the time.  There are still some things I wouldn't mind buying if they are still there.

I even had time to cut the lawn today with the help of everyone.  There was so much to do.  I hung up the iron bird cage that I bought yesterday at the Carriage House.  I hung it on the trellis in the backyard and moved an iron bench that I have to under it also.  It really looks nice.  You can't see the bench that well from my picture.  I harvested a lot of the lettuce for a salad that we ate at dinner.  I still have a lot left.  I need to plant my tomatoes this week since the weather is starting to get warmer and nicer.  Everything is ready to be planted. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Today

Quite a few fun sales today.  The season has definitely begun.  I went to the Service League rummage sale at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake today.  They always have really nice stuff.  Today their prices were pretty good.  (Sometimes they are too high.)  I found quite a few costume jewelry pieces for $1 each, a green wicker basket for $1.50, a few books for $1 each, a great goldtone jewelry box with roses on top for $1, a vintage clutch purse for $3, a nice Japanese made dish for $2, a beautiful vintage hankie for $1, and the best of all, which I almost walked past for $1, was a Wendell August Forge aluminum dish.  I love hammered aluminum and have probably about 200 pieces of it.  I sold over 100 pieces in the last few years to make room and try now to only buy really unique pieces.  It was a nice find and only $1.  I also found a really nice goldtone mirror that I hung in my bedroom where my closets are.  I have been looking for a nice mirror for that spot and it was only $15.  It matches the overhead light fixtures.  Perfect!

I went to a few garage sales and found some fabric for $1 each, an iron piece for $5 that will be used at my parents house and some really nice costume jewerly pins for 25 cents each.  She also had a ring for $1 and a nice vase for 25 cents.  This was a great costume jewelry day.  I love finding costume jewelry.  It really makes my day.

The Carriage House in Crystal Lake had their Open House today and will go until Saturday.  All garden items were 10% off.  I found a tower, a black iron bird cage and a white iron cage.  I'm going to work some on the lawn/backyard this weekend (I hope) and will find a spot for those items.  I have a few ideas.

Tomorrow there will be a lot of neighborhood sales in Crystal Lake and McHenry.  I hope I have time to go to them all.  There are also 2 estate sales in McHenry that look promising.  Happy hunting!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Only a Few Sales

I went to the church rummage sale in Ridgefield today.  As usual,  I saw all of my rummage sale friends and a few others.  There was a lot for sale, but the vintage items were priced very high.  They had a good selection of furniture that I thought were priced well.  Tomorrow is half price.  I did find a few things:  a metal stand for $2 that I am using in the garden to hold the 25 cent metal face that I bought yesterday, a frog pottery mug for 50 cents, and a book and dvd.  I spent a total of $4.50.  I did stop at a few sales in a neighborhood in McHenry.  I found for 10 cents each (yes 10 cents each) a 50's vintage tablecloth with 4 napkins and a needlepoint runner.  He just wanted to get rid of them.  Last year I bought a vintage tub from him for 50 cents and use it as a planter.  He even already had the holes drilled in it.  I was excited about these linens.  Twice this season I have found needlepoint/vintage pieces for unbelievable deals. 

The kids had a half day of school today, so I took them to the garage sale that I stopped at yesterday in Crystal Lake.  They bought a lot of video games for between $8-$10.  We also bought 2 new Monopoly games, one was a Chocolate monopoly game for $2 and one was a create you own Monopoly game for $3.  Austin got another nutcracker for $2.  This time it was a cowboy.  I had to find room in his bedroom for it. 

I spent a good part of today weeding again.  I think I finally have a handle on the weeds.  (right!)  I put the metal face and stand in the garden and I found a spot for the frog that I bought yesterday.  I hope you can see both in the pictures I posted.  I love my garden! 

Tomorrow is free comic book day.  We will be going to Al and Ann's in McHenry to get free comic books.  The kids love it.  He usually has a big selection and you can take 1 of each if you want them.  It's amazing to see that noone gets gready and only takes the ones that they will really read.  It's a nice thing to see.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Sales

I love Thursdays!  It starts my garage sale weekend.  I live for Thursdays.  Except that today didn't have many sales.  I stopped at a few sales in McHenry and only found a metal stand for $3 and a rhinestone bracelet for $1 at one of the sales.  I use the metal stands in my bathrooms for storage.  The bathrooms have pedestal sinks and have nowhere to hide toilet paper etc.  So, I use the stands for storage.  I spray paint them white to blend in.  I really like the stands.  This stand I may use in the garden though.  I have a few of them in the garden where metal bugs are on them.

I went to a sale in Lakewood that was supposed to be a neighborhood sale and only 1 house had opened today.  I found a garden metal face for 25 cents.  At least my drive was not for nothing.  On the way home, I stopped in Ridgefield where the stores were having their garden sale weekend.  I saw my friend Chris who sells at the store. I bought a frog ornament for the garden for $6.  It is really cute.  Tomorrow I have to weed the area where I want to put it.  I stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake and found the kids Simpson comic books for 50 cents each and a few older Gameboy games for $2 each.  All good buys that they really liked.  She also had a really cute baby vintage flea market book for $1.  The authors were Jersey girls like me now living in IL.  Pretty ironic.

Everyone is talking about the church sale in Ridgefield tomorrow.  I'm really excited about it. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busy Day

I have not been to Interiors Anew in Woodstock for a few weeks now.  I usually like to visit the store once a week.  So, today was my day to go.  I found 2 sterling silver bracelets.  The cuff bracelet with purple stone was $10 and the other bracelet is chunky with brown stones on it.  It was $2.  When I got it home, I saw that it was marked Made in Mexico and Sterling on the clasp.  What a good find!  I knew that it was marked, but without my glasses I couldn't read it.  It was exciting to find out later that it was silver for only $2.  See, you never know what you will find.  Later in the afternoon, I went to the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a brand new pair of Liz Clairborne blue/ivory patent leather sandals for $8.  Never worn!  Another good deal of the day.

I spent a few hours yesterday and today working outside cutting the lawn and starting to plant my planters.  I moved some things around and the yard is looking cuter and cuter.  I put the green wrought iron telephone stand under one of the trees in my back yard with a flower container in the seat.  It looks great there.  I also found a spot for the $2 gazing ball on a stand.  I used the free concrete block to plant some hen and chicks that my cousin Barb gave to me.  I also started to bring out some houseplants and stands to dress up the driveway hill.  I still have more work to do on the area (like lots of weeding), but it's coming along really nicely.  I especially like to see the turtles and frogs peaking out from the grass or flower areas.  I really like looking outside now.  Garden art really helps to make the garden more unique and pretty.  I'm always on the lookout for items to use in the garden.  I also brought out a vintage soda fountain chair and put a flower container on it. The chair is white and the container is blue and it really looks great in my front yard.  I have it on top of the opening for the water well so that you just don't look at a concrete slab.  I started harvesting the lettuce yesterday.  It made for a tasty salad.  I always love the first harvest of the season. 

Friday is a church rummage sale in Ridgefield at 9am.  I haven't been to a sale there before.  I'm really looking foward to that one.