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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun Day of Treasure Hunting

Today was so much fun.  There were quite a few garage sales in McHenry, Crystal Lake and Woodstock that I stopped at.  I found 3 great concrete planters and a black wrought iron beverage cart for a total of $30.  I was so excited since I have been wanting a beverage cart for a long time now.  It is a nice one and I already have many uses for it in mind.  I also went to the neighborhood sale in Crystal Lake by the lake.  I found some great vintage/some not vintage jewelry pieces at 2 different sales.  They were priced from $2-$5.  I just love finding jewelry.  It made my day!   I also found a concrete frog planter ($3) for the garden.

The kids and I stopped at the Grace Lutheran church rummage sale in Woodstock an hour after the sale started.  They were pretty cleaned out, but we managed to find a few things.  I found 3 vintage linen/doily pieces (the smaller pieces were 10 cents each and the larger one was $1),  a wonderful large seashell filled with unique shells for $2, 2 books, a Pokemon stuffed animal and in the FREE box, a troll doll.  Another addition to my mother's collection.  I just couldn't pass up a FREE item.  So, even though you may get to a rummage sale a little late, you can always find a treasure.  I seem to. 

Tomorrow I will be getting to the Christian Fellowship sale a little late, but I'm not worried.  I'm sure I will find a treasure.  Caring Traditions is having 2 estate sales tomorrow.  One is in McHenry and the other is in Lakewood.  Not to mention that there are a lot of garage sales and neighborhood sales.  Happy hunting!

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