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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cedarburg Wisconsin Flea Market

We drove 2 hours today to shop the Cedarburg Wisconsin flea market.  And boy did we have fun!  We did have to park over 1 mile away on a side street because the parking area was under construction and there was no parking for the flea market.  The good part is that we didn't have to pay $4 to park and the entry was free.  We had to walk along a path, over fields and construction mud to get to the flea market, so we got our workout today.  It was extremely crowded.  It may have had something to do with it being the first flea market of the season and the temperature was great.  It started out at 63 degrees and when we left it was 74 degrees.  Perfect flea market weather.

We usually spend too much money on food, which we did today too.  We specifically went to get deep fried cheese curds and we found them.  Delicious!  The food was reasonably priced.  Donuts were $1, hot dogs $2 and french fries were $2.  A nice nutritious breakfast and lunch. 

A good deal of the vendors sell also at the Mukwanago and Elkhorn flea markets.  We found our friend that sells toys, specifically Pokemon.  We found her later in the day so she didn't have a lot of Pokemon items left.  But, the boys managed to find a few things anyway.  She always has a great selection of toys.  She is located in the white barn.  There were quite a few vendors selling toys at this flea market. 

I thought that prices were a little high, higher than at Elkhorn.  I did manage to find 2 vintage tablecloths for $1 each, a pink shell planter for $1 and a milk glass shell planter for $3.  The boys found some video games and Star Wars toys.  Those prices were reasonable. 

We stopped at the downtown historic area on the way out and found garage sales along the road.  We bought a plastic light up Santa (for my mom) for $3.   We walked around the downtown area for a while and got some really good ice cream.  Not many places were open, since it was Sunday.  If you go to the flea market, you may want to just walk around the downtown area.  It has some interesting places to eat, a winery and a nice garden store. 

We didn't hit any traffic going either way.  We may try to go back to the October flea market.  The other dates are: July 15, Sept. 2 and Oct 7.

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