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Friday, March 29, 2013

Rick's Picks

Since it was the last Friday of spring break, the kids and I decided to do something fun.  We visited the Burpee Museum in Rockford to see Rick's Picks. Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick had his treasures on exhibit.  It was so great to see so much rock-n-roll history.  The kids especially loved his unique guitar collection.  I loved his silver suit.  The exhibit goes on for a short while in April.  It is well worth the visit.

We stopped at the estate sale in McHenry on the way home and didn't find a thing.  Oh well.  That happens sometimes.  Instead, I went through my spring and summer clothes and have a full bag for my next garage sale.  It always feels good to organize and get rid of clothes that no longer fit or that I haven't worn in over one year. 

Next week I'm hoping to begin cleaning up the garden.  I always wait for spring to clean up the leaves and perennial debris.  It is nice to look at in the winter when covered in snow, but a lot of work to clean up in the spring.  After being inside for the winter, I look foward to sore muscles from doing yard work.  I also have a to do list for the garden.  I just hope that the snow melts so that I can start on that list.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Park Place Sale

The kids and I treasure hunted at the Park Place sale today.  It was very crowded with buyers.  I found some great jewelry:  pins for $1-2 each, bracelets for $2 each and clip on earrings for 25 cents.  I was happy with the prices.  I have a craft in mind for the earrings and who could beat 25 cents for a pair.  The kids found comic books, nerf guns and Gameboy color games plus the handheld device.  We had fun chatting with friends.  The season has definitely begun.  I am so happy!  It's always a long winter when there are no sales.

We then took a drive up to Lake Geneva for a few hours.  The Pizza Hut has an all you can eat buffet for $6 per person.  After lunch, we walked around the lake and town for awhile and had to go to our favorite ice cream place, Kilwins.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone else must have thought so too because the town was crowded.  All parking places were filled.  I guess everyone needs spring right now.  I know that I do. 

My crocuses are coming up.  The yellow ones are opening.  It is definitely a glorious day.  I'm getting ready for Gardenfest at McHenry County College on Saturday, April 6.  It is sure to be a great gardening information day.  I'm teaching a class on Alliums.  I love Alliums and Hydrangeas.  I'm looking forward to the day.  It is always a lot of fun. 

Tomorrow is an estate sale in McHenry that looks good.  I hope to get there.  The Moose Lodge on Clay Street in Woodstock is having a book/game/dvd sale on Saturday.  Also, the Burpee Museum in Rockford is having an exhibit, Rick's Picks, from Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.  It is an assortment of his collecticles in rock-n-roll.  We're heading out there tomorrow since it is only $8 per person on Friday instead of the usual $15 per person.  It will be fun to see his treasures.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Spring!

Even though it is still cold and windy here, I know that spring is around the corner.  My crocus and tulips are popping up.  That is such a happy day.  I love when the flowers start to emerge.  It is a glorious feeling.  I took a stroll in my yard to make note of what has to be done soon.  Lots of projects to do and more stuff to organize and get rid of.

I have spent the better part of the last few days cleaning and organizing.  It took Ethan and I all of Friday to rearrange his bedroom and to store childhood things away.  He was great at throwing stuff away.  I was proud of him.  His room looks great and he loves it.  Now on to Austin's room. 

Saturday was an indoor garage sale at McHenry Middle School in McHenry.  We only found a few things.  I did find these two really nice vintage pins for $5 each.  Nice and sparkly just like I love.

On Thursday, Park Place in Crystal Lake has a spring garage sale starting at 8am.  Zion Lutheran Church in McHenry is having their rummage sale on April 4th starting at 8am.  Hopefully there will be more garage sales this week.  Happy hunting!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springtime in the Greenhouse

Today the Master Gardeners had a field trip to Hampshire Farms in Hampshire, IL.  What a perfect day for a field trip to a greenhouse.  It is soooo cold and blustery.  On top of that, a semi carrying a load of cheese was on its side near to Hampshire Farms and the road was closed.  After driving round about, I finally managed to get there.  What a treat it was!  So many flowers in bloom that it felt like spring had arrived.  Not to mention that it was warm in there.  There were so many in bloom hydrangeas that I wanted all of them. 

Hampshire Farms sells wholesale only to Home Depot.  It is a very large operation and we were lucky to have had a tour of the place.  1 1/2 hours of springtime bliss.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the morning.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Sale Today

Boy am I tired!  Today was the McHenry Wide Garage sale at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake.  The boys and I started to set up at 5am.  They were such a big help.  I couldn't have done it without them.  We sold sooooo much stuff.  I am very happy that the big stuff went.  Especially a bike that was Austin's.  I also sold a lot of clothes.  Everything that was left over went to the Salvation Army and the Sparrows Nest in McHenry.  I am so happy that my house is cleaned out...for now. 

The boys had a great time and spent my money on some Pokemon stuff and other things.  They really love helping out at these sales and getting good deals.  I heard them bargaining and they did a great job.  I am so proud of them.  I did have a quick chance to look around after Caldwell relieved me.  I only found 2 vintage pins for 50 cents each.  More to use on my felted bags.

Last night, the boys and I went to the Algonquin Library book sale and bought quite a few books and video games.  Another fun sale.  We ended with cookies and lemonade, as usual.  We really look forward to these sales.  The next one is for July 18-21. 

The next garage sale is at McHenry Middle School in McHenry on Saturday March 23rd and then there is one at the Park Place in Crystal Lake on Thursday March 28 at 8am.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Felted Bag

I finished another bag!  Everytime I make a bag, I love it more then the one before it.  I'm excited about this one.  The felting came out wonderfully.  I also used a vintage fabric yo-yo piece under the flower pin.  I think it looks great.  I'm glad that I had a blue purse handle.  I'm keeping my eyes open at sales for odd colored purse handles.

Sale updates:  I am in booth 12 at the McHenry County Garage sale at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake on Saturday March 16 from 7-1.  Look for me.  I have a full booth. 

Friday, March 15th is the Algonquin Library Book sale starting at 4pm.  No charge to enter on Friday (only on Thursday). 

Friday, March 8, 2013

All That Glitters....

All that has to be wonderful vintage costume jewelry.  Boy do I love vintage costume jewelry!  That has become an even bigger obsession recently.  I just looked through all of my collection and it always amazes me on how wonderful each piece is.  The more sparkly and large the better.  I especially love pins and bracelets. 

My friend Cecilia was helping another friend price vintage pieces that had belonged to her friend's mom.  Her friend is also selling at the McHenry County garage sale on March 16.  I was so kindly invited over to (help) and to look at her collection.  Wow!!!!!! She has so many wonderful pieces.  It was never ending.  Each time we opened a box, we were excited.  I had the most wonderful day.  I was so thrilled to have been welcomed into this, shall I say, event.  It will be exciting to see more of her collection at the garage sale.  I added 12 new pieces to my collection and I am so excited.   Her prices are good and fair.  Cecilia knows my taste in jewelry pretty well and was right on when I picked out the same pieces as she did for me to add to my collection.  Thank you sooooooo much, Cecilia. 

I did stop at the Mother Load estate sale in Woodstock and only found 2 old gardening books.  I also look for gardening books to add to my growing collection.  They were only $1 each.

Tomorrow and Sunday is a Caring Transitions estate sale in Crystal Lake.  March 23 is an indoor garage sale at McHenry Middle School in McHenry.  I don't usually find many treasures at this sale, but, you never know what you will find.  I guess that is what keeps me going.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Rummage Sales of the Season

Wow!  Today sure was fun.  The sun was shining so it made standing in line waiting to get into the rummage sales warmer.  I had a great time catching up with my rummage sale friends.  Standing on line passes quickly when you have someone to talk to.  We compared notes on our finds at the morning rummage sale at Faith Community United Church of Christ in Prairie Grove.  Their fall rummage sale is on Sept 12th and 13th.  Mark your calendars.

At that sale, I found a few books and Pokemon cards and spent a whole $3.50.  In the afternoon, it was the rummage sale in Cary.  I only found a box of labeled specimen rocks for $1.  It was just nice to be out even though I didn't find many things at the sales today.

I did stop at the Sparrows Nest in Cary on the way home and found a great milk glass piece for $4.  They are all decorated for Easter, so if you need Easter themed items, go now.  I also stopped at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a New York snow globe that plays music (it works!) for $4. It even has the Twin Towers in it.  I'm going to put it into Austin's Easter basket.  He'll love it.

Tomorrow is an Estate Sale in Woodstock by Mother Lode on Lincoln.  I'm looking forward to it.  Friday, March 15th is the Algonquin Library book sale.  (It opens on Thursday night but they charge a few on that night).  Then, I'm selling at the McHenry Wide Garage Sale on Saturday March 16th at the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake from 7am to 1pm.  I keep finding treasures to bring with me, but I can't fit it all into my van.  I'm going to try to pack it full; as I do each year.  The fun is trying to fit it all into my booth.  Everyone gets a kick out of watching me trying to cram it all into the booth.  Somehow, it always works.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day

Just because I have been dreaming of spring, we got a major snow storm today.  We are expecting up to 10 inches.  Even the schools were closed.  So, we spent some time outside snowshoeing and building a very ugly snowman.  The snow was too soft and wouldn't pack enough to make a solid nice snowman.  We did manage to have a snowball fight though. 

I probably jinxed it by spring cleaning my house this week.  I moved furniture, washed drapes and washed windows.  I like to spring clean at the end of February because once it starts to get warm outside, I'm out there.  No time for house cleaning then.  I like the fresh clean smell when I spring clean.  I even got the kids involved today.  It was actually a lot of fun.

Thursday can't come fast enough.  2 rummage sales on the same day.  Maybe spring is just around the corner.  Even if it isn't, just give me the sales and I'll be happy.