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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Park Place Sale

The kids and I treasure hunted at the Park Place sale today.  It was very crowded with buyers.  I found some great jewelry:  pins for $1-2 each, bracelets for $2 each and clip on earrings for 25 cents.  I was happy with the prices.  I have a craft in mind for the earrings and who could beat 25 cents for a pair.  The kids found comic books, nerf guns and Gameboy color games plus the handheld device.  We had fun chatting with friends.  The season has definitely begun.  I am so happy!  It's always a long winter when there are no sales.

We then took a drive up to Lake Geneva for a few hours.  The Pizza Hut has an all you can eat buffet for $6 per person.  After lunch, we walked around the lake and town for awhile and had to go to our favorite ice cream place, Kilwins.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone else must have thought so too because the town was crowded.  All parking places were filled.  I guess everyone needs spring right now.  I know that I do. 

My crocuses are coming up.  The yellow ones are opening.  It is definitely a glorious day.  I'm getting ready for Gardenfest at McHenry County College on Saturday, April 6.  It is sure to be a great gardening information day.  I'm teaching a class on Alliums.  I love Alliums and Hydrangeas.  I'm looking forward to the day.  It is always a lot of fun. 

Tomorrow is an estate sale in McHenry that looks good.  I hope to get there.  The Moose Lodge on Clay Street in Woodstock is having a book/game/dvd sale on Saturday.  Also, the Burpee Museum in Rockford is having an exhibit, Rick's Picks, from Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.  It is an assortment of his collecticles in rock-n-roll.  We're heading out there tomorrow since it is only $8 per person on Friday instead of the usual $15 per person.  It will be fun to see his treasures.

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