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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Huntley Rec Center Garage Sale Today

Today was the indoor garage sale at the Huntley Rec Center.  The kids and I left at 5:30am to begin setting up starting at 6am.  We were done setting up by 7:30am and the people started to come in.  We saw all of our usual rummage sale friends.  The kids bought a few video games right away and Austin scored a deal with 2 Star Trek toys that the guy wanted $5 for, but sold them to Austin for $2.  He is learning to negotiate!

This was probably the least attended show out of the others that I have done.  People weren't spending much also.  I sold a few of my big items, but the orange hand chair didn't sell.  Everyone loved it, but noone wanted to take it home.  I was left with alot of items and alot to pack up.  Most of the other vendors had the same complaint.  I did get to look around towards the end, but didn't buy anything.  We donated most of the leftovers to the Salvation Army and Sweet Repeats thrift store because they had trucks outside of the sale to collect donations.  We drove other items to the Goodwill which is just down the street.  We will be taking all of the books to Half Price Books this week to get money for the books/dvds/video games that didn't sell.  We always buy books from them.  The selection is amazing for cheaper prices.  We usually go to the one in Highland Park, but I think we will go to the one in Palatine this time so we can stop at the Sparrows Nest Thrift Store on the way.  There are also some Goodwill stores around there that we have never gone to.  Speaking of thrift stores, I was told that if you make a donation to the Savers Thrift Store in Crystal Lake, they will give you a $3 coupon towards future purchases.  I saved a bag of clothes for them. 

I did have a good time otherwise today.  It is great to clean out the house, make some money (I did make a little bit of money) and see friends.  We saw friends all day long.  The kids also had a nice time and worked very hard.  They also made a little bit of money.  Not a bad way to spend the day.  We even had ice cream on the way home from the Dairy Mart in Huntley.  The peanut butter shake is delicious!

Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Days of Sales!

Yesterday, we started out the day by going to the indoor garage sale at Park Place in Crystal Lake.  It was a smaller than usual sale this year and we didn't find anything.  I passed up a really nice bookcase that was only $20, and when I went back to get it, it was sold.  You snooze you lose I guess.  So, we continued on to some garage sales and found a few things.  The boys found 3 Japanese Pokemon card packs still new in the package for $1 each and a Wii nunchuck for $1.  At another sale we found this great rose fabric covered bench for $3.  It was covered in a few coffee stains and black crayon marks all over it.  I used Goop hand cleaner on it (I use Goop on everything from clothes to furniture to remove stains) and then left it outside to dry out and get whatever sun there was.  It looks great and the stains came out.  I have it in my hallway and it gives the hallway a wonderful new look. 

Today, we went to a Church rummage sale at St. Paul's in Crystal Lake.  It is a small Church sale, but we found a few things.  Besides books, the boys found some Pokemon figures for 10 cents each.  I found a nice leaf bowl with gold trim for $1.50, a purse for 50 cents (I use the handles on my felted hand knitted bags), some cute vintage Easter bunnies (the whole lot was 25 cents) and 2 vintage pins for $1 each.  We had fun both days talking to our rummage sale friends that we only see during sales. 

Tomorrow is the big Huntley Indoor Garage sale at the Rec Center from 8-2.  There will be 59 vendors.  I'm all ready for the sale; only need to pack up the car.  I found a few more things to sell.  I'm hoping to sell almost everything so I don't have to pack it back up. 

I started on Austin's quilt last night.  The longest tedious part is cutting out the pieces.  I finished cutting out the pieces and hope to start sewing it soon.  That's the fun part.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I have had a fun, but busy weekend.  I have been wanting to sew pillows from a great rooster fabric that I found at a rummage sale.  So, I finally got busy and made 2 of them.  I used a different vintage trim on each one, but they both blend in well with the fabric.  I also put a zipper into both of them.  I like to make all of my pillows with zippers.   These are probably 2 of the best ones that I have made.  I am really excited about how they turned out.

We stopped at the Goodwill in Huntley on the way home from Church on Sunday.  We usually like to stop there since it's on our way home.   I found the cutest green duo vase with 22kt gold trim made by the Pearl China and Co. for $3.99.  Later in the day, we went back to the Goodwill in Lake Zurich to return the Skylanders game since the portal didn't work.  Can't play the game without the portal.  Goodwill will give store credit if an electronic item doesn't work and you return it in 10 days.  The store was so crowded and wiped out of stuff, but I did manage to find a cute small white vase with gold trim that was made in China for $1.99.  

The Crystal Lake Part District is holding an indoor garage sale in their building, Park Place, on Thursday starting at 8am.  We'll be there early waiting on line.  We always find something at this sale.  It is small, but fun to shop.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Supper Paint by Number

The kids Spring break started today.  What better way to have fun then to go to the Goodwill store in Lake Zurich.  This is my favorite Goodwill store.  We circled the store a few times before we found our treasures.  We spotted the Last Supper paint by number on top of the painting bin.  Ethan loved it and wanted it for his room.  It was $6.99.  (But only $4.98 after the discounts.)   Austin found a joystick for the Genesis video game system for $1.99.  ($1.42 after discounts)  I found a red Japanese box for $1.99 ($1.42 after discounts) and a frog vase for 99 cents (70 cents after discounts)  While we were waiting in line, I spotted a Skylanders video game for the 3DS locked in a glass case.  The Goodwill price was $35.00.  Originally in the store it was $70.  Well, with a Goodwill card and over $20 in purchases, you receive an extra 5% off of each item.  On top of that, I had a 25% off coupon from my birthday.  (Goodwill sends this card out if you are a Goodwill member.  Membership is free.)  So, the Skylanders game was only $24.93.  Ethan was very excited since Austin already got the game at Christmas.  (I bought it at Toys R US when they had buy 1 and get the other at 50% off.) 

The Last Supper painting looks nice hanging over Ethan's bed.  It blends in well with the wooden walls in his room.  I made the quilt on his bed a few years ago.  The colors also blend nicely with the painting. 

I hope we find lots of deals during Spring break.  Half of the fun is just looking.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

JoAnne Fabrics Opens in McHenry

The JoAnne Fabrics store opened in McHenry today on Rt 31 where the TJMaxx is.  The first 100 customers each day today thru Saturday get a $10 gift card.  I was 6th in line for my card.  I also had a 50% off coupon that I used towards this really great Vintage Chic book that was $30.  I would never pay that much, but at $15 and using the $10 free gift card, I only paid $5 for it.  Then, I used my gift card that the kids gave me to pay for that $5.  I also got a free tote bag with my purchase.  They were giving away a free tote bag with a $25 purchase calculated before all of the discounts.  Too bad I can't go back the next 2 mornings to get more free $10 gift cards.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Gardening and Thrift Store Finds

I have been gardening almost every day since our weather has been in the high 70's/80's for a while now.  The kids and I raked leaves last weekend and I got my first tick from that.  Caldwell removed it from my back and all is well.  I was out the next day raking some more.  I put some of my outdoor collections around the garden and had to throw out some others since they broke this winter.  I even planted lettuce, kohlrabi and swiss chard in my raised beds.  I bought the kits for the raised beds at Sam's Club 2 years ago and put them together last year.  We had a ton of tomatoes.  It worked out really well.  I put compost in the beds in the fall so I was ready to plant this year when the weather warmed up.  My cousin Barb gave me a cute GARDEN sign that I hooked up to the fence of the raised beds.  I used 2 yard sticks that I got for free from the Jack Franks booth at the 4H fair last summer to be the handles on the chicken wire surrounding the raised beds.  They work great!  The yard is starting to come alive with tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers.  It is always amazing to see the flowers springing to life.  (Except the deer have already found my daylilies and I had to spray to keep them away.)

We went to the Algonquin Library book sale on Friday night and bought some video games, dvd's and books.  We did have our free cookies and lemonade.  The next sale is July 19-22.

I stopped at the Huntley Goodwill today.  I haven't been there in awhile.  I found 3 pieces of aluminum for $1.99 each, a wonderful Japanese jewelry box for $2.99, 4 dvd's for $1.98 each and a rose print for 99 cents.  It was a good day.  The Sweet Repeats Thrift store and the McHenry Goodwill didn't have anything for me today. 

The McHenry Parks and Rec Garage Sale is this Saturday at MMS.  We will be at the Pokemon State Tournament in Des Plaines and can't go.  But, I'm still finding stuff to sell at the McHenry County Garage Sale on March 31 at the Huntley Rec Center.  I'm in booth 11.  All of the items that don't sell will go to the Goodwill down the road.  It should be a lot of fun.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vase Collection

I spent some time yesterday rearranging and cleaning up my white vase collection that I have in my sunroom.  I use them, along with clear glass containers and other unique containers, to hold my seashell collection.  Most of my shells are from New Jersey beaches.  (I am a full fledged Jersey girl!)  Some of the shells are also from Myrtle Beach, Cape Hateras and others were gifts.  I love seashells.  Last year when the kids and I were in Atlantic City, we must have collected 20 lbs of shells.  I'm not kidding.  I could hardly carry the bag that they were in.  We were out at the crack of dawn and collected everything that we could find before the beach trucks ran them over and crushed them.  Anyway, back to my collection of vases.  They look nice with the shells and some driftwood.  I have them on a vintage green wicker table that I got at a garage sale about 10 years ago for $5.  I love the look and it matches with the green and white table and chairs that are in my sunroom. 

I also have some of them displayed on a taller white metal rack that I bought at Steelheart in Harvard.  I paid a little more for the shelf, but I loved it. 

I will be adding to my shell collection this summer.  Maybe I'll find some unique ones.  Nothing in the world compares to being on the beach.  I can't wait!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exploring Downtown Antioch

Ethan had a volleyball tournament in Antioch this morning.  Since there was about 1 1/2 hours before his next game, we went to each brunch.  We found this great diner, The Vault, that was reasonably priced and gave you lots of food.  A few doors down was the Village Thrift Store, and of course, we had to go.  I found a vintage rose pattern tablecloth for $3.99.  The tag said AS IS, but there was nothing wrong with it.  Austin found a Star Wars lightsaber, that worked, for $1.99.  We stopped at a store next door that was higher end stuff, and he had some vintage tablecloths for about $25.00.  The rose tablecloth I got was a steal!  I just soaked it in Oxy Clean and it looks great.  The Village Thrift Store had a lot of stuff packed into it. There was even a section for Retro Clothes.  You do need some time to look through this store.  I'm sorry that we only had about 20 minutes to run through it.  It was a nice find.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Caring Transitions Estate Sale

This afternoon, I went to a Caring Transitions estate sale in Crystal Lake.  They are having quite a lot of estate sales lately.  There was still a line to get in at 1pm.  The house was packed with stuff.  I found a vintage apron, some vintage pins, a rose pattern oval bowl (to match my rose pattern china) and a wonderful old pottery turtle (made in Japan) for Ethan.  I still like to give the kids an Easter basket with items inside.  This will be perfect for that.  The sale will go on until Sunday when most things will be half price.  Maybe I'll make time to go back.  

My crocus are blooming!  Spring is finally here.  That means that garage sales are right around the corner. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd Rummage Sale and Much More!

Today was the 2nd church rummage sale of the season in Prairie Grove.  I had fun talking with friends at the sale.  There wasn't as much at the sale, but I still managed to find things.  I found some nice Haeger vases.  I think 2 are older ones.  They were $2 each.  I have a nice collection of these cream colored ones, but this is my first mom with child.  I bought a large stack of fabric for $1, some pins and necklace for $1 each, a nice vintage bead purse for $3, 2 hat boxes, and a frog planter (for Austin's frog collection/more to add to his room) for 50 cents.  I was in the parking lot wrapping up the planters with the fabric that I just bought so that they wouldn't break.  I was happy with all of my finds.  I was out in less than a half hour from the sale.  Maybe that's a new record for me.

I stopped at the Carson's Goodwill sale and dropped off some shirts.  I only used one coupon for my Lancome tinted moisturizer and saved $10.  Plus, Lancome has a free gift.  Goodwill will give you a coupon for 25% off or 20% off of cosmetics if you log in how many items you donated on their website.  (Originally by signing up for their email about the sale, I got the same coupon.)  After donating at the store, you get coupons (for the amount of items donated) for 20% to 10% off depending on what you purchase. 

A new Kohl's opened in Woodstock and yesterday was the grand opening.  I stopped in today because I got a $10 off coupon and bought 2 shirts.  I only had to pay $4 for both of them.  Pretty nice deal!  As I said before, it pays to sign up for store emails or rewards cards.  Both are free and the rewards are pretty good.

Yesterday, I stopped at the Goodwill in Rockford on the way to the dentist.  They were pretty cleaned out (which seems to be the case at most resale shops I have been going to recently).  I did find a new hat box.  It's funny how I needed 1 for a gift and then today I find 2 more.  I think I'm set on hat boxes for now.

Now that I found some great vases, I am going to rearrange/clean out my collection of planters/vases.  I bought 2 really great vintage flea market magazines today and I'm itching to rearrange my collections.  I went through my spring/summer clothes yesterday, and have another bag ready for the garage sale in a few weeks.  At least I know what items I need to add to my wardrobe.  (That Kohl's coupon today helped me to replace some worn shirts). 

Next Thursday is the used book sale at the Algonquin Library.  My favorite library sale.  We really do spend a fortune there on books/dvd's and video games.  But, the books are only 25 cents to $1 each, dvd's $2 each, and the video games are from $2 and up.  The prices and quality are good and we get to eat cookies and have lemonade (for free) when we are done.  We also leave with a free pencil.  What a nice way to spend a Friday night.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Rummage Sale of the Season

Today was the first rummage sale of the season at United Methodist Church in Cary.  It started at 1pm, but us crazy diehards were there at 12 noon and talked until we could go in.  We compared notes on places we shopped in the winter and buys we found.  It was fun to see everyone.  We look forward to this all winter long.

The line wasn't as long as I thought it would be.  It cleared out after about 15 minutes into the sale.  There were alot of "things", but I only spent $4.  As I was walking to the toy area, I spotted the most beautiful milk glass cake plate for $3.  I grabbed it and shoved it into my bag without even looking for cracks.  I checked it before I left and it was in perfect condition.  I also found a vintage Santa ornament for 50 cents, a pin for 25 cents and troll earrings that I will give to my mom as a gag gift.  She collects trolls, so they were perfect and only 4 for 25 cents.  Afterwards, I stopped at the Sparrows Nest in Cary since it was only down the road.  I found a cute rabbit planter for $1 and 2 pins that cost $5 for both.  One was a cute frog and the other was a vintage purple stone pin in a starburst pattern.

Next Thursday is another rummage sale in Prairie Grove that I love to go to.  I'm counting down the days for that one.  Also, next Wednesday starts the Goodwill sale at Carsons.  You get discount coupons for every clothing item that you donate and they can even be used on Cosmetics.  Cosmetics never go on sale so this coupon is very valuable.   Even better, Lancome has their free gift at this time.  It's time to stock up on what you need.  I know that I will be.  You can also go online to the Goodwill site and play a game daily to win a gift card to Goodwill.  More ways to save and have fun while doing it.  So, go and clean out your closets to make room for new things.