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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Huntley Rec Center Garage Sale Today

Today was the indoor garage sale at the Huntley Rec Center.  The kids and I left at 5:30am to begin setting up starting at 6am.  We were done setting up by 7:30am and the people started to come in.  We saw all of our usual rummage sale friends.  The kids bought a few video games right away and Austin scored a deal with 2 Star Trek toys that the guy wanted $5 for, but sold them to Austin for $2.  He is learning to negotiate!

This was probably the least attended show out of the others that I have done.  People weren't spending much also.  I sold a few of my big items, but the orange hand chair didn't sell.  Everyone loved it, but noone wanted to take it home.  I was left with alot of items and alot to pack up.  Most of the other vendors had the same complaint.  I did get to look around towards the end, but didn't buy anything.  We donated most of the leftovers to the Salvation Army and Sweet Repeats thrift store because they had trucks outside of the sale to collect donations.  We drove other items to the Goodwill which is just down the street.  We will be taking all of the books to Half Price Books this week to get money for the books/dvds/video games that didn't sell.  We always buy books from them.  The selection is amazing for cheaper prices.  We usually go to the one in Highland Park, but I think we will go to the one in Palatine this time so we can stop at the Sparrows Nest Thrift Store on the way.  There are also some Goodwill stores around there that we have never gone to.  Speaking of thrift stores, I was told that if you make a donation to the Savers Thrift Store in Crystal Lake, they will give you a $3 coupon towards future purchases.  I saved a bag of clothes for them. 

I did have a good time otherwise today.  It is great to clean out the house, make some money (I did make a little bit of money) and see friends.  We saw friends all day long.  The kids also had a nice time and worked very hard.  They also made a little bit of money.  Not a bad way to spend the day.  We even had ice cream on the way home from the Dairy Mart in Huntley.  The peanut butter shake is delicious!

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