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Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd Rummage Sale and Much More!

Today was the 2nd church rummage sale of the season in Prairie Grove.  I had fun talking with friends at the sale.  There wasn't as much at the sale, but I still managed to find things.  I found some nice Haeger vases.  I think 2 are older ones.  They were $2 each.  I have a nice collection of these cream colored ones, but this is my first mom with child.  I bought a large stack of fabric for $1, some pins and necklace for $1 each, a nice vintage bead purse for $3, 2 hat boxes, and a frog planter (for Austin's frog collection/more to add to his room) for 50 cents.  I was in the parking lot wrapping up the planters with the fabric that I just bought so that they wouldn't break.  I was happy with all of my finds.  I was out in less than a half hour from the sale.  Maybe that's a new record for me.

I stopped at the Carson's Goodwill sale and dropped off some shirts.  I only used one coupon for my Lancome tinted moisturizer and saved $10.  Plus, Lancome has a free gift.  Goodwill will give you a coupon for 25% off or 20% off of cosmetics if you log in how many items you donated on their website.  (Originally by signing up for their email about the sale, I got the same coupon.)  After donating at the store, you get coupons (for the amount of items donated) for 20% to 10% off depending on what you purchase. 

A new Kohl's opened in Woodstock and yesterday was the grand opening.  I stopped in today because I got a $10 off coupon and bought 2 shirts.  I only had to pay $4 for both of them.  Pretty nice deal!  As I said before, it pays to sign up for store emails or rewards cards.  Both are free and the rewards are pretty good.

Yesterday, I stopped at the Goodwill in Rockford on the way to the dentist.  They were pretty cleaned out (which seems to be the case at most resale shops I have been going to recently).  I did find a new hat box.  It's funny how I needed 1 for a gift and then today I find 2 more.  I think I'm set on hat boxes for now.

Now that I found some great vases, I am going to rearrange/clean out my collection of planters/vases.  I bought 2 really great vintage flea market magazines today and I'm itching to rearrange my collections.  I went through my spring/summer clothes yesterday, and have another bag ready for the garage sale in a few weeks.  At least I know what items I need to add to my wardrobe.  (That Kohl's coupon today helped me to replace some worn shirts). 

Next Thursday is the used book sale at the Algonquin Library.  My favorite library sale.  We really do spend a fortune there on books/dvd's and video games.  But, the books are only 25 cents to $1 each, dvd's $2 each, and the video games are from $2 and up.  The prices and quality are good and we get to eat cookies and have lemonade (for free) when we are done.  We also leave with a free pencil.  What a nice way to spend a Friday night.

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